Announcing! A URL mapper for (lovingly called "drupal goto"). shortens and smartens URLs that map to pages. See the examples below:

Project links

Issue queues

Node numbers


Users will automatically be searched and forwarded to the proper page.

IRC handles

IRC handles will also be searched and then forwarded to the proper page.


Any comments/suggestions are welcome!


z.stolar’s picture

Or at least for Drupal projects:

However, you took it further, and it will work on non-drupal applications as well - great idea!

marcvangend’s picture

Nice, thanks!

I'm happy to see that it even works when linking to specific comments. Currently this works:

However, you could consider adding a shorter way to link to comments, for instance:

Josh The Geek’s picture

It's a smartener: why not just put the comment number on the page, not the cid?

aaronbauman’s picture

support for linking to a comment doesn't seem to work anymore.
dunno if this applies to all URL fragments, or just comments.

nvahalik’s picture

I can't believe it took me two years to finally see these comments. I'm not certain why it stopped working, but the new version I'm working on will fix this properly.

Bobík’s picture

Could we use it for other Drupal community sites like (czech community)?

nvahalik’s picture

I'm not certain what it could do exactly. What were you envisioning?

davidarthur’s picture

Brilliant work, love it!

Jaypan’s picture

Note that usernames are case sensitive: doesn't work, does.