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8.4.x / 8.4.0 23-May-2017 datetime_date_default_time() is deprecated
8.4.x / 8.4.0 22-May-2017 Renamed iterator process plugin to sub_process
8.4.x / 8.4.0 20-May-2017 MigrateExecutable can now be constructed without a message object
8.4.x 20-May-2017 Datetime and Datelist elements now obey #date_timezone attribute
8.4.x / 8.4.0 19-May-2017 Drupal core now using ES6 for javascript development
8.4.x 19-May-2017 New way to invalidate twig template
8.4.x / 8.4.0 19-May-2017 stylelint replacing csslint in core
8.4.x / 8.4.0 19-May-2017 Moved a refined version of the contributed Media entity module to core as Media module
8.2.x / 8.2.5 17-May-2017 Migration source plugin taxonomy_term split into d6_taxonomy_term/d7_taxonomy_term
8.4.x / 8.4.0 15-May-2017 POSTing to EntityResource can now happen at /node, /taxonomy/term … instead of /entity/node, /entity/taxonomy_term …
8.4.x / 8.4.0 13-May-2017 Site logo's alt and title attributes now editable via the UI
8.4.x / 8.4.0-beta1 12-May-2017 Base fields can now provide initial values when they are installed
8.4.x / 8.4.0 12-May-2017 A field type definition is able now to enforce the cardinality
8.4.x / 8.4.0 12-May-2017 Added \Drupal\Core\Config\TypedConfigManagerInterface:: createFromNameAndData() to make it easy to get a typed configuration object
8.4.x / 8.4.0 12-May-2017 Content Moderation entity types now selected in the Workflow
8.3.x / 8.3.2 11-May-2017 \Drupal\hal\LinkManager\RelationLinkManager::getRelations() return value changed
8.4.x / 8.4.0 10-May-2017 Adopt airbnb javascript style guide v14.1 as new baseline javascript coding standards for Drupal 8 core and contrib
8.4.x / 8.4.x 08-May-2017 RendererInterface - mergeBubbleableMetadata() and addCacheableDependency() are deprecated.
8.4.x / 8.4.0 08-May-2017 Views integration for the Database Logging(dblog) module has been updated
8.3.x 04-May-2017 Merge Component composer.json files to account for them during build
8.4.x 03-May-2017 Batch class for batch API
8.4.x / 8.4.0 03-May-2017 New deprecation handling
8.2.x / 8.2.0 02-May-2017 \Drupal\rest\Plugin\Type\ResourcePluginManager::getInstance() is deprecated in favor of ::createInstance()
8.4.x / 8.4.0 02-May-2017 Disabled methods to inspect headers for JavascriptTestBase tests
8.3.x / 8.3.2 02-May-2017 Renamed migration process plugin to migration_lookup
8.4.x / 8.4.0 02-May-2017 Symfony components are updated to 3.2.6
8.0.x 02-May-2017 menu_primary_local_tasks() and menu_secondary_local_tasks() have been removed
8.3.x 01-May-2017 Corrected field assertions on AssertLegacyTrait for BrowserTestBase
8.4.x 29-Apr-2017 FieldItemBase::generateSampleValue() method is deprecated
8.4.x / 8.4.0 28-Apr-2017 Renamed \Drupal\Core\EventSubscriber\AcceptNegotiation406 to \Drupal\Core\EventSubscriber\RenderArrayNonHtmlSubscriber
8.4.x / 8.4.0 28-Apr-2017 Optional system_time_zones() parameter to provide timezones nested by region
8.1.x / 8.1 28-Apr-2017 Migration::get() deprecated
8.1.x / 8.1.x-dev 28-Apr-2017 Rename MigrationCreationTrait to MigrationConfigurationTrait
8.4.x / 8.4.x-dev 28-Apr-2017 Rename DedupeBase class to MakeUniqueEntityField
8.4.x 28-Apr-2017 hook_theme() may now return \Drupal\Core\Theme\ThemeHook objects instead of arrays
8.4.x / 8.4.0-beta1 28-Apr-2017 Content entity types with existing data can now be converted to be revisionable
8.4.x / 8.4.0 27-Apr-2017 Drupal 8 now outputs Twig template options for all suggestions
8.0.x / 8.4.x 27-Apr-2017 ToolkitTestBase: Support is going away,
8.4.x / 8.4.x-dev 24-Apr-2017 Syslog format now includes !severity by default
8.4.x / 8.4.0 23-Apr-2017 Deprecate status handling in ConfigEntityBase / ConfigEntityInterface
8.4.x / 8.4.0 22-Apr-2017 Minor CSS changes introduced into stable theme to support toolbar anti-flicker
8.4.x 22-Apr-2017 Views plugins may now react to removal of dependencies
8.4.x 19-Apr-2017 Entity reference selection handlers should extend a base class
8.4.x / 8.4.0-beta1 18-Apr-2017 EditorialContentEntityBase - a new base entity class for revisionable and publishable entity types
8.3.x / 8.3.0 18-Apr-2017 Published/Unpublished API for content entities
8.4.x / 8.4.0-beta1 18-Apr-2017 Revision metadata fields are now defined in the entity annotation
8.4.x / 8.4.0 17-Apr-2017 Standardize fatal error/exception handling: backtrace for all formats, not just HTML
8.3.x / 8.3.0 16-Apr-2017 drupal/coder and phpcs are dev requirements for Drupal core
8.4.x 12-Apr-2017 Exposed filters can now limit which operator they expose
8.4.x / 8.4.0 12-Apr-2017 _drupal_log_error() now passes the raw backtrace to logger implementations