Hello all,

  I am updating my Mom's site to Drupal 8 and I had almost everything setup the way I wanted it and then I just had to run that upgrade. I used drush and had it run an upgrade from 8.2 -> 8.3 and just my luck I got a WSOD that won't throw any errors but has the HTML headers and javascript footers, but that is all. Nothing in the middle. I checked my apache logs and can't get anything in the error or anything other than 200 codes in the access logs. I would really like to avoid manually pulling all of my changes from this install and recreating it on another, but I am at a total loss.

  Any help would be appreciated.

Merry Christmas and thanks for any help.

Update: After some playing around, I decided to see if I could affect anything via drush. I decided to reset the theme back to default with the below command and I was rewarded with a working site. I don't know why the theme decided to stop working, but now I don't have to rebuild the site.

drush config-set system.theme default bartik

Above was found at https://drupal.stackexchange.com/a/208094