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Free Software Movement of India is a non-profit organization committed to promote Free Software in of India. It has trained around more than 25,000 people since past 7 years.

Drupal contributions

Free Software Movement of India is a non-profit organization which has a nation-wide presence & is advocating Drupal adoption.

FSMI has member organizations in many states of India


State wise their presence is in:

Swecha - Andhra Pradesh
FSMK - Karnataka
FSFTN - Tamil Nadu
FSMWB - West Bengal
Muktdhyaan - Maharashtra
Swadhin - Orissa
Rajasthan Free Software Initiative
Free Software Movement Himachal

Sectoral movements:

Democratic Alliance for Knowledge Freedom (DAKF)
Knowledge Commons
National Consultative Committee of Computer Teachers Association (NCCCTA)
Appropriate Technology Promotion Society (ATPS)
Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo-India)


FSMI conducted Drupal training session at National Conference for Academics & Research
Drupal trainings in Summer camps by Swecha in 2009, 2011 & 2012: &
Swecha was official organizer of Drupal Hyderabad workshop, 2010
Swecha packages Drupal & it's documentation into it's custom GNU/Linux distribution eSwecha
Mentoring Engineering students on Drupal modules as their final year projects
FSMI & most of the member sites are running on Drupal
Drupal training at National level conference, NCAR:
Software Freedom Day:

Swecha provided free venue, internet & resources for:

Hello Drupal trainings:
Drupal 7 release party
Drupal barcamp:
For most of the Drupal Hyderabad meetings & trainings since 2010

Region wise Drupal trainings conducted by Swecha:

West Godavari Region:
Krishna district:
Hyderabad: ,
Orissa, Workshop on Free Software, 2nd October 2010:

Also many similar workshops happening since 2006 which are organized by Swecha, FSFTN, FSMK, etc. throughout India.

FSMI has been organizing National level events and has experience with managing such huge scale events & mobilizing people from different sectors like Industry, Education & NGOs.

Projects supported

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