Drupal 8.4.4 install, everything seems to be working fine, however I look at the Status Report, and I'm told I have 1 error. I look down the page a bit, and I see:


Not protected

The update.php script is accessible to everyone without authentication check, which is a security risk. You must change the $settings['update_free_access'] value in your settings.php back to FALSE.

OK, Fine. So I open up my editor, I open up SETTINGS.PHP, and I look through it and I find line 321 says, and I quote:

$settings['update_free_access'] = FALSE;

So, I change permissions to 777, I SAVE the SETTINGS.PHP file once again, I set permissions back to 444 I refresh my screen to make sure it has all gone through, I go back into Drupal, I clear my caches, I refresh my browser and... I still get the same error message. 

Am I missing something? Am I just stupid? Help.


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change default folder to 777

change settings.php to 777

edit settings.php (changes will now stick when saved)

save settings.php

reset perms on settings.php

reset perms on default folder.

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