I manage a website called headsight.com.  I did not build the site and am learning Drupal as I go (I typically have worked in Joomla in the past).  They have a page on their site called a dealer locator.  You can see it here:  http://headsight.com/find-a-dealer

They are requesting that I add Australia and Brazil as location options to be searched.  I figured out how to add those 2 countries to the drop down but when you try to validate a postal code it doesn't work.  For example, when you put in an australia postal code the results are from illinois and kentucky.

What am I missing?  

I'm not sure if this was a custom piece that was made for the company or if they used a pre-built module.  I also do not know how they have loaded in where each dealer is.


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"I also do not know how they have loaded in where each dealer is." This will be needed information. As you may not be getting the proper results from the view because there are no proper results to display if the view is pulling data that was inserted into the DB via say a content type..

also of note: This looks to be or at least tied to a custom module as performing a search without a zip/postal code produces the following error in "sites/all/modules/headsight_dealer_locator/headsight_dealer_locator.module"

I'd perform a search on the database for a known zip/postal code to see if you can glean any clues into whether the locations are hard coded into a file being utilized by the custom module or stored in the database in some way (via content or other).