When I used D7 and CKE, I was able to choose what the image should be linked to and where it should be opened when selecting image (image properties).
I can not see CKE in D8 have this option.
Do I need anything in the setup or there is a module for this ?



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First, thanks for the article on drupalaid. 

However, I have to agree with the premise of the initial question in this thread.  Image handling in d8 is badly broken or perhaps it would be better to say it is fractured and only partially functional.  The Media initiative may fix part of this but we are looking at 2018 or later for that to be fully functional and with no guarantees for how well it will work with ckeditor and what the transition will be for existing content.

Start by taking a look at: "https://www.drupal.org/project/drupal/issues/2061377", a thread that deals with image handling in D8, ckeditor.  It goes all the way back to 2013, when the developers realized the product was not fully functional.  And it still has not been fully addressed through 287 developer posts and various back and forths. 

In the current 8.4.2 Drupal version, as it has been all along, you can't have both "upload an image" and "use an image I already have on my site by browsing my files" active.  Oh;  you can with IMCE but then you are using two separate facilities that take different approaches to storing images in your content.  Personally, I use IMCE for just about all image handling because the "native" facilities are broken.  But clearly the developers are going in the direction of storing image files (and other media-type content) under Drupal file management and the internal codes (what you see when you do view source) for images will be much different for that approach than for images managed through IMCE. 

What would be nice would be the ability to store and manage images right within the ckeditor screen, including laying them out (3 across?  left justified with text flowing around them including ability to set hspace and vspace, resize them and reflow the text, etc.)  To do that you'd want styles and the Drupalaid article partly addresses that. But that article really needs to link to:


and after you study that you realize that having a working set of styles requires putting the styles in your theme, which in turn pretty much requires a custom sub-theme and a bunch of monkeying around with css.  And even if you get that working, getting the styles to show up wysiwyg style in the ckeditor wysiwyg window seems to have issues (but that's another issue and thread).

One thing that strikes me from following the issues thread I listed:  no one really is in charge.  There are a bunch of great, dedicated and brilliant developers who have thrashed away at this but no one to say:  "hey everyone, having a simple responsive way to enter content that contains and lays out images is important for our core product.  And that way should work across all themes."  Then move on to media, media browsers, media entities, layouts, layout discovery, panels, paragraphs, display suites and the like, but make the basic out of the box product work first. 

But then again I guess Drupal is not for simple sites any more and I am whistling into the wind.