The Drupal Association today announced that Drupal has won two prestigious Packt Publishing 2008 Open Source CMS Awards this week - the Overall 2008 Open Source CMS Award and the Best PHP Open Source CMS. This marks the second consecutive year that Drupal has won Packt Publishing’s Overall Open Source CMS award. In addition, on Monday, Packt Publishing recognized leading Drupal contributor Earl Miles as a 2008 Open Source CMS Most Valued Person (MVP).

To win the Best Open Source CMS Award two years in a row is quite an achievement for Drupal,

said Damian Carvill, Packt Spokesman.

In what were extremely close categories, with high quality finalists, Drupal’s strength and power shone through for the judges. Particular praise was reserved for the development team’s dedication to improving Drupal alongside building a loyal and passionate community, that has enabled its growth, adoption and advocacy. Congratulations from Packt both to the development team and to the community!

The Packt Publishing awards highlight the growing impact the open source Drupal social publishing system is having on the content management system (CMS) market, specifically with a growing number of case studies in vertical industries such as media and entertainment companies, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations. Drupal usage has grown exponentially in recent years with more than 2 million downloads and an estimated 250,000 Drupal websites worldwide. The Drupal community includes more than 350,000 registered members on

These awards are a testament to the valuable contributions from dedicated Drupal community members around the globe,

said Drupal project lead and Acquia CTO Dries Buytaert.

Working together, the Drupal community is building the future of the dynamic web so that anyone can quickly build great social publishing websites.

The full press release is now available.

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Well done!!!

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All Drupallers are winners!
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we need an awards page!

less == more

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Great Idea.

Take that suggestion to the redesign group.

Congrats Drupal!

-- matt tucker

-- matt tucker

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Congrats to all members of the community.

My attempt with Drupal -

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I've voted it! I know it!

Yes! and it's finally Drupal won!

This is for all the drupallers!

Thanks the community!

Best regards,

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Well done!!!


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I knew it. Drupal wins again.


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Congrats Drupal!
And an even bigger congrats to Earl, that's outstanding but than again so is all your work.

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Now, we can break out the champagne.

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Great job everyone.

Just like you voted on the Packt site, please take the time and Digg the story as well:

The first step is winning the award. The next step is letting the world know about it.

- Robert Douglass

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Dugg and Reddit'd.

I also added the Digg widget to the front page of DrupalModules.

John Forsythe
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Congrats to the community!

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Don't think we'll hit the Digg homepage since they changed their algo. But dugg anyway.

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Wow, keep them coming. Drupal's the best.

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Congrats Drupal!

It's really time for some champagne ;)

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I'm happy to use drupal exclusively and not falling for joomla. I knew from the start of the finalist announcement that drupal would win both best php cms and best overall cms, why? Because drupal is the best of the finalist, period.

Last year Drupal won the best overall cms award but didn't win the best php cms (was second behind joomla) why? Because of a stupid rule Packt had set up which said one cms couldn't win several categories. This year they remove this stupid rule and so Drupal won both as it should have already last year!

Congratulations to all Drupal's developpers !

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I want to congratulate Drupal and the Drupal community for the well earned awards. It is great that we have such good open source projects and communities. This year it's Drupal's year. I'm already looking forward for next year and a new exiting battle ;-) .. again Congratulations!

"Joomla user"

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I appreciate your spirit buddy :). And yeah it is really good to have such competition. It will only help both DRUPAL and JOOMLA to be more improved and enhanced.

Emm Abdullah,
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Thank you for every contribute and every group team in drupal community

you are the one who make drupal win the award

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Mabroook Drupal.

As years pass, it improves, it develops, is and will ever be the best

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I am a new drupaller. In time of choosing the CMS I was confused which one I should chose for me. But intentionally I took drupal. But after learning it I came to know about its power and flexibility. And fortunately I have fallen in love with it. After hearing this news I have realized that that was not a wrong decision. Congratulation, to all the developers who have developed this framework and who are working directly and indirectly to enrich this, at this achievement.

Marc Bijl’s picture giant leap for Content Management! ;)

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Congrats to all the DRUPAL fans and hats off to all of the great devs and contributers who continuously work hard to make it better and better.

It's been around a year since I started with Content Management Systems. And I am proud of myself that I selected DRUPAL as the CMS for making dynamic sites. Made several sites with the help of my guys at InfoByte Solutions

Last two projects are:

Big Congratualtions to all the Drupal guys once again.

Long Live Drupal

Emm Abdullah,
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Congratulations to all, well deserved.

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Congratulation and Cheers, Drupal deserve such recognition.

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Congratulations everyone! This supports further our decision to use drupal this year over other CMS! It's a good feeling too that we're in one great community. Way to go!


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Congratulations to Drupal community.

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Awesome!! Congrats to the Drupal Universe of People!!!

I voted for this too ;)


Nicolás Amado

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Hongera=Congrats in Swahili (African Language) I'm proud that my vote counted too and I'm part of a great world


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yes vote 100% that drupal is the best CMS, because of its flexibility !

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That is definitely great news for Drupal! It's a great compliment to the Drupal community.

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Congratulations! I voted for drupal!!


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Nice work Drupal, two years in a row, lets now double that
been a drupal fan since i first layed my eyes on her and always will

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Thanks to every single, member of our great community: ROCK DRUPAL

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Congrats to all !!!!!!!!

-- Sree --

-- Sree --
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So Glad to see this :)
Really so glad

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It's nice to be on the right sledge!

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way to go
i knew it

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I always knew it was true !! now I can beat up those joomla bullies at my local coffee shop

Adam Kruse
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I knew it since August 2006. Thanks Drupal for be there and thanks very much for all the community.
We need an awards page as said alexanderpas.
Best regards

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I love it when Drupal wins something or appears in the news.

*Shivers at the thought of a CMS that dies and becomes not supported*

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Congrats to all members of the community.

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congrats to the Drupal community.

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Congratulation drupal!!

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Congrats! it`s very cool!

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keeping pushin !

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Congratulations to all, well deserved.

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I agree, well deserved. I'm seeing forward to next year battle!


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