The mission of the Drupal.org Content Working Group (DCWG) is to make sure that the content on Drupal.org websites is compelling, well-curated, and relevant for all of its various target audiences and supports a content marketing strategy that serves site visitors and generates revenue to make Drupal.org sustainable.

The DCWG acts as a group to maintain the processes around product messaging, content moderation, and user experience elements of the Drupal.org websites.

For more information read DCWG Charter.


The current members of the DCWG are:


Primary issue queue for DCWG is https://drupal.org/project/content.
Use 'Drupal.org Content Working Group' tag to bring specific issue to the attention of DCWG.

Issues should be tagged for the Working Group under the following circumstances:

  • Issues arise for which there is no clear policy and one must be developed
  • Policy violation has occurred and individual is non-responsive