I'm trying to build a simple dashboard using Views. I have Context (to insert the view blocks in the page) and Pathauto modules.

I have created a few views — calendar, flagged nodes to follow comments, etc. — with a contextual filter on the user UID (so that only the users' content is seen in the block views).

I have created a node called Dashboard (link in nav) but I cannot get the user ID in the URL of the node.

I have tried .../user/[current-user:uid]/dashboard but all I get is : user/[current-user%3Auid]/dashboard

There is something that I am missing...

Help would be much appreciated.



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I think the Menu token module should work for this: https://www.drupal.org/project/menu_token

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Last night, I finally got something working using Panels.

In my view, I used the contextual filter "User ID from logged in user" (default value) and (but I'm not sure) used "Validator : User" + Allow both numeric UIDs and string usernames.

So I dont need to pass the user ID in the URL. But, instead of a Contextual filter, should I use a "Relationship" ?

My other question : if this works with Panels, would it work with a standard page ? (I'm using Panels for only one page).