Please forgive me if this issue has been addressed in a previous post. My organization recently set up a Drupal site which seems to be working OK but anything we post to it shows up twice. You can see what I mean at TCDYC.COM. I have pretty extensive HTML experience but am new to this platform and can't find anything in the settings that could be causing this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


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I can't reproduce this issue on a new install. Have you made any changes to the theme or its template files?

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I did not do the install, but it looks to be pretty much out of the box from what I can tell. Bartik is the default and Seven is set as admin. If you click the Rules tab you can see the duplication. It has happened to every post we tried to add so far, several of which have since been removed.

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Looking out of the box and actually being out of the box are two different animals.

I don't believe the data is actually being duplicated. You can check the database. I believe it's being printed to the screen twice.

Switch to stark and test.

If it also duplicates in a second theme, then you will need to state which modules are enabled on the site. Specifically which contrib modules. It would also be helpful to understand how the page is built (views?) to determine what else to inspect.