Last updated December 9, 2015.

This page explains what IRC is, gives some links to how to set it up, and tells you about some basic IRC commands and setup.

What is Internet Relay Chat (IRC)?

See the Wikipedia IRC article for an explanation of what IRC is.

The Drupal community uses IRC to have topical, general, and regional text chats around the world, at all times of the day, every day, in a variety of languages. Each chat is in its own channel.

Some of the reasons we use IRC:

- People who work on developing Drupal core and contributed modules use it to have development discussions on a regular basis, in the #drupal-contribute channel

- People in local areas use it to have discussions with the people they see at their in-person meetings, and to keep in touch between meetings. See the regional channel list to find your local area.

- People interested in particular topics use it to have discussions about these topics with others around the world. See the parent page for a list of topical and general channels.

- Many groups within the Drupal community use it for meetings involving medium to large groups. Because it is a text chat, there is no "interrupting", everyone can have their say, and web links can be posted easily. Also, a log can be recorded and posted on a web page so that people who couldn't make it to the meeting can still see what happened.

Connecting to IRC

You can connect to IRC either on through web page, or by using an IRC client application on your computer or mobile device.

The simplest way to access freenode irc (without installing software) is via a web page in your browser. Go to -- enter a nickname (usually the same as your user name) and the channel you want to use, and start chatting.

If you are using an application, you'll need to set up a connection to the IRC server. All of the Drupal channels are on the server.

There's a list of commonly-used IRC client applications at the bottom of this page.

IRC commands vs. chatting

When you're chatting in IRC, normally after entering a line of text, it is sent to the server and displayed to all the other people in the chat channel. You'll also see what the other participants type.

If the beginning of a line you type is a / character, it will be interpreted as an IRC command and will be sent to the server but not displayed. See the common IRC commands page for more information about commands.

Joining a channel

If you use a web page to chat, you'll enter the channel name (such as #drupal) when you first visit the web page.

If you are using a client application, you can usually set up a list of channels you want to join regularly -- how to do that depends on the client.

You can also type a command in a chat window to join a new channel:

/join #drupal-your-channel-name

Registering your nick with freenode

When you log into IRC you're going to want to register your nickname with the server, so that no one else can use your nickname, and so that you use a consistent name when you chat. Learn how to register your nick at

Please do not include "Drupal" or any variation of it in your IRC nickname.

Normally, you'd use your user name, so that people will make the connection to your activities. If that name is already taken, then append a dash or numerals to the name. Most IRC clients will automatically append an underscore to your nick upon joining if that name is already taken.

Once you've registered a nickname, you can edit your profile and add your IRC nickname to your profile (there's a field for it).

Recommended IRC clients

Below are a couple of recommended IRC clients.

  • Webchat: An online IRC client that requires no local software installed
  • Hexchat: An open source clone of Xchat which is completely free and cross platform
  • LimeChat: An open source cOS X IRC cllient which is completely free and cross platform
  • irssi: A terminal based IRC client for UNIX systems
  • ChatZilla: A clean, easy to use and highly extensible Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client.
  • Pidgin: IM all your friends in one place. Connect to AIM, Bonjour, Gadu-Gadu, Google Talk, Groupwise, ICQ, IRC, MSN, MXit, SILC, SIMPLE, Sametime, XMPP, Yahoo!, and Zephyr all at once.

Further reading

If you want more information, try:


tstruble’s picture

locked out of admin. used the same password as always but it failed today. requested a new password, how soon do i get help on that?

nourheine’s picture

hi everybody,
I'm trying to install the "View" module and it won't work. I'm getting this error:
7.x-3.10 Create customized lists and queries from your database.
Requires: Ctools (missing)
Required by: Views UI (disabled)
Views UI
7.x-3.10 Administrative interface to views. Without this module, you cannot create or edit your views.
Requires: Views (disabled), Ctools (missing)
How do I fix it?
i tried to add ctools in modules but the error persist .
thanks for helping me

waqariz’s picture

you should also have to enable "Views UI" module listed below to "views". After it enable "ctools" module. just feel free to work :)

JasonStrick’s picture


I'm want to suggest to my client to use Drupal for their CMS solution which will run their blog. They will need the eCommerce site to be in 3 languages. 1st phase will be Chinese, Traditional and English. Then we'll add Chinese, Simplified. All of which is available with Drupal.

Currently they use the Wordpress platform for their blog; they were told you could 'search' in traditional Chinese. It turns out you can't.

My question is though Drupal has multi language can you 'search' in those languages?

All help is appreciated.


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Please go thorugh below link, It would be more helpful to you.

This module will help you. I have used it works for me.


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Being absolutely ignorant on all things IRC, and knowing it wouldn't be easy, I thought others might benefit from my hours of confusion.
This was my process (I have an iMac OSX v10.10)

Download an IRC client

I chose Colloquy
I did this because it mentions it in the link written near the beginning of article above (
(An example of how things can get a bit weird: The Pidgin IRC client for example recommends you download Adium instead, obviously, Pidgin is more suitable to hardcore programmers rather than the Joe Blog type person)

Connect to Freenode

After download of Colloquy is complete, open it.
Enter username followed by Chat Server:
(my username, Bucklash, defaulted to Bucklash_)


On my IRC (colloquy) there is a button labelled "info"
Clicking this led me to an option to enter details:
Username: Bucklash (not Bucklash_ for reasons I do not understand)
Server password: **********

Nickname: Bucklash (not Bucklash_ for reasons I do not understand)
Password: ***********
Alt Nicknames: (I think this is an alias maybe)
Real name: [The name my computer knows me as] (this defaulted here, I did not enter it)

Hope this helps someone

Take it Easy


pj4ever’s picture

I am new to Drupal. Got several issues. Permission denied. How to create a libraries directory in site/all? it the blocked my work. I can't continue.

waqariz’s picture

You should have to select the "sites" folder and change its permission.

Martin Kandole’s picture

If your problem is not sorted out, try to download the latest version of drupal, it has the libraries directory

Martin Kandole’s picture

Hi People

Am a new beginner in drupal, i have problems in customizing default images that comes with themes, i want to put an image for the site am trying to build, but i don't know how to do it, please help
Am try to customize marinelli theme check it out

waqariz’s picture

In your active theme create a new folder and paste all the images you want to use. Now to access them use the path sites/all/themes/marinelli/your-folder-name-/pic-name-with-extention

venkatadapa’s picture

Hi Martin,

This thread contains discussion about Setting up IRC (Internet relay chat), If you have any questions, From next time, please post it in forums at relevant category. Forums url:

Below is the best way to handle theme specific images.
First place all your theme related images in images folder inside your theme folder, Ex: sites/all/themes/your-theme/images
Here your-theme can be marinelli or any other, it doesn't matter.

Then get the images using drupal_get_path function, See the example below.

  $themePath = drupal_get_path('theme', $GLOBALS['theme']);
<img src="<?php echo $themePath; ?>/images/sample.png" />

Here drupal_get_path('theme',$GLOBALS['theme']) will get the default theme path, rest will be your image path inside the active theme.
It will perfectly work for frond end theme, admin theme or even for sub themes.

Venkat Adapa.

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Help I know nothing about drupal and I'm now trying to change my website and when you go to it - it now says page not found

What did I do and how do I fix it!


ask4soteria’s picture

Hello All,

I'm new to Drupal. i was able to set up my site on my localhost but each time i tried migrating the site to my live server, i get the Blank pages or "white screen of death" (WSOD).

i followed all the steps to the T, I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I'm in serious need of help.

Thank You very much

waqariz’s picture

please describe what steps you are following?

krisi97’s picture

Im a new user of Drupal and i want to download the demo version but i dont know how. If you can help me please do.

BigEd’s picture

Quite a lot of people have landed here because of the page URL setting-up and have not read what the page content to see that it is about IRC.

Some help for those that are using IRC

Your connection details:

Channel: #drupal-uk (example see list)

You can use any username or nickname but it's been saved already you won't be able to use it and if the owner comes online you will be changed.

Demilade’s picture

im working on a site and is giving me 500 internal error what can i do, i presume it is .htaccess that is missing because i couldnt find it in my module folder. How can i get it downloaded please.