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Lemberg loves the power of Drupal as it allows you to rapidly and cost-effectively respond to the key digital presence needs of an organization, namely: content, community, commerce.

In close collaboration with creative agencies, technological businesses and startups we develop Drupal-based solutions such as:

  • Corporate and promotional websites - to facilitate marketing efforts in establishing digital presence
  • Smart enterprise solutions (Drupal for business) - to improve and accelerate business processes
  • Community platforms - to help businesses, NGOs, charity organisations build and grow communities

We've successfully delivered Drupal solutions in a wide range of markets including but not limited to: communication & social networking, travel & hospitality, healthcare, media & entertainment, e-learning, e-publishing.

The Lemberg team is providing technology leadership within the Drupal community. We are deeply involved in the creation and maintenance of Drupal modules and support the Drupal Association. Be sure to find our team members at worldwide and local Drupal events like DrupalCons, Drupal Cafés, Code Sprints, and more.

Take a look at our work or contact us to learn more.

Drupal contributions


We are sponsoring global and local Drupal events such as:

Projects supported

Menu Item Extras, CKEditor Bootstrap Tabs, Dimpact WIM, Real-time SEO for Drupal, Single Sticky, Nimble CRM, Simple subscription ajaxify, Range

Credited on 33 issues fixed in the past 3 months


We have been involved in Drupal development for many years. Lemberg has continuously encouraged and supported the open source community in various ways. Drupal Association has inspired us to give back to the community by holding free Drupal Global Training Day workshops in Lviv, Ukraine and we are delighted to do this.