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7.x 12-Jul-2011 Entity label callbacks now receive $entity_type as second parameter
8.x / 8.x-UNSTABLE1 12-Jul-2011 node_access_write_grants() now named _node_access_write_grants()
8.x / 8.0-UNSTABLE1 14-Jul-2011 Error reporting defaults to E_STRICT
8.x / 7.6 21-Jul-2011 Core fields default translatability
8.x 01-Aug-2011 API cleanup: $form_state key 'complete_form' changed to include underscore in Drupal 8
8.x 01-Sep-2011 Textgroup support removed in Locale module
8.x 08-Sep-2011 New cache API
8.x 12-Sep-2011 iso.inc became standard.inc, functions renamed to standard_*()
8.x 12-Sep-2011 Removed $property argument from language_default()
8.x 12-Sep-2011 hook_multilingual_settings_changed() removed in favor of more specific hooks
8.x / 8.x 17-Sep-2011 Refactor conf_path() to provide new find_conf_path() function.
8.x 17-Sep-2011 The core ".gitignore" file has been renamed to "example.gitignore".
7.x 20-Sep-2011 Field types should be defined by one module and implemented by a separate module.
8.x 24-Sep-2011 Refactor module_implements() into 2 functions
8.x 25-Sep-2011 New FAPI properties: "#required_error" and "#required_but_empty"
7.x / 7.12 28-Sep-2011 hook_mail_alter() implementations may cancel mail sending by setting $message['send'] to FALSE.
8.x 28-Sep-2011 search_block_form theme hook and search-block-form.tpl.php removed
8.x 29-Sep-2011 {vocabulary}.module removed
8.x 29-Sep-2011 hook_library() and hook_library_alter() have been renamed to hook_library_info() and hook_library_info_alter()
7.x / 7.8 29-Sep-2011 "Run the clean URL test" UX has been improved
8.x 29-Sep-2011 Messages are now wrapped in their own DIV (#messages)
7.x / 7.9 30-Sep-2011 404s for static resources are now handled through drupal_fast_404()
7.x / 7.0 03-Oct-2011 Data must be truncated in PHP before written to varchar fields
8.x 03-Oct-2011 locale_add_language() replaced by locale_language_save()
7.x 04-Oct-2011 New functions to dynamically set active trails
7.x / 7.6 07-Oct-2011 New #ajax 'prevent' property added.
8.x 16-Oct-2011 Invalid renderable arrays will emit errors instead of failing silently
8.x 17-Oct-2011 Coding standards: Data types in param/return docs
8.x, 7.x / 8.0, 7.8 18-Oct-2011 New format_string()/SafeMarkup::format() can be used to apply t()-like replacements
8.x 19-Oct-2011 HTML5 support for form elements
8.x 24-Oct-2011 New standard for hook_menu() callback documentation
8.x 25-Oct-2011 PSR-4 compatible class loader in core
8.x 25-Oct-2011 Symfony2 HttpFoundation component provided in core
8.x 27-Oct-2011 Built-in interface language code is now defined by LANGUAGE_SYSTEM and is not 'en'
8.x 27-Oct-2011 Language configuration does not store native names anymore
8.x 27-Oct-2011 Added language_load() API to load languages by langcode
8.x / 7.10 27-Oct-2011 Added ability to use contexts in Drupal.t() and Drupal.formatPlural
7.x / 7.9 27-Oct-2011 Change in Openid discovery methods registered by hook_openid_discovery_method_info()
7.x / 7.9 27-Oct-2011 Alternative OpenID authentication method for invalid OpenID accounts transition
8.x / 7.9 28-Oct-2011 Changed documentation and example for setting $cookie_domain in default.settings.php
8.x 01-Nov-2011 Most Drupal core files now live in a "core" subdirectory
8.x 01-Nov-2011 Drupal 8 html.tpl.php outputs HTML5 DOCTYPE by default
8.x 03-Nov-2011 Browser-targeted JavaScript files can be added using drupal_add_js()
7.x / 7.8 08-Nov-2011 Database field {files}.pathinfo renamed to {files}.uri
8.x 09-Nov-2011 file_create_htaccess() renamed to file_save_htaccess()
8.x 10-Nov-2011 Locale module related data removed from language objects
8.x / 7.9 12-Nov-2011 Return value for file_usage_list() changed
8.x / 7.9 12-Nov-2011 The '!=' operator in is deprecated in favor of the '<>' operator in database queries
8.x 12-Nov-2011 Standardize block cache as a drupal_render() #cache
8.x / 8.x 15-Nov-2011 jQuery updated to 1.7 for Drupal 8


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