In Drupal 6, there was an option to enable file attachments. In Drupal 7 they changed things up and I'm totally lost.

I want users to be able to upload files in my forums.

I created a forum called General. I want people who come to be able to upload pictures or documents. I was successful with Drupal 6 but cannot figure it out in 7. Can anyone help?


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Drupal 7 has replaced the old Upload module (which provided the "Attachments" feature on nodes) with a FileField (as FileField is now in core). So, while there's no longer the option to enable attachments for the content type within the main page of the content type edit form, you can now add a new File field to the content type. Once you've saved the new field for your content type, the upload form will appear on the edit page for nodes of that type.

As this field is for untrusted users, you should set the allowed file types with extra caution.

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Hi Keyz,
Reading you note, I understand that "File field" is related to the node, not to the comment.
Am i wrong here?


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Since in Drupal 7 both nodes and comments are "entities", you can attach fields to both in the same way. When Comment module is enabled and you click to edit one of your content types, you'll see both a Manage Fields tab (for fields on the node) and a Comment Fields tab (for fields on the comments for this particular content type).

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This is absolutely right way to attach files with comments.thanks