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The mission of the Community Working Group (CWG) is to uphold the Drupal Code of Conduct in order to maintain a friendly and welcoming community for the Drupal project.

The CWG acts as a group to maintain documentation and processes focused on the health of the community. In case of disagreements, they guide community members through the conflict resolution process in an effort to help defuse tense situations and keep discussions productive. In rare cases of intractable conflicts, they act as a point of escalation, mediation, and/or final arbitration for the Drupal community.

For more information, read the Full Charter and Background / historical discussion.

The policies we will create and maintain will be found in the Drupal Git repository.


The current members of the CWG are:

CWG members are selected from the Drupal community by Dries Buytaert and/or his designate(s).


  • For discussions or proposed amendments about community-related policies, ideas of initiatives to help improve the health of the Drupal community, or other items that could benefit from wider community discussion, you can use the Drupal Community Working Group issue tracker. Issues in this queue are reviewed and prioritized by the CWG on a monthly basis.
  • For sensitive or urgent incidents that require the CWG's involvement, contact drupal-cwg [at], a mailing list which is private to CWG members only. The group aims to respond to mail within 72 hours of receipt.

If contacting the CWG about an incident, we need all available information: who's involved, what specifically caused the incident, what steps were taken to resolve it prior to contacting the CWG, any log files or other data to corroborate the event, etc.

Please use this Incident Report form:

We will review the issue and evaluate the potential impact on all the individuals involved and the community as a whole. In all cases, we first encourage the parties to resolve it together, with mediation if required. Once evaluated, the CWG will respond as a group on next steps.


The CWG communicates internally via e-mail, externally via the drupal_cwg issue tracker, and tries to meet weekly via Skype to go over any outstanding business from the issue tracker or from incidents supplied via e-mail. Due to the potentially sensitive nature of topics discussed, these meetings are not open to the public.

Members of the Drupal community are also encouraged to post general issues for discussion to the Drupal CWG issue tracker.

How to get involved?

Membership of the CWG gives the individual access to potentially sensitive and confidential information. However, there are many ways to help that don't require access to private and sensitive information.

  • The most important help you can provide is to cheerfully and politely uphold the Drupal Code of Conduct at all times and be a voice of harmony and reason when necessary.
  • Encourage people to work things through themselves. Report any incidents if they can't be resolved directly.
  • Help triage and participate in issues in the drupal_cwg queue.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.