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This organization is a Drupal services provider.

Imbibe with its core vision of delivering innovative products and services to empower businesses and people alike, is a fast growing technology company headquartered in Karnal, India. Imbibe specializes in Enterprise product development catering to clients cutting across industries like Travel, Legal, Manufacturing, Government and Marketing etc. We partner with organizations to cater to product development, quality assurance, support and other engineering operations on their behalf.

We are a long-time Drupal enthusiast and truly believe Drupal is one of the best pieces of software tooling out there. Please get in touch with us to discuss any Drupal-related work and we would be happy to address your needs.

Drupal contributions

Imbibe has sponsored development of modules like Document, Take Control and Reference Links. Our Director, Mr. Rahul Singla served as national Drupal lead under "Talk to a Teacher" program of Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India providing training and hand-holding to students wanting to learn Drupal.

We remain committed to Drupal and its eco-system and have recently begun the process of porting all our sponsored modules to Drupal 8 which should be available shortly.

Projects Supported
Document, Reference Links, Take Control

Projects supported

Mart, Food Theme, Food

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