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This organization is a Drupal services provider.

GreenAcorn is an internet development company with an emphasis on educational and informational sites through Drupal based websites. The company was formed in 2014, budding from the Internet Services Department (2005-2014) of Glo Digital. Our tightknit team has significant experience in the strategy, planning, design, development, deployment, training and support of content-managed websites, having built and/or supported hundreds of sites since 2007.

We also provide ongoing support with hosting, maintenance and user support for our own and others clients.

Drupal contributions

Both of our main developers have had considerable experience in module development, both internally for our clients and externally as part of the wider community.

Alan Davison (Director and Senior Developer) has a number of published modules on including:

Countries FileField Private Downloads
Search configuration Countries Table Field
FileField UI Extras SwinxyZoom
Webform share ImageField Extended
TaxiSelect Domain Fields
Name Field Upload element
Domain View Modes Partial Date

He has also developed a number of sandbox projects and being the primary Drupal 7 lead developer or primary maintainer of a number of others including:

Diff Empty Fields
Read more control

Michael Strelan (Senior Developer) has a presence within the community. His projects include

Anonymous Redirect Feeds: Vimeo parser
Nudity Audio Filter
Hierarchical Select: Menu Position integration Summary settings
Database logging clear button Media: Ustream
Tagadelic filters Datepicker
Menu position domain access plugin Term image

He has developed a number of sandbox projects.

Both Alan (20 credits) and Michael (4 credits) have had some accredited core commits, but neither generally have the time to spend in the core issue queues.

Projects supported

Taxonomy term (with other support), Country Pages, Countries Table Field, Empty fields, Fieldable vocabularies, Domain View Modes, Domain Fields, Partial Date, Read More Control, Webform share, Active Link Filter, Name Field, ImageField Extended, Create related content, Upload element, Countries, Search configuration, Diff

Credited on 1 issue fixed in the past 3 months