I have a content type with title, city, state, summary. 

I added a node. As I add node, there is metatag link on the  bottom left > Description field. In the Description field, I enter the city name as the city field. For example, when I add a node, I entered "washington dc" in the city field. In the meta tag description, I add description including "washington dc". Instead of hard coding the city name in the description field, can I use any token of city field like [city]? So description field will automatically read the value from the city field.



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Is the token browser available for the fields in question? if yes, have you browsed the available tokens? IIRC the tokens available are the only ones that can be utilized in any given situation.

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If you use 'Metatag' module then you can do it.

1) Go to the Configuration of the 'Metatag' module
Home » Administration » Configuration » Search and metadata » Metatag
2) Open 'Node' settings and replace the value of the 'Description' with token [node:MACHINE NAME of the city field]

For example if machine name of the city field is 'field_city' replacement will be
Description: [node:field_city]
Or if machine name of this field is 'city' then replacement will be
Description: [node:city]

That's all.

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It worked out perfect. Thanks.