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8.0.x / 8.0.0-beta8 29-Mar-2015 Various classes/interfaces renamed to support PHP 7
8.0.x / 8.0.x 28-Mar-2015 [DRAFT] ALT text is now required by default on image fields
8.0.x / 8.0.0-beta10 27-Mar-2015 The Taxonomy term reference field has been removed in favor of Entity reference
8.0.x / 8.0.0-BETA10 27-Mar-2015 Added RendererInterface::addDependency($render_array, $cacheable_dependency)
8.0.x / 8.0.0 27-Mar-2015 New config_object base type added, use for simple configuration
8.0.x / 8.0.0-beta10 26-Mar-2015 REST user updates have to include the existing password in some cases
8.0.x / 8.0.0-beta10 26-Mar-2015 Two methods added to the UserInterface
8.0.x / 8.0.0 26-Mar-2015 Default configuration is now translated in-place
8.0.x / 8.0.0 26-Mar-2015 The locale.config.typed service is renamed to locale.config_manager, most public methods changed
8.0.x / 8.0.0 26-Mar-2015 Made possible to get the source data out of TranslationWrappers
8.0.x / 8.0.0 26-Mar-2015 Removed LocaleTypedConfig
8.0.x / 8.0.0 26-Mar-2015 locale_translate_english() is now locale_is_translatable($langcode)
8.0.x / 8.0.0 26-Mar-2015 Made it possible to use KernelTestBase to test foreign language environments
8.0.x / 8.0.0-beta8 26-Mar-2015 hook_install() has to rebuild the routes manually, if needed
8.0.x / 8.0.0-BETA10 26-Mar-2015 New 'user.permissions' cache context, should be used instead of 'user.roles' cache context
8.0.x / 8.0.0-beta10 26-Mar-2015 user_attach_accounts() and comment_prepare_author() have been removed
8.0.x 25-Mar-2015 Default "upload location" configuration variable for file/image fields is provided
8.0.x / 8.0.0 25-Mar-2015 The site default language code is now separate from the site name's and slogan's language
8.0.x / 8.0.0-beta8 25-Mar-2015 User signatures support moved to contrib
8.0.x / 8.0.0-BETA8 25-Mar-2015 Cache contexts are now hierarchical
8.0.x / 8.0.0-beta8 23-Mar-2015 jQuery Once plugin upgrade to 2.x
8.0.x 22-Mar-2015 Optional configuration provided by modules and themes is now stored in config/optional
8.x 22-Mar-2015 Install profiles are installed after their themes
8.0.x / 8.0.x 21-Mar-2015 Added attach_library() function to Twig
8.0.x 19-Mar-2015 Bundle entity form ID pattern has changed
6.x, 7.x / 6.35, 7.35 18-Mar-2015 External URLs can no longer be passed through the "destination" query parameter
6.x, 7.x / 6.35, 7.35 18-Mar-2015 The user_pass_rehash() function now requires the user account ID to be passed in
8.0.x / 8.0.0-beta8 16-Mar-2015 Authentication now only runs once per request
8.0.x / 8.0.0-BETA8 16-Mar-2015 Added #cache['max-age']
8.0.x / 8.0.0-beta8 16-Mar-2015 Route rebuilding moved to an explicit model
8.0.x 16-Mar-2015 Base fields are being converted to behave the same as configurable fields in Views
14-Mar-2015 removing visual classes from core templates
13-Mar-2015 added js- prefix to form classes
8.0.x / 8.0.0-BETA8 13-Mar-2015 Messages have been converted into a block
8.0.x / 8.0.0-BETA8 13-Mar-2015 #type => status_messages instead of #theme => status_messages
8.0.x 11-Mar-2015 Front controllers in core subdirectory have been moved to root
8.0.x / 8.0-BETA8 11-Mar-2015 #type => pager instead of #theme => pager
8.0.x / 8.0.0-beta8 11-Mar-2015 $GLOBALS['script_path'] is removed
8.0.x / 8.0.0-beta7 10-Mar-2015 The langcode field is now translatable
8.0.x / 8.0.0-beta8 10-Mar-2015 drupal_get_destination() is replaced by the redirect.destination service
8.0.x / 8.0.0-beta8 10-Mar-2015 request_uri() is replaced with $request->getRequestUri()
8.0.x / 8.0.0-beta8 09-Mar-2015 'html' => TRUE option is removed from l() and link generator
8.x 09-Mar-2015 Classy's template subfolders reorganized
8.0.x / 8.0.0 09-Mar-2015 Simplified definition format for sequences in configuration schemas
8.0.x 08-Mar-2015 hook_file_download() was removed and party replaced with hook_file_unmanaged_download_headers()
8.0.x 08-Mar-2015 "render" Twig filter added
8.x / 8.x 07-Mar-2015 views_get_views_as_options() has been moved to a static method
8.x / 8.x 07-Mar-2015 views_get_disabled_views() has been moved to a static method
8.x / 8.x 07-Mar-2015 views_get_enabled_views() has been moved to a static method
8.0.x 07-Mar-2015 shortcut.module {shortcut_set_users} table was moved to a proper field on user entity