On a new site I just enabled the core actions module and when visiting its configuration page the site breaks (white screen) "The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later." message.

It's not a fresh install, but has very minimal work done on it.  I added paragraph field to the basic page nodes, created an event node type and a view, configured the contact form, edited the main nav and configured it with ultimenu, and added a bootstrap subtheme.  No custom modules.

I have dblog enabled but it doesn't log any events associated page visits so it doesn't seem helpful here.  The error message itself is useless (is this standard error triggered during certain situations? I don't even know).  What do I do?  How do I troubleshoot this?  It's a core module and I can't even access its configuration page :(


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I can't reproduce the issue. I suggest checking apache/php error logs as it seems the site is at issue before Drupal is bootstrapped at the point that you are presented with a white screen error.

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It's definitely not "a reproducible issue", not yet anyway.  But a mystifying one.  So you suspect the error is occurring before Drupal is fully bootstrapped... is that because if it were bootstrapped at this point it would give a more meaningful error?

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if it was bootstrapped the error would be themed in drupal and not a white screen.

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Gotcha.  Thanks!

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After installing-uninstalling-reinstalling via Drush several times (clearing cache in between of course), I installed it through the UI at admin/modules page and it worked fine.  I've experienced related issues with this particular host, and while it's still mysterious what the problem was, it works now.

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Hi I have 2 tmp files that are duplicating themselves. And I have know idea where they came from and I can only delete the dupes. My anti virus keeps giving me warnings and says it's taking them to the chest and can t hurt my system. But I can still get to the through the file path. When I try and delete it says I need admin powers to be able to complete the task. I go into my admin tools and try and take away it's control won't let me I try and give me full control won't let me. Each file 1.131kb and so far I have deleted 70 000 duplicates ranging around 120 gb. It's almost a full time job trying to stay ahead of it.someone please help with anything I can do to get rid of this 

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your question has nothing to do with the discussion in this thread. Please generate your own forum topic rather than hijack this one. Thank you.

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Can anybody tell me how to repair the website? I get this message:

Error: Call to undefined function drupal_random_key() in drupal_session_initialize() (line 266 of /var/www/helgenaespraestegaard.dk/public_html/includes/session.inc).

I probably need this update: https://www.drupal.org/project/drupal 7.56. But I can't get access.

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As @VM mentioned to the previous poster, you're doing what they call "thread hijacking" because your comment is completely unrelated to this particular post.  FIrst you should search, use a search engine, look around the web, look for other people who have encountered this same error.  If you can't find a solution that way, then create a new post in this forum.

If you do create a new post you'll need to **provide much more information** in order to help people help you.

Here's a post on issue queue etiquette that can pertain to forums also https://www.drupal.org/node/1839650.