Links to all 102 videos were made available on March 13, 2009:

A list of the 9 sessions that were not recorded can be found at:
If you have of a recording of any of these and/or any BoF sessions, please post them online and let everyone at d.o know. :o)

Some Stats

  • 76 sessions (68%) were online within 24 hours
  • 83 sessions (75%) were online within 48 hours
  • 102 sessions (92%) were online within 5 days of the conference, including:
    • 97 presentation sessions
    • 4 keynote sessions
    • 1 closing session

Thank You, All!

A big, "Thank you!", to Bonnie Bogle, to Development Seed, and to the Drupal Association for allowing me the opportunity to coordinate the video recording project for Drupalcon DC 2009. It was a blast! :o)

"Thank you" to everyone on the video crew for doing such a great job! It was fascinating to work within such a demanding time frame with each of you. You really made the entire project come together seamlessly -- all without ever having met before DrupalCon! Really nice job! :o)

  • Marc Tan - Acquia Room
  • Alan Doucette - Trellon Room
  • Chris Rowe - CommonPlaces Room
  • March Espedido - Trellon Room and CommonPlaces Room
  • Robert Nelson Vance - OpenCalais Room
  • David Lanier - Torvalds Room and Dries' Keynote Session
  • Prameya Bhandari - Lerdorf Room & Berners-Lee Room
  • Sid Wilroy - for letting us borrow your external hard drive even though you couldn't attend DrupalCon

A special, "Thank you", to Diana, Joe, and Dre (all of the event management team at the convention center) for working so closely with the video crew to make sure the A/V went as smoothly as it did. :o)

Finally, and certainly not least, "Thank you" to all the participants of the Drupalcon Boston 2008 Video Encoding Project, as well as the Drupalcon Szeged and Drupal Camp Seattle video projects, for openly documenting your experiences at,, and Everything we accomplished in the Drupalcon DC 2009 Video Recording Project was built directly upon the knowledge you openly shared at g.d.o. I hope the participants of future DrupalCon video projects find the documentation that we're providing at to be just as valuable. Addi isn't kidding: Documentation is Hot! :o)

Who's Next?

We came pretty close, but the ultimate goals of the DrupalCon Video Project are still yet-to-be-realized:

  1. every session online
  2. lightning-fast turnaround
  3. pristine video and sound

"Bon courage!" to the next video crew who reaches for them! :o)


Brian Tastic’s picture

Thank you all very much for the media content you have provided for our information and delectation, I find these things very helpful in keeping up to date.

That said, I think you guys could really help by investing in a tie/clip mic. They are not that expensive and they would dramatically increase the sound quality. On the two video presentations I have watched, it is very difficult to hear the speaker over the ambient noise.

Thanks again for your efforts.

JohnForsythe’s picture

Some speakers had these. Dries at the keynote, for example.

malexandria’s picture

Pardon me for the shameless plug, but I had a chance to interview Dries and some other Drupal folks, here's a link to the interview with


jlmeredith’s picture

I cannot tell you how incredible this was to see in action. After being directly involved in the Drupalcon Boston video experience, I can tell you these folks did an incredible thing for the community! Please be sure to reach out to each of these people and support them with not just thanks but also with some project love if you can give it too them!

If it is possible, it would be great to link out to each of the user profiles for these folks on D.O.?

Thanks again!

Jamie Meredith
Senior Director of Operations / Plan Left, LLC / Nashville, TN
LinkedIn -

yoroy’s picture

Following the tweets, it was just amazing to see the speed at which all the recordings came online. Huge. Really well done. Thank you.

JohnForsythe’s picture

Great job on the short turn around, there were a few sessions I really enjoyed watching.

PS: Next Drupalcon, someone should really set up a live stream using a free broadcast service like Stickam. It would be great publicity for Drupal to have a live keynote event. Reaching 1400 people in person is great, but imagine the audience if we could embed a live feed on the front page of

John Forsythe
Need reliable Drupal hosting?

Manuel Garcia’s picture

From all of us who were not able to attend, this has been INCREDIBLY useful.

And yes, some of them the audio is not the best, and in some of them the video quality is not the best, but even then you still get great information form all the videos. So a big sincere thank you to everyone who made this happen, it must have been quite a challenge, but the value for the community is huge!

A couple of notes/suggestions for the future (with the best of intentions):

  • The encoding work needs to get streamlined so we can get a better quality, not sure how we'd go about doing this, perhaps dumping all in one hard-drive before uploading, and encoding them properly through the command-line? We could easily write a shell script for this, setup a shared space on some server, and have it auto-encode on upload thourgh the network. We have plenty of intelligent people here!
  • Have you considered using for this? seems to me the quality is better, and they also provide direct download links. It'd also be easier to follow since they provide RSS feeds for tags, and automatically provide a video channel. For the channel though, all videos need to be uploaded by the same account, but not for tags. This is worth considering in my humble opinion.

Hopefully see you in Paris!

guix’s picture

I got all the files linked on the Lullabot post. I wanted to make a torrent of all these videos but the folder is around 24 Go. What to do now ?

Gerald Mengisen’s picture

I would love to watch the videos on my iPod on my way to work.

forestmars’s picture

Audio only versions of most of the DC sessions are online at:

They're all in .ogg ^H^H^H .oga format, converting to other formats is left as a take home exercise.

forest mars