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8.0.x 02-Sep-2015 EntityListBuilder::getLabel() is no longer safe markup
02-Sep-2015 Deprecated drupal_merge_attached() replaced with BubbleableMetadata::mergeAttachments()
8.0.x 01-Sep-2015 SafeMarkup::format() requires $args
8.0.x 01-Sep-2015 Support for #plain_text has been added for the render arrays
8.0.x 01-Sep-2015 hook_menu_local_tasks() has been removed
8.0.x 01-Sep-2015 Local tasks and actions are now blocks
8.0.x / 8.0.x 01-Sep-2015 !placeholder input is now run through Xss::filterAdmin() if unsafe
8.0.x 31-Aug-2015 getUrlFromPath() has been removed from Twig (url_from_path() Twig function)
8.0.x 30-Aug-2015 check_url() is deprecated and no longer mark strings as safe, use UrlHelper::stripDangerousProtocols() instead
8.0.x / 8.0.x-BETA15 30-Aug-2015 Views tokens need to be valid Twig variables; subtoken separator now double underscore instead of dash
8.0.x / 8.0.0-beta15 29-Aug-2015 update_manager_access() renamed to _update_manager_access()
8.0.x 27-Aug-2015 Migrate load plugins removed
8.0.x / 8.0.0 27-Aug-2015 Write update functions for entity schema updates, automation removed
8.0.x / 8.0.0 27-Aug-2015 update.php will not automatically update entity schemas anymore
8.0.x 21-Aug-2015 Drupal now has its own Symfony compatible service container and a PHP array dumper
8.0.x 21-Aug-2015 The service container definition is now stored in the database by default
8.x / beta15 20-Aug-2015 New isEmpty() method on StringBase, required values are now required :)
8.0.x / 8.0-BETA15 20-Aug-2015 Standard profile no longer installs the "user login block", instead adds a "Log in" link
8.0.x 19-Aug-2015 SafeMarkup methods are removed
8.0.x / 8.0.0-beta15 19-Aug-2015 Drupal\Core\Database\Schema::findTables() has been changed to work with the virtual, un-prefixed, table names
8.0.x / 8.0.0-beta11 18-Aug-2015 Added a new KernelTestBase build upon PHPUnit
8.0.x 17-Aug-2015 Numeric field prefix/suffix no longer supports singular/plural handling with pipe | separation
8.0.x / 8.0.0-BETA15 16-Aug-2015 Breadcrumbs are now passed using a value object with cacheability metadata instead of an array
8.0.x / 8.0.0-beta15 14-Aug-2015 The bundle entity of a content entity type defaults to NULL instead of 'bundle'
8.0.x / 8.0.0-beta15 14-Aug-2015 Twig template storage changed
8.x / 8.x 13-Aug-2015 views_plugin_list() has been moved to a static method
8.0.x / 8.0.x 13-Aug-2015 Response header and status code should be changed through the render array, the Response object, or one of Symfony's HTTP exceptions, depending on context.
8.0.x 12-Aug-2015 Remove node_page_title in favor of EntityInterface::label()
8.0.x / 8.0.0-beta15 11-Aug-2015 Added an 'Upsert' database query class
8.0.x 11-Aug-2015 It is possible to use your own exception handler
8.0.x / 8.0.0-beta15 11-Aug-2015 check_url() does not use Safemarkup::checkPlain() anymore but still escapes
8.0.x / 8.0.0-beta15 11-Aug-2015 ContentNegotiation got removed
8.0.x 11-Aug-2015 EntityManager has been split into 11 classes
8.0.x / 8.0.0-beta13 10-Aug-2015 db_add_index() and Schema::addIndex() now require passing the table specification
8.0.x 08-Aug-2015 \Drupal\Core\Plugin\Mapper\MapperInterface is no longer required for plugin managers
8.0.x 07-Aug-2015 Responsive Image module UI now supports sizes attribute
8.0.x / 8.0.0-BETA15 07-Aug-2015 renderer.config container parameter got a new auto_placeholdering_contexts key
8.0.x 06-Aug-2015 Statistics module depends on node
8.0.x / 8.0.x-BETA15 06-Aug-2015 Access default_value using methods in FieldConfigBase and BaseFieldDefinition
8.0.x 05-Aug-2015 ImageEffectInterface::transformDimensions() method now has an additional $uri parameter
8.0.x 05-Aug-2015 Using Crypt::hashEquals() for hash/token comparisons
8.0.x 04-Aug-2015 Migration functionality obsoleted by events removed
8.0.x 04-Aug-2015 Events added to the migration process
8.0.x 03-Aug-2015 Migration load plugins replaced by builders
8.0.x / 8.0.0-BETA-14 03-Aug-2015 Some directory names are skipped when searching for extensions (module, themes, etc.)
8.0.x 01-Aug-2015 Branding block used in place of page template branding variables (site name, slogan, site logo)
8.0.x / 8.0.0-beta14 30-Jul-2015 Menu links discovered in YAML files now use a TranslationWrapper for title and description, with title_arguments and title_context removed
29-Jul-2015 views.settings skip_cache has been removed.
8.0.x / 8.0.x-beta13 28-Jul-2015 ViewExecutable::getMenuLinks has been removed
8.0.x / 8.0.0-beta13 28-Jul-2015 \Drupal::config('system.filter::protocols') is replaced with 'filter_protocols' container parameters