Status message

This organization is a Drupal services provider.

Kafei Interactive Inc. is a small Drupal shop focused on helping developers and site owners get content into Drupal. We assist with data migrations, upgrading from previous versions of Drupal and re-architecting old data to match new site structures. We also offer single-day migration workshops and ongoing maintenance/support plans for sites with complex needs.

Drupal contributions

We help move the Drupal project forward through a variety of methods. Primarily we attend Drupal events to share research and information with other developers.

Contributions to Drupal 8 Core

All of our team members have contributed to Drupal 8 core! Whether it be rolling patches, testing, documenting, or just helping out at sprints.

Developer Mentoring

Our team members have been part of DrupalCon core mentoring at Los Angeles, Bogotá, Amsterdam, Austin, and Portland. Additionally we help out at sprints in the Montréal, Chicago, Toronto, and New Jersey local events.

We made some Sprint Cards (PDF) that contain the condensed mentor training from DrupalCon Austin. You can print these at your local print shop (double sided) for your local sprints. They contain enough information for anyone (even non-coders) to get started!

Projects supported

Stripe Checkout, Migrate Upgrade, Migrate Webform, Entity Translation Tabs, Commerce Migrate Ubercart

Credited on 1 issue fixed in the past 3 months