Last updated 7 March 2016. Created on 11 November 2014.
Edited by tvn, joshuami. Log in to edit this page. Advisory Group is a group of subject matter experts in different areas of Members of the group will advise the Drupal Association staff on implementation of specific features, relevant to their domain.

Angela Byron / webchick
Bojhan Somers / Bojhan
Cathy Theys / YesCT
Dani Nordin / danigrrl
David Hernandez / davidhernandez
David Hochhausen / dddave
Gábor Hojtsy / Gábor Hojtsy
George DeMet / gdemet
Jeanne Cost / jcost
Jeff Eaton / eaton
Jeremy Thorson / jthorson
Joann aka WorldFallz / WorldFallz
Marco Villegas / marvil07
Milad Bashiri / herom
Narayan Newton / nnewton
Roy Scholten / yoroy
Scott Reynen / sreynen
Sébastien Corbin / sebcorbin
Shyamala Rajaram / shyamala

This Group was initially formed by transforming Working Groups and Leadership teams into a single advisory body. Additional members will be added on the Drupal Association staff discretion.

We'd like to thank members of the Group for the time and effort they spent serving on Working Groups, and Community, Developer, and Translation tools teams.

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