I work on this website www.cafeandbanana.com .

I should create a second column only in the frontpage and add the contents that have a specific category( I use taxonomy) into that column.

I use the DAN theme , and it has a really cool polaroid content display. I wanna keep this and add an extra column. Like here picture.

So the question is:

Which is the most fastest and smartest way to do this:

  • Should I edit the code of theme?
  • Should I edit the Polaroid module?
  • Can I do it just with css?

of course.. I'm open for any solution and really thankful for any advice
Thank you!!!!


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DAN is based on zen so it should already have a right sidebar region. Just place your block and set it to front and it should show up.

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You're right. There's a sidebar first and sidebar second. Although it's still not perfect, from this point its just a little css work.

Thank you so much!!!