I am working in an IP test lab.  I am doing some testing with some equipment and I need a Webserver to simulate Internet traffic on my network in the lab. 

      I installed WAMP on a Windows 7 laptop.  Then I copied all of the current Drupal files into the /www directory. 

      Every time I would try to run the Drupal installation, it would crash.  I tried it with both Drupal 7 and Drupal 8.   In both cases, the installation always crashes before I complete it.   

      So I removed Drupal and downloaded a Drupal competitor.  I don't want to name it here, but it has a 'J' in the name. 

      It installed immediately and perfectly with no hitches. 

      Not being as familiar with this other CMS, I am not going to be able to do as much with it as I would have with Drupal. 

      Anyone have any ideas as to what the issue might be? 



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you will need to define "crash". At what point in the install routine? With what error, if any, or a WSOD? If WSOD, have you checked the apache and php error logs for clues? Without actionable information it's impossible to aid in your issue. That Joomla installed and Drupal didn't isn't of any help what-so-ever.