Status message

This organization is a Drupal services provider.
Content strategy, Development, Information architecture, Security reviews, Usability
Education, Enterprise, Government, Non-profit, Publishing
Brooklyn, NY and Denver, CO
Usual project budget
10,000 to 50,000

NOTE: in 2011, GVS was acquired by Acquia. This page is kept since it is linked from many places on, but if you are looking for this company, it no longer exists and you should look for someone else in the marketplace.

Growing Venture Solutions LLC is a small, highly talented team of website developers who are passionate about helping people communicate online. We specialize in Drupal, and provide the following services:

We are actively involved in the Drupal community as module developers, community organizers and educators. Our combination of experience in user-friendly web design as well as developing and implementing Drupal technology has gained us a roster of successful websites, web applications and happy clients.

Drupal contributions

  • We maintain several modules, including Token, Pathauto, Fivestar, Nodequeue, Comment Notify and Security Review
  • We're developing the Conference Organizing Distribution (COD) for conference and event sites, including registration and management
  • Greg is co-maintainer of, the official Drupal working group site with over 600 active groups and over 67,000 users.
  • We wrote two books about Drupal: Cracking Drupal, a guide to Drupal security, and are publishing an e-book series on building enterprise websites using Drupal on Mastering Drupal.
  • Greg founded and coordinates the Denver/Boulder Drupal User Group
  • Lisa and Carl contributed heavily to the redesigned Lisa is a project manager and Carl did a lot of development on the new flagship theme.
  • We’ve created videocasts for the Drupal 6 release including “What’s New,” “Upgrading” and “A Review of New i18n and i10n Internationalization Features” which have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times.
  • Greg volunteers time and advice as a member of the Drupal Association General Assembly.
  • We make presentations about Drupal throughout the year at conferences in North America and Europe, Drupal Camps and Drupal-related user groups in Colorado and New York City.
  • We contribute and improve documentation, discuss ideas on mailing lists, provide help to the Drupal infrastructure team, site maintainers, and the Drupal security team.

Projects supported

Bakery Single Sign-On System, Conference Organizing Distribution