Last updated 27 March 2008.

Welcome to the Drupal community, prospective Summer of Code students! :) Drupal is an open source content management system written in PHP, and used by many high-profile websites including Popular Science, Amnesty International, Sony MyPlay, and Ubuntu Linux.

The following is a list of projects that Drupal community members have proposed and have generally been agreed on as desirable and/or important projects. If you are new to the Drupal community, or if one of these ideas looks appealing to you, these can be a great starting points for writing your Summer of Code application! Please use the URL provided at the top of any of the following idea pages to ask questions or discuss implementation details with the mentors for those projects prior to submitting your application. Additionally, you can take a look through the ideas posted in There may be some golden project ideas that didn't make it to this list in time for applications to start.

However, you are also encouraged to submit your own proposals that have absolutely nothing to do with the ideas outlined here. What's your pie-in-the-sky dream for how great Drupal can be? Found an area of Drupal that could use some work, and have just the plan to see it fixed? Have an idea for a project that could open Drupal to new target markets or use cases? If so, propose your brilliant idea to the SoC '08 group and get a feel for what the community thinks! This is a great way to revise and sharpen your proposal.

Areas that are of keen interest include anything in Dries's list of features for a "killer" Drupal 7 release, work that helps improve Drupal's issue tracker/release management back-end, Usability improvements, work related to things most Drupal users need, such as Views, CCK, Location-related or Date/Calendar improvements.

Also, feel free to join #drupal on to get feedback or ask questions about your proposal in 'real time'.. there are a variety of mentors as well as community members who can help you get the resources you need. Good luck! :)