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The mission of the Documentation Working Group (DocWG) is to ensure that excellent documentation guidelines, policies, and standards are in place, and that tools and processes are available to achieve this, both for Drupal Core as well as for contributed projects (modules, themes, distributions, etc.), and for documentation as part of these projects as well as for the community documentation on

The DocWG acts as a group to maintain these documentation guidelines and processes, and to recommend and guide development of tools and infrastructure that are needed for documentation.

The purpose of the DocWG's activities is to enable the community to create and maintain online documentation for both core and contributed projects that is accurate, complete, and maintainable.

For more information, read the DocWG Charter.

Writing documentation

The DocWG provides structure and guidelines, but the actual documentation is written by the Drupal community.

Current documentation priorities and the list of New contributor tasks for Writers provide good starting points for anybody who wants to contribute documentation. Documentation sprints are lead by members of the DocWG and others at various Drupal events, and offer mentoring.

We encourage all members of the Drupal community to contribute to documentation! See Community Documentation for more information.

Processes, priorities and reports

The Policies and Standards and Goals, Priorities, and Projects that have been developed for documentation are outlined in the child pages below.

The DocWG regularly posts This Month in Drupal Documentation updates about its activities and about documentation written by the Drupal community, as well as other announcements and events on Documentation group on


The DocWG meets monthly to discuss documentation policies and goals. Members of the Drupal community who have been contributing to documentation for a while and have an interest in setting longer-term priorities and policies can join us for meetings; or you can use an issue to contact us and make a suggestion (see Contact section below).

We meet via a Google Hangout on the 2nd or 3rd Wednesday of the month, in the late evening Europe time / mid-day North America time. If you would like to join our next meeting, contact Boris (see above), so you can be added to the invitation.


The Documentation issue queue is the main channel for questions and remarks. Use the Policies and Procedures component to bring specific issue to the attention the DocWG, and Docs Infrastructure if you have a suggestion on how to improve documentation tools/software.

The Documentation group on is open for community discussions, announcements, etc. related to documentation. We invite you to join, and participate (or start) discussions there - but keeping in mind that the main official channel for contacting the DocWG remains the issue queue.

If you have suggestions for the next This Month in Drupal Documentation post use the contact form to email your suggestion to any of the members of the DocWG.


The current members of the DocWG are:

DocWG members are selected from the Drupal community by Dries Buytaert and/or his designate(s).

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.