After one year of development we are ready to release Drupal 6.0 to the world. Thanks to the tireless work of the Drupal community, over 1,600 issues have been resolved during the Drupal 6.0 release cycle. These changes are evident in Drupal 6's major usability improvements, security and maintainability advancements, friendlier installer, and expanded development framework. Further, from bug fix to feature request, these issues follow-through on the Drupal project's continued commitment to deliver flexibility and power to themers and developers.

Today, Drupal powers sites including the homepages of Warner Brothers Records, The New York Observer, Fast Company, Popular Science, and Amnesty International and project sites by SonyBMG, Forbes, Harvard University, and more. Drupal can be used to create personal weblogs (Tim Berners-Lee), deliver podcasts (, connect online communities (, or inform the masses (The Onion).

What's new

The Drupal 6.0 release contains many improvements, some visible from the first click, and others hidden beneath the hood. For a quick video tour, check out Greg Knaddison's "New features in Drupal 6.0 screencast", or one of the other screencasts linked below. While the complete list of changes is too lengthy to list here, we have included just a few of the reasons we're so excited about Drupal 6.

Introducing the easiest version of Drupal ever.

There are only so many clicks in a day. With Drupal 6, the smooth new installer will get your web project up and running in minutes. More time for you to enjoy the new and intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Quick and easy setup
Installing Drupal is now a snap, since the new installer guides you quickly through the process. You can even import translations of the Drupal interface from within the installer and enjoy Drupal in your own language right from the start. You'll be posting content in minutes! Check out a screencast by Addison Berry.screenshot: installer
Drag-and-drop administration
Use drag-and-drop to create and manage your site's menus. Move blocks around to change the content on your pages, or organize books intuitively by dragging pages within an outline. The drag-and-drop interface is available for menu items, forums, taxonomy terms, uploaded files, input formats, profile fields, and more.screenshot: drag-and-drop
All languages spoken here!
Translate posts to different languages through an easy interface. Have Drupal automatically choose a language for the interface based on a custom URL, a user setting or browser preferences. Take advantage of left-to-right and right-to-left language support directly "out-of-the-box". Check out a screencast by Michael F and another one by Greg Knaddison.screenshot: right-to-left language support
Improved multilingual interface
Automatically import translations when adding a new language, installing modules or enabling themes.
Quick interface translation
Download and install the optional localization client module to translate the Drupal interface "on the fly".

Great new core modules.

The sleek and slender core Drupal distribution includes impressive new features.

Actions and triggers
Need a custom workflow? Want to send customized e-mails when a post is created or control how posts are published? Automate your processes with just a few clicks using the new and powerful "actions" feature. No programming knowledge required! Actions are available for posts, users, comments and more.screenshot: actions
Sign in with OpenID
logo OpenIDOpenID support is built in, making it even easier for your visitors to become a member of your site. OpenID is a free and easy way to use a single digital identity across the internet. With OpenID, login to all your favorite websites and forget about the online paperwork.
Update status module
Always know when new versions or security fixes are available. The update status module stays in touch with to keep you informed of new versions of Drupal, your modules and your themes.screenshot: update status module

Theming: it's never been easier.

Customizing the look and feel of your site is easier, just as powerful, and even more flexible.

CSS-only theming
Define regions, dependencies and features with simple theme .info files without writing a line of PHP code, opening the door to slim CSS-only themes.
Theme developer module
Drupal 6 supports new tools for themers, including the exciting Theme Developer module (a separate download). It's the equivalent of Firebug, but for Drupal theming and will greatly enhance your theming workflow. Check out the screencast by Moshe Weitzman.screenshot: theme developer module
Customize your theme
Want to change how something looks? Almost all themeable content now uses separate template files written in simple HTML, so just copy a template to your theme directory and modify as desired. No coding - no hassle. Watch the screencast by Earl Miles.screenshot: theming tpl files
Enhanced preprocessing
Preprocessing functions free themers from maintaining PHP code (the template.php file) in themes. Themes remain just as flexible as before and with improved, comprehensive documentation, are even easier to use.
A unified approach
Drupal 6 extends its themeing support and automatic translation features to interface elements provided by JavaScript.
Updated jQuery
Since the release of Drupal 5, Drupal has leveraged the powerful JavaScript library jQuery to deliver its interface enhancements and Ajax interactions. Drupal 6 continues this tradition, using jQuery to provide an even richer user experience. The jQuery version 1.2.3 is included with Drupal 6.

Most secure Drupal release ever.

Beginning with the important Update status module, more tools are available to protect your site and your users.

We've got your back!
Drupal's security team helps you keep your site secure. Working closely with the authors of contributed projects and the core Drupal code committers, coordinated security releases are published as necessary. With the core Update status module and a subscription to the e-mail Security Announcements list, you'll always be among the first to know about new security updates.
Password strength checking
Get instant feedback on the strength of your password.screenshot: password strength feedback
Granular permissions
Role-based permissions are much more refined. Manage your user's privileges with ease and precision.
PHP format secured
The "PHP input format" is now an "opt-in" core module, rather than being enabled by default. Safer for you.

Performance and maintenance.

Even with great new features and improvements, we've still optimized performance. Less code is loaded on each page, so you can use more modules with the same memory limits.

Optimized code
Drupal 6 splits most core modules into smaller pieces and only loads what's needed, resulting in less code per page. JavaScript aggregation and block-level caching further improves performance for both authenticated and anonymous users.
Scalability options
For large sites, Drupal 6 performs properly when running behind a reverse proxy like Squid or Pound.
A new menu system
Drupal's menu system has been rewritten from scratch, making it much more efficient and powerful.
Better file handling
Files are keyed to users instead of posts, and new, reusable validation functions are available that check file sizes, extensions and resolution.
Extended logging
Choose between database or OS-level logging, with the flexibility to monitor your Drupal site events with your own enterprise monitoring tools. Drupal's monitoring tools follow the guidelines in RFC 3164.
Schema API
Drupal 6's Schema API provides rich support for creating and maintaining data tables, improving compatibility of both core and contributed modules with databases other than MySQL.
Batch API
Run time-consuming operations with the Batch API. An automatic progress bar monitors the tasks running in the background through multiple HTTP requests.
Scripting from the command line
Easily run Drupal code from the command line with the new script.

It's the little things…

Many small improvements to enhance your Drupal experience.

Better polls
Quickly add and manage poll options.
Forum improvements
Include polls, quiz forms or any other type of content in forums. Use the more granular permissions to hand out forum moderator rights.
Easier path alias management
Quickly find path aliases with powerful filter tools.
E-mail notifications
Send administrators e-mail when users are approved, blocked, or deleted.
Better anonymous commenting
Drupal 6 remembers the contact details of anonymous posters, automatically filling them in for their next comment.
New teaser handling
Cut a long story short with new interactive teaser tools. You decide whether to have a teaser or a separate summary for each post.
Sticky table headers
Always know what you are looking at. Table headings automatically scroll with you as you move up and down the page.
Custom date formats
Get precise control over how dates are presented with custom date formats.
Pretty signatures
User signatures are now optional and can be themed.

Maintenance releases

The Drupal 6 branch is maintained by Gábor Hojtsy with the help of Dries Buytaert based on feedback from the issue queues. The first maintenance release will be 6.1. Please note that as of now, the Drupal 4.7 branch is no longer maintained, so switching to Drupal 5 or 6 is strongly advised.

Installation and upgrading

For installation instructions, please see the file "INSTALL.txt" in the root directory of your Drupal 6.0 distribution. For a video walk-through, see the videocast about installing Drupal 6.0 by Addison Berry.

For upgrade instructions, please see the file "UPGRADE.txt", in the root directory of your Drupal 6.0 distribution. For a video walk-through, see the videocast about upgrading to Drupal 6.0 by Greg Knaddison.

Coder, a contributed module maintained by Doug Green, provides automated assistance with converting your Drupal 5 modules to work with Drupal 6.

For support options, please see the support page. For questions, or to review the experiences of others, visit the forums for installation problems or upgrade problems.

Upgrading from Drupal 4.7 or earlier

  • Drupal 6 supports direct upgrades from 5.x versions. If you are using an earlier version of Drupal, first upgrade your site to the latest version of Drupal 5, and then upgrade to Drupal 6.

Upgrading from Drupal 5.x

  • Ensure that you have Drupal 6 versions of all of your contributed modules and themes, and that you have reviewed and updated your site's custom code (if any).
  • When upgrading, always save backups of your original files and database.
  • Disable contributed themes and modules before starting the upgrade process. Contributed modules and themes may be upgraded after your core upgrade is complete.
  • Because some modules may have been renamed or removed within the Drupal core, you should not extract Drupal 6.0 on top of your existing installation. Instead, start with a fresh copy of Drupal and then add your custom modules, themes and configuration file.
  • If you are using the Update status contributed module for Drupal 5.x, you are encouraged to both disable and uninstall the module before upgrading to Drupal 6.0. Also, some of the advanced features of the contributed version of Update status were not moved into the Update status module included with Drupal core, and can be found in the Update status advanced settings contributed module for Drupal 6.x.
  • In Drupal 6, translation files are now spread across a set of small files, and distributed in a package (since importing translations from one large file did not work on some hosts). To import all new translation files automatically, uncompress the translation files into the Drupal root and use the Reimport tab (under Import page in the Translate interface administration section) provided by the contributed Localization client module. The Localization client module provides a number of useful features for managing and translating a multilingual site. Drupal 6 versions (when available) of other contributed modules, including i18n and localizer, also provide additional features that complement or complete the Drupal 6 multilingual feature set.

Upgrading from a Drupal 6.0 release candidate

  • Copy the new distribution over your existing installation and run the upgrade script.

Additional notes

  • Sites which deploy their Drupal installations by directly checking out code from CVS will need to install the CVS deploy contributed module for Drupal 6.x for the Update status module in 6.x core to work properly.

Special thanks to Roy Scholten (yoroy) for assembling the new feature list and to Keith Smith and others for editing it to its current state.


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Way to go, congrats to the entire team!

John Forsythe
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great :)=


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Finally, was waiting for the release for quite long now... I guess I can start couple of projects that I have in mind now... :)


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Uzbek Lyrics Database
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My drupal :,

JohnForsythe’s picture

I'm really impressed with how fast Drupal 6 is. I set up a quick demo site if anyone wants to see it in action:

1000 randomly generated nodes, with taxonomy and comments.

John Forsythe

Walt Esquivel’s picture

What type of server are you on? Is it dedicated?

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It's not a dedicated server, it's a shared-hosting account at AN Hosting (the same account I run my other sites on, actually). If you're interested, here's my review of AN Hosting.

John Forsythe

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I'm just waiting for this release!

portait’s picture

How much traffic are you getting on that speed test.
What are the server specs?

JohnForsythe’s picture

The server I'm on is a little over a year old. It's a shared-hosting account from AN Hosting. I don't have the full specs, I just know it's fast :)

At the moment, that demo site is getting several thousand hits per day. That's not including traffic to the other sites I have on my account (, etc).

John Forsythe
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Thanks for the demo site and it quite fast.
i'd like to use it for my sites but some modules not available yet.

godam64 : Organisasi

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this is really awesome!!
javier --> Film Composer

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Waouw, didn't expect it so fast ! Congrats and best wishes for Drupal 6 !

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yeah! just started to download! ;)

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Linulo’s picture

A big thank you to all contributors and especially to Gábor for managing this incarnation of the best CMS so well.

BioALIEN’s picture

I absolutely agree, Gábor has handled this task beautifully and with skill. Not taking anything away from previous core branch maintainers but Drupal 6 has endured a lot of code changes.

I await various benchmarks between D5 vs D6 as well as Drupal vs Joomla etc with open arms. Well done to the developers and the whole community. What's the progress on migrating over to D6?

iScene Interactive ::

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Awesome release!

michaelfavia’s picture

Well done everyone and special thanks to Gabor for the great branch stewardship. The decisions weren't always easy but the result is worth the pain. Thank you.

jakeg’s picture

I've been spending the best part of two weeks now upgrading my site to Drupal 6 (yes, it really has taken that long... and yes, it has been rather tricky) and should have it ready to go this week. The fact that I'll be launching on an official release and not a releae candidate is quite a relief.

Congratulations to everyone on this release! Its good to see hook_watchdog in there (originally proposed by me, but developed by coders around the world, a testament to the power of open source) and a few very minor patches I made (like, spelling typos etc) - but the big thanks go to the guys who seem to spend all day every day in #drupal hammering away at all the patches and issues.

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jakeg’s picture

I successfully upgraded the website - - to Drupal 6 within 48 hours of its' release. Its great to be able to start using the super-handy #ahah FAPI property, and benefit from jQuery 1.2.3.

However, I haven't found the upgrade easy. There have been several undocumented (or at least, very hard to find) changes in the API which caused high levels of frustration. For example, the hooks called when you press the submit button on a form seem to have changed, and because a form is now cached, its not rebuilt after validation errors, causing some nifty stuff I had to fail.

Basically, if you just use Drupal's core modules you'll find an upgrade exceptionally easy. But if you have thousands of lines of code in your own module, expect to spend several long days or weeks getting things changed for Drupal 6's API.

Drupal doesn't *do* backwards compatibility in terms of its API, and I think this is a good thing as it allows Drupal's code to be the best, without awkward hacks and compromises. But this can also make work a pain for module developers, especially if they're trying to keep releases available for multiple Drupal versions. The fact that Drupal 7 probably won't be out for at least a year is therefore a good thing: I don't want to have to upgrade to the newest Drupal version every 6 months; and because the last-last version of Drupal (now 4.7) is becomes unsupported as the newest comes out, the upgrade cycle is mandatory if you want any level of security.

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rainer_f’s picture

Since three days I am rewriting some of my node modules - and this is so very not funny!
Please do not ever again change the API when not having striking reasons.

When Drupal becomes a used system in professional environments this should definitely stop. You can not tell a customer like UBS who spends hundreds of thousands of dollars for system integration and customizing that there are frequent changes necessary that will cost again.

And don't forget that coding is just about 20% of the cost of a release in such envs (specs, testing, rollouts etc. is 80%).

But to be honest, I am not deep enough in the core to have an idea which of these changes are absolutely necessary - on the other side - I can't see too much difference from 5.7 to 6 (in an enduser view).

And a least - thanks for bringing drupal to the world.

Michelle’s picture

"Please do not ever again change the API when not having striking reasons."

Do you think the devs change the API just because they think it will be fun to watch people struggle to upgrade? There's always a reason for the change: to improve Drupal. Drupal has had a policy of moving forward without worrying about backwards compatability as long as I've been around and I'm sure much longer than that. Yes, it makes upgrades painful, but it's necessary to make Drupal the best it can be. It should definitely _not_ stop.

You have roughly a year before 5.x becomes unsupported. That should be plenty of time for anyone to upgrade their custom code.


See my Drupal articles and tutorials or come check out life in the Coulee Region.

rainer_f’s picture

"moving forward without worrying about backwards compatability" - will definitely kick you out of every serious business.

But anyway, I just wanted to say, that it would be great to have a full documentation of the API changes (like the fileupload.module - that's unfortunately not working in V6) before the RC cycle is finished.

I sure want to help, too. When I figured out, how node modules are to be written now, I will write an article here. But currently, I am a little bit frustrated (about the API docs - rest of V6 is pretty much better than V5 was).


Crell’s picture

The module upgrade guide is regularly updated throughout the development process:

Larry Garfield

Lenen’s picture

I did not have success, so I changed back to WP ;(

Chris Johnson’s picture

Thanks also to Gábor and others who may have contributed behind the scenes for writing the best, most comprehensive release announcement yet. It really puts our best side forward, is easy to read, and does a great job of covering most of the major improvements. Well done!

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Just want to say THANK YOU!

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I am just happy to see the new version released!


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Can't wait to see all the modules ... and bring on Drupal 7!

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Drupal 6 is the best release ever, and now with major additions like true multilingual support, rtl intigration, drupal has become easier to deploy world-wide.

and, by the way, , this is such an excellent press release!

Mohammed al-shar'

Nattiq Technologies

Mohammed al-shar'

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- Robert Douglass

my Drupal book

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Talked our local library into buying your book and used it when I was getting started with Drupal last year. Thanks a bunch! It got checked out two or three times, then someone decided they liked it so much, they never returned it ;) Now I can't reference it, but it was great to help me get started.

Blessings Bro,
Anthony Pero

Anthony Pero
Project Lead
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Would not work for me with FF2 and Safari 3 for the mac, nor IE6 for XP (the widget doesn't actually show up in IE6). It was only after using IE7 that I could finally digg. :-(


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done, yes!

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Congratulations to all contributors, and a special thanks to Gábor for the tough work of coordination around D6.

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Happy new drupal!!! :D


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Awesome !! Like any good software it will make administrator dumber and dumber !!
Improvements in drupal theming is path breaking and was much needed !!

Great job !! I am gonnna crack on it tonight...


Dipen Chaudhary

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Great news! Congrats and thanks to all who helped with Drupal 6.

Websites: |

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Yeah, a really Great Congratulations and a BIG THANKS to all the Drupal Team, this deserve a super celebration!!!!

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Thank you team for the great effort
you guys the best

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Awesome stuff

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that is some high quality shit.

now all we need is modules to catch up!

great work! high five!

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I just played with Drupal for several days only and I can say that my initial impression is positive compared with my Joomla and Wordpress experience

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Congratulations to all Drupalusers around the word.

Drupal i Norge - (DiN)
Ole Martin

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Congrats guys, cant wait to work with 6!

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thanks for the good work!

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thanks Gábor for your hard work over the last many weeks in order to get this ready for release.

Work: BioRAFT

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Great work everyone

-Craig Jackson
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Congratulations! This is just more evidence of the power of the Drupal Community - Rock on!

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A nice blog post from Amy is available here

Care to share your thoughts on why this release is important for community sites?

Trevor Twining

Trevor Twining
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This will have a big impact on the Internet this year, and I'm delighted it got finished before March. Now we all gotta help get our favorite modules humming along. Also i think it would be helpful to link to that massive page with the D6 module statuses. Bravo to all coders, testers, groupies, hackers, crackers, nitpickers, visionaries, consultants, wonks and generally cool cats!!

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Thanks so much to everyone who contributed. Really, really good work!


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Many thanks to everyone responsible.

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I am going to be trying this out today on an actual project site. I had no idea all of these improvements were going to actually make it into 6. nice.

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long time waiting..

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Great news, I was waiting for release Drupal 6 to make my site public.

Thank all for this release :)


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..and celebrations..:]

..can't wait to try it..
..but i fear I'll have to wait for some modules to team up..

my pictures:


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Congrats to everyone who worked so hard to make Drupal 6 happen so quickly!

I'm looking forward to trying out the new features.

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Happy Drupal!

I just installed Drupal 6.
It say's that security updates are required. Recommened version is Drupal6.0-rc4.
What should I do?
Should I really update to a RC?

sandor.nemes’s picture

Do not update a fresh 6.0 to RC4!
They just forgot to update the release information XML located at:
Be patient, I'm sure they will correct it soon.

Walt Esquivel’s picture

First, I'd like to toast everyone that helped get us to this point! BIG KUDOS to all ya rockstahs!!!

Second, I'd like to make everyone aware of the Contributed Module Status group that I created over on g.d.o with the help of Michelle and the additional help from dozens of contributors. From the main group page, you can easily find the Contributed modules status - version 6.x wiki page that lists the status on over 100 contributed modules! This group is where we hope you will always be able to visit for a quick snapshot view of the hundreds of contributed modules.

Third, since Contributed modules status - version 6.x is a wiki page, I encourage anyone and everyone, whether a long-time core contributer or the newest newbie, to add any missing contributed modules to the wiki and to keep it regularly updated. There are hundreds of missing contributed modules and it would be great to have them all listed. If a few hundred folks could add 2-5 modules each to the list, we'd have it updated in no time! :)

Keep up the great work!

Walt Esquivel, MBA; MA; President, Wellness Corps; Captain, USMC (Veteran)
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Congrats and thanks to all involved!, the Spanish Joomla! metacommunity, servicios inmobiliarios

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Congratulations to the Drupal community on another great release!

Farrell Kramer
farrell kramer communications

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I posted an article on my blog that explains how D6 will be useful in a community site re-vamp we're working on.

Trevor Twining

Trevor Twining
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Great work! Congrats and best wishes for Drupal 6 !

Gerhard Fischer

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A great day for all Drupalers. I'm starting to work on upgrades for my sites and some of my modules to work in D6.

Alexis Bellido
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I just installed Drupal 6 and it shows the release candidates as available security updates.

Walt Esquivel’s picture

Walt Esquivel, MBA; MA; President, Wellness Corps; Captain, USMC (Veteran)
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Congratulations everyone, thanks for you hard work.

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And a link to the RFC:

keith.smith’s picture

I've updated the section on logging in the post to reflect this link to the "RFC 3164 - The BSD Syslog Protocol".


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Congrats on the release guys!

Can't wait to see running on Drupal 6.


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Laura from PingVision is excited about the new theming features, check out her post.

Trevor Twining

Trevor Twining
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yeye congrates to everyone.good work.

trevortwining’s picture

You can see that Drupal founder Dries Buytart is very excited about this release.

Trevor Twining
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Can't wait to try my hands on drup 6.Congratulations to the drupal core team!!!

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I must confess I wasn't very enthusiastic about Drupal 6 at all. Granted, there were some cool features like localization and the new menu system. Now I've read this news item (Which looks very, very good, by the way!) the only thing I can say is that you guys have managed to surprise me another time, just like you did with the Drupal 5 release.

Thank you very much and good luck with the Drupal 7 release!

trevortwining’s picture

James Colin from Blog Money Wiki is looking forward to the multi-language functionality now in Drupal 6

Trevor Twining
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trevortwining’s picture

Joshua Brauer is excited about the AJAX and AHAH usability improvements in his post.

Trevor Twining
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trevortwining’s picture

Robert Douglass is rallying the troops with his call to blog about the Drupal 6 release.

Trevor Twining
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Congrats and best wishes for Drupal 6 ! Thank you very much for your hard work!!


taltos’s picture

Thank you guys!
(Neked különösen Gábor! :) )

xmacinfo’s picture

Congratulations to all for this powerful release.

Question: when will run on Drupal 6?

keith.smith’s picture

Gábor covered this point in the RC4 announcement: has not been upgraded to the latest Drupal 6 development version since some contributed module dependencies are not yet ready. The biggest obstacles to getting updated are the 6.x updates for project module, and image module. Project module has also been making changes that will make it dependent on Views for some functionality.


marcrobinsone’s picture

Thanks to all the Drupal peeps who worked hard on D6's release. Mabuhay (long live)!

As for me, I'm so gonna ditch my date on Valentines Day tinkering on this latest Drupal release.

Happy Heart's Day. Thanks again for this awesome gift. :)

nachenko’s picture

I can't believe this is free and Open Source.

Some ofthe new features look nice. Some others simply kick ass!!!

a_c_m’s picture

I cant wait to start playing with Drupal 6 ! Well done everyone. Next step is getting the contribs to be compatible.


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Time to update my RC4

spjsche’s picture

Thanks for your valuable time and effort.

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Great release!

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this release is, once again, a significant upgrade

fuzi’s picture

I hosted all my sites on, and it doesn't support 6.0
I am crying


pamphile’s picture

abx’s picture

How do you know that? Did you ask them? I'm planing to upgrade my drupal and it's on 1and1 server also :(

fuzi’s picture

their database is MySQL database 4.0.27
6.0 wants 4.1.1

Requirements problem
The following error must be resolved before you can continue the installation process:
Your MySQL Server is too old. Drupal requires at least MySQL 4.1.1. (Currently using MySQL database 4.0.27)

Crell’s picture

If your web host is still only offering MySQL 4.0, they're offering unsupported software and you should get a new host anyway, Drupal or not. You can also check and see if they offer an upgrade. Some hosts ship MySQL 4.0 by default, but offer an easy way to upgrade your account to 5.0. Definitely take the upgrade. If they don't offer it, then they're a dying host who won't survive in the market anyway so you may as well get a new host sooner rather than later.

The same applies to any host that doesn't offer PHP 5.2.

Larry Garfield

Anonymous’s picture

In 1&1 Control Panel:
click Administration Tab
then click MySQL Administration icon
then click New Database button

Version of the new database:
click MySQL 5.0

abx’s picture

I can confirm that. I've used MySQL 5 with 1and1 since many months ago. (They allow you to choose which version you want when you create new database. 4 or 5.)

Anonymous’s picture

Am brand new to Drupal and am starting with 6 - used MySQL 5, and had complete success installing it.

Can't say the same about the menu, but installing was at least good! ;)

Sonia Graphics
using - Drupal 6

affinitymc’s picture

1and1 will not support Drupal 6.0 on Managed Servers because they refuse to upgrade existing databases to MySQL 4.1 or higher. This severely limits them as a hosting service, because most applications require MySQL 4.1 at a minimum, and if one is paying premium hosting charges then one should expect premium features. If they continue with this silly policy I will be forced to switch.

AprilFloyd’s picture

I have no problems with one and one

Helpermedia’s picture

Great news!

Thank you Drupal community.

JasonJ’s picture

Congratulations on this milestone and thank you to all who have chipped in to make this possible. I hope to start contributing to the Drupal 7.0 effort


ff1’s picture

What an amazing product! Well done and thank you to all who worked so hard on this.

I just installed drupal 6 on a shared host in about 10 minutes! It was so smooth :)

Fantasy Formula 1

NikLP’s picture

I would have been here earlier but I was writing bits for the press release with Keith :)

I will have to get the headline I wanted to use for it in somewhere - it's a corker :)

Edit: :)

Kineta Systems - Web Development in Nottingham

jcnventura’s picture

Congratulations, to all Drupal core team members.

I'll start working on the official release of the print module tonight.

João Ventura

João Ventura

Oceria’s picture

All I can say is "great work, guys". You real put your heart into this one and I can't wait to migrate my site to this new version! :)

Oceria doesn't know where this -repeatbutton -repeatbutton is....

ximo’s picture

.. to all involved in this release! It's a killer one :P

Joakim Stai – Kollegorna

3lite’s picture

I <3 Drupal! Thank you guys! I'm looking forward to Views II [I can't wait!].

| Washington Pages | KipTip - Coming soon... |

Dieter_be’s picture

Congrats everyone ! D6 is great !

keycoke’s picture

Congratulation for my CMS, Drupal.
It's awsome. I've been waiting for this version.
Thanks a million, devel ;)

aydos’s picture

I was waiting D6 for my homepage and two, three or more community sites. Im fun of multisite feature :)
Thank you very much!!!

dvessel’s picture

Uh, crap.. I didn't expect the release today and I'm behind on a few things.. heh.

But this is a great release especially for theme devs and users. Merlinofchaos rocked the theming system. Horraayy!!

joon park

syh’s picture

Great release of the greet cms ever! congrats 2 everyone.

Laurentvw’s picture

Holy crap that was faster than I had expected! Pleasantly surprised :) Congrats to all the drupal team, this one is a great release.

Yunar | Buddy 4 life: Prameya

lheidbrink’s picture

raster’s picture

Just another 'congrats' to the Drupal team for getting this one out the door... :)

jmarkantes’s picture

Congrats to everyone who helped. Looks like a very cool release. Great news writeup!

Google Trends could be interesting to watch over the next few weeks.

Guess I should get around to upgrading those 4.7 sites.... Damn.


gloscon’s picture

Truely awesome release!

We are upgrading bunch of sites we mange to D6 and has mandated all new projects to go D6 way!

Roshan Shah
Vancouver, BC - 40+ developers in Drupal and growing

Gman’s picture

Already have it running my blog. Great job to everyone.

Drupal Blog
Dog Parks via Drupal

universeinside’s picture

Cogratulations to ALL involved!!

This is a major achievement, finally internationalization built-in, and all those nice improvements.

I'm installing D6 right now! :D


BR from Barcelona,

Nicolás Amado
Universe Inside Entertainment S.L.

.Universe Inside Consulting
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.Universe Inside Studios
Digital Entertainment Production Studios

mrgoltra’s picture

and a salute. Great Work.

franskuipers’s picture

A big thank you to all for launching the best CMS ever.

Still learning 5.x, but will start exploring 6.x now.

Frans Kuipers

steinmb’s picture

I like to give a big hand to all the core developers that have been working SO HARD to make this release the best Drupal release ever!! And we must not forget all testers and debuggers (like me) that have contributed with poisoned fingers and a fresh view on old issues. Today I'l coloring my hair blue!

Stein Magne

khanz’s picture

Thanks,I was just wating for D6 to start my site.....

Volvo, Video, Velcro. (I came, I saw, I stuck around.)

s.Daniel’s picture

Couldn't resist to shout out my exitement as well!

senthiln’s picture

Congrads. I cant wait for the 6.0 modules. I will start using drupal 6.0 for my personal site before moving this free press release distribution website to drupal 6.0 I guess it will take another 5 to 8 months for the modules to catch up. Right??

robertDouglass’s picture

... who bring us such Ajaxy yumminess. I think that will make a real difference in people's perception of usability, and it looks great.

I'm looking forward to the next generation of Drupal sites and how they will look, now that In Drupal 6, the theme system has been almost entirely rewritten to be more template-centric.

- Robert Douglass

my Drupal book

Drupal Romania’s picture

Congratulations to the Drupal community

Drupal Romania

mgalvin’s picture

Great work everyone! And congrats on the new release. I am already using it and it rocks... as expected ;)

artist.lupein’s picture

This is certainly great news and surprise for me. I expected longer testing cycle for Drupal 6 RC4.
Drupal themes -

eric_drupal’s picture

nice work guys ! great work.
i hope to contribute a bit also in the future’s picture

I'm really excited and suprised. RC4 was released just few days ago.
Congrats to all drupalers.
Drupal Theme Garden

klamping’s picture

Congrats and thanks for all the hard work. Much appreciated, can't wait to try the new theming additions!

keith.smith’s picture

Samuel Lavoie’s picture

This version look so great and much improved, can't wait to put my hand on that Drupal baby. I was especially waiting for improvements in the multi language field.


keith.smith’s picture

From Stéphane "scor" Corlosquet's blog post:

This release is a big reward for the hundreds of developers who put much time and patience into building such a great product. Congrats to Gábor for leading all of us!


keith.smith’s picture

Wim Leers, author of the critically-acclaimed article "Improving Drupal's page loading performance" has posted a blog entry about some of the new features in Drupal 6.


amedjones’s picture

congrats drupal never have i seen such a robust, customized CMS than drupal. I've been using Drupal for about 1 year now and i couldn't be happier. it solid, secure and performance is satisfactory.

cant wait to update to the Drupal 6
keep up the great work, your time and effort and well worth it

and yes becoming Drupal when I grow up is my only dream :)

keith.smith’s picture

Steve Yelvington, in his blog entry about the Drupal 6 release, shares his insightful thoughts about improvements in 6. I noticed his comments about the new actions/triggers functionality in particular:

One of them is core support for user-configurable workflow through an interesting system of triggers and actions. For example, I quickly created a set that sends me an email any time anyone posts a comment on my website so that I can review it.

I previously had a special-purpose module that did that. With the new core support for triggers and actions, I can easily create my own sets that meet unforeseen needs by just filling out a couple of forms and pressing "enter." For example, I might choose to promote an item to the top of a page if it's getting comments, or change the publication status at a particular time, or block a bot that might succumb to a "honeypot" form.


keith.smith’s picture

Dave Olson, community evangelist for Raincity Studios, has a great blog post detailing his favorite features in Drupal 6 (and what they may mean for Drupal usage).

From his post:

Notably, more themes and easier customization means more adoption and creation of sites which move beyond “three columns + header”. Already we see Drupal sites popping up almost unexpectedly in unknown places and these changes (though seemingly small) will mean more huge social web applications using Drupal as well as more small projects with strained resources able to built out quickly and inexpensively.


mattie’s picture

congratulations!! i love you guys :)

keith.smith’s picture

From Leon Atkinson's blog entry at Clear Night Sky:

This is one example of open source software firing on all cylinders. For certain uses, Drupal is the only serious choice.

From, this says it all:


From Michael Angeles, in his post at urlgreyhot:

Looks like some very well conceived improvements have been rolled into core.

John Forsythe, in his article at Blamcast congratulates the Drupal development team.

Mahesh K. Bhat, contemplates the battle plan for the Drupal 6 upgrade of the contributed Webcomics module at

To quote a line from Liam Green-Hughes's post about the release:

Drupal is a great way to build websites that enable people to work together.


Chris Johnson’s picture

And then there's this one from Mark Hopkins at Mashable:

Acquia Releases Drupal Version Six


Amazon’s picture

From Adam Ostrow at Mashable after my request to correct the story.

Hi Kieran,

Sorry about that. I've fixed the errors.


Kieran Lal
Board member of the Drupal association
Coordinator of the security team
Coordinator of the test driven development team
Product manager, Acquia Inc.

Kieran Lal

.carey’s picture

I was thinking Drupal 6 was going to be released on Valentine's Day - you know, for the love of Drupal. ;)

...Congratulations Drupal Team!

al_au’s picture

Congratz GUYS!!
Glad to see the new theming stuff. And THANK YOU for giving more customizability to Teasers!

dag-’s picture

Please ?

Thanks for a very promising release !

loloyd’s picture

I seem to have learned more about Drupal 6 from reading this article than elsewhere. Great presentation of the feature set of Drupal 6. Congrats to the community authors.

I had problems before when upgrading from one minor version onto another in majors 4 and 5. But now, it appears that the community took that away and made minor upgrades more seamless than ever. A real big step ahead for those who are dreading the effects of minor version upgrades before like me. Of course, I have to see this live to savor it.

Kudos to the great community team work. Mabuhay! If only I could send beer to everybody... or let Warren Buffet or Bill Gates (haha) shoulder the cost (as if that will ever happen!).

keith.smith’s picture

Our own Angie Byron, in her post "Drupal 6: Brought to you by hundreds of contributors", talks about the development process and how contributions fuel an open source project like Drupal. Exploring contributor statistics, she notes:

Drupal 5 contributors: 472
Drupal 5 patches: 4927

Drupal 6 contributors: 741
Drupal 6 patches: 9425

That works out to more than 1.5x the number of contributors and almost 2x the number of patches. Holy cow!!


devportals’s picture

Thanks for this great Valentines Day gift for Drupal Geeks!

elbecerro’s picture

I'm just a beginner. but I've been reading an hearing about this for a while so, congratulations and thanks to all the people that has worked so hard.

pmichelazzo’s picture

The comments and informations about the new version in Brazilian Portuguese language.

Congratulations to all teams!

kyutums’s picture

This is such a pleasant surprise! I have been waiting for v6 for some time. :)

brian_luther’s picture

I've been waiting for a stable release, and I almost installed RC4 yesterday. Glad I waited! Getting my hands dirty tonight.

itzzmesur’s picture

yesterday it was rc4 and today final release, Drupal team congrats for this flash release.......

gj23488313’s picture

Way to go, congrats to the entire team!


My Drupal Site:

SilverAngel’s picture

This release is impressive !


I'm currently writting my first module so i know how the whole Dupal Project is Awsome.
Thanks Again ... I will soon publish modules too !

Enjoy ! :-)

Kuldip Gohil’s picture

Drupal Rocks!!!!!!

Congratulation DRUPAL

Kuldip Gohil

no longer active 6’s picture

All drupalliars it time to party on this major release of D6.

Congratulation to Gábor Hojtsy and Dries Buytaert for splendid work done in past year.

Rakshit Maniar

slimandslam’s picture

Great job on Drupal 6. The per-module theming is a huge win as is the update status module and language support.

However, OpenID 2.0 support is still broken.
I'm sure OpenID 1.x stuff works fine but haven't tested that.

Even though I filed this bug 2 weeks ago, I think the complete fix may require more revision of the login/register
flow than was practical for this release. Still, it'd be nice to see Drupal on the leading edge here instead of
floundering with a broken implementation.


hectorplus’s picture

Nice, congratulations! Much easier to use and more powerful of course!
The growing Hispanic community in Canada.

jaku ayala’s picture

Woohoo!!!!! Congrats and thank you!

Mark Theunissen’s picture

Woohoo! Congrats everyone!


Code Baboon
Drupal based services

ScoutBaker’s picture

This is great. This morning I was checking out the D6 queue, this afternoon I suddenly noticed it was D7.

Thanks everyone for the hard work.

"Nice to meet you for your life." - The Doctor

nimazuk’s picture

hey guys!
Thank you so much for thousands of hours working on D6.
There are a lots of cool features.

I updated my contributed theme from 5x to 6x today.

I hope soon there will be tons of modules and themes for Drupal 6x.

وب سایت عکاسی و طراحی وب
CSS Formatter & Optimizer


hass’s picture

looks little bit strange. We need a 6.x-1.2 to get a working one.

Gábor Hojtsy’s picture

Hey, bugs are always standing by somewhere. Thankfully the batch import functionality for which l10n_client was promoted above had no bugs whatsoever (or to better put it none reported yet). Also luckily, Drupal 6 includes this shiny update status module, which informs you about the new release when it comes out. And it is just coming out in these minutes (still waiting for the file to propagate to the webservers).

patchak’s picture

Great news! A big thanks to everyone who helped make this release the best Drupal ever!! I'm really excited to hlep port and build modules for this version of drupal and to continue make my place in the community little by little. Maybe I'll be more around for the Drupal 7 developpement cycle! (If I could find time to learn php!!)

Thanks again!

I posted a resume of the announcement in French on my blog // J'ai publié une traduction de l'annonce officielle sur mon blog!


Vahrokh’s picture


I was using the RC versions already and they were pretty solid already, now I can go in production in peace :D

Fresh news for a software project to be on time rather being delayed forever.

With Drupal I am humiliating a competitor company, the modules development time is otrageously short and slick here!

Tim-R’s picture

...installed, I iz enjoyed!:)

jansky’s picture

My morning check of has made my day with this wonderful post!!! I can't wait to have all the best modules ported so I can start updating some of my sites...
I posted a short announcement on my NGO page at

Ciao e complimenti!

shahinam’s picture

Congratualtions! to all, particularly drupal Dev. Team & Contributors.

Well done!

Hope Drupal to be Number ONE

Eagerly waiting for modules & catch up.

I am planning my new blog on DRUPAL 6.

Thanks to whole team.


afeys’s picture

A great big thank you to everyon who was involved in the new release of the best CMS available!

Now all I need are up to date CCK & Views modules...

lungtung’s picture


crazy, i can't wait to build new system on Drupal 6.

great, you're the best

lets roll

quick quick....i've to go now,
hey taxi, take me to the Drupal city

Drupppal’s picture


Can you please explain how you have set the drupal forum as your site's primary homepage?

cosmicdreams’s picture

Follow these steps:

1. Click on these menues in sequence: Administration > Configuration Settings > Site Information
2. In the Site Information page, type forum into default front page text box.
3. Done

Does that work?

Ladmavic’s picture

i really enjoy working with drupal, and I am excited to try out the new version 6. But one thing, regarding those usability improvements, is - in my opinion - still missing, but should be easy to include : why isn't there an option (or did I oversee it?) to select "ALL checkboxes" at once, or creating multiple pages (as it works in typo3?) at one time?


renmenbi’s picture

Perhaps you can create a module or put that into the wishbox for Drupal 7... :P
East Meets West
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gpk’s picture

You *can* select all checkboxes in some places (where it makes sense). Not familiar with Typo3 so not sure what you are referring to on that.


renmenbi’s picture

Another milestone to the Drupal community. You guys have putted a "burden" into us to fasten the development of the next release of our site. We are all eager to put into practical use all the new features and develop more module for this amazing community.

East Meets West
Learn all about the intricacies of China

siilber’s picture

I don't understand drupal 6 menus, primary and secondary links, i gave the title to the primary link for my menu, after that create 3 pages as a child of that menu but nothing displays...anyone know about this?

keith.smith’s picture

I've used hierarchical menus successfully in Primary links (in Drupal 6), but their implementation is somewhat theme dependent, just as in previous versions. Support threads on this post are a bit off-topic and hard to follow, so please post in one of the support forums, or create a support task or bug report in the Drupal core issue queue (always search for similar entries first), where I'm sure someone will help.


kaparo’s picture

Recently, DZone migrated all their *Zone sites to Drupal too

check here

alan.fork’s picture

Congratulations to the drupal community and the entire team!
Drupal rocks!
Alan F.

kulvik’s picture

This is awesome!!

- Thomas -

"If I do this, he might kick me back. That's not what I want. So I break his arm" - Bas Rutten

CnBoYer’s picture

留下一句中文:水滴太强了,已经用了好几年了,永远支持Drupal!Goooood job!

Sam Roy’s picture

Drupal 6 is looking promising. This is beautiful work. Thank you Drupal community!

Sam Roy
"Living la vida digitale"

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Tel.: +1 514-316-1162 (francais)
Toll-free: 1-888-5-234-WEB
Skype: samericka

nikoport’s picture

Congratulations, guys! A major step forward and hopefully it won't be a pain the arse for upgrades =O)
WebCaravela Design

rosgar’s picture

I'm just waiting for this release!

bartekg’s picture

I must also add I really like the release announcement. Well done guys! :-)

ass45sin’s picture

Thanks and Congratulations to all of you Drupal Development Team and Community Member. ^_______^ I'm very exited about this release and will be more exited with the coming Views2 and CCK.

Edwin Rene

pcdonohue’s picture

Great job on getting Drupal 6 out the door. And I'm looking forward to giving it a go when CCK and Views are updated too!

portait’s picture

You might wanna wait for drupal 7. ^^

knibals’s picture

... et merçi pour ce travail énoooooorme de toute l'équipe de developpement.


drupalista’s picture

Well, it seems to be a silly game I am playing that for every new release I keep re-iterating my "not validating cry" - but it is just a fact that I am really concerned about this - it maybe true that I am a retarded old man living behind the moon - but it would be really interesting to me to read about how this major paradigm shift in "web design" that could be called "f* the standards" is explained.

You might say: isn´t it the individual webdesigner that makes the templates and is the master about validating code?

Well, reality proves that if the CMS out of the box produces not valid HTML-code most of the sites built with that CMS will neither do.

The list published here of the most-famous drupal sites is such a gallery of horror, an abyss of ignorance: not ONE site generates valid code at

I really do not understand that - there must be people with some knowledge and / or money behind these sites - so please enlighten me: is thinking about webstandards totally retarded today?

Of course, BTW, drupal6 is still a very nice thing!

Note: this is a serious question! I do not want to rant,m I want to understand, thanks.

gpk’s picture

1. Drupal certainly can produce valid XHTML.
2. It's largely down to the theme used (Friends Electric validates), and the extent of cross-browser compatibility required, and whether functionality is required that cannot be provided in a "valid" way (i.e. many people take the view that the most "valid" code doesn't necessarily make for the best user experience). Don't ask _me_ for the details tho'..!


tinou’s picture

It's good to keep the pressure on people to let them understand how important is valid HTML. Users in the first place, then Theme and Modules developpers. To my humble opinion, the core of Drupal is not very much the cause of the failures, and it's quite easy to produce (nearly) valid HTML with Drupal 5 default install: I only have one error while trying to validate my homepage to the XHTML 1.0 Strict.

Will try with D6, of course !

Frando’s picture

It is only up to the theme to produce valid xhtml. Everything Drupal core spits out is valid.
My Drupal-5-powered blog which has a custom theme, for example, is valid xhtml 1.0 Strict, without any problems:

And every default installation of Drupal 5 or Drupal 6 (with using one of the core themes) is valid xhtml 1.0 strict.

ass45sin’s picture

It all depends on the theme you use, and the input filter used on each nodes created, but even then it can be still invalid should the user somehow manage to input invalid XHTML tags, that the filter might not filter, or if he uses allow all tags filter when creating a node for example.

That's why some sites might break the validation even if they use XHTML valid themes.


Malthus’s picture

Congrats and thanks to all involved!

ElinWaring’s picture

What a fantastic achievement by the Drupal community. :)

portait’s picture

Thank you for your hard work. :)

spazio’s picture

Thank you for a fantastic work.

Will start testing the new release immediately. We are using Drupal in the free wireless community - the freifunk community extensively. We have a Global Newswire on and a Blogsystem on powered by Drupal. My own webzine is also powered by Drupal.

Guess I should write about our experience with using Drupal a bit more soon.

All the best!

Mario from Berlin

philingle’s picture

Great news

I have been hanging on for D6 to come out for a couple of new projects that I am working on so hopefully will get them up and running under Drupal 6 shortly.

Cheers to all the team

Phillip Ingle
Computer support and website design -
Holidays in the French Alps -

brunodbo’s picture

A huge thumbs up to everyone who made this release possible. Thanks & keep up the excellent work! See you in Boston in a few weeks.

Don't hate the media, be the media --

David Stosik’s picture

Félicitations, as we say in French !
I'm looking forward to trying this version !

elek’s picture

Drupal6 was released on by birthday!

nanotalk’s picture

I just downloaded the new version of best cms (read: drupal 6).
Thanks for the hard, excellent jobs!

God bless!
Nano Surbakti

keith.smith’s picture

Bryan Ruby, over at the Drupal site CMS Report, has recently been blogging about his weekend experiences with Drupal release candidates. Yesterday, he also took note of the official release, with a blog entry that highlights some Drupal 6 features. From his post, "You can expect to be on Drupal 6 by early March."

--keith’s picture

Clearly, a lot of work went into this latest release.

ascetic’s picture

testing it today :) Can't wait to see my favorite modules update to 6.

thanks Drupal. you rocks Literature Social Networking

Amazon’s picture

Kieran Lal
Board member of the Drupal association
Coordinator of the security team
Coordinator of the test driven development team
Product manager, Acquia Inc.

Kieran Lal

amedee’s picture

I guess they had to be ready before FOSDEM next weekend.
Drupal has an entire dev room for itself on sunday.

jonfhancock’s picture


Jon F Hancock

LordCrap’s picture

I'm just a casual drupal user who started recently but I would like to sincerely thank everyone working on this. For people like me, with lots of ideas but limited programming skills and limited time to learn any, this sort of tool is very very precious.

Lord Crap

dvessel’s picture

let's not forget that there are still patches needing review. Any point-oh release isn't perfect so lets get them in for 6.1. :-)

The contributor block lists D7 issues so the remaining 6 issues will have less eyes on them.

joon park

deadmalc’s picture

Just about ready to go live with a site, was betting on drupal 6 being in final release, but didn't think it would be so soon,
fantastic work done by all involved!

The site is Dr. Mah's website, my wife's - still a bit of work on it to go, but it's getting there.

If it ain't broke, fix it!

willem peters’s picture

Congratulations to all contributors!!!

Thanks for all the great work!!!

Boletus’s picture

Whoppee! Eager to try this baby out! Great work guys! And menu and taxonomy translation modules will be out next week? Great! ;)

dway’s picture

...a big thank you ^^

rolandk’s picture

Great job Drupaleers ! Now we need ecommerce & ubercart to help us catch up !

tandonian’s picture

I am blown away at the level the community has reached. Very humbling to watch, and in my own small ways, be a part of.

Thanks and CHEERS to everyone who brings love to the drupal universe!

Florian’s picture

It's time to celebrate this new and awesome distribution... and to work on new themes for Drupal 6.

Dr.Radut | Puzzle IT | EU Copyright Office | STReight


Penicillin’s picture

Thanks Drupal
You're the best.

ByteEnable’s picture

The images in this node overlap other div's and looks pretty funky in FF.


gpk’s picture

This page only supports widescreen ;-)


benc’s picture

Even the web copy has improved. This is clear enough to understand even for non-techies :)

"Drupal and the Power of Categories (Taxonomy)"

akor’s picture

Great news! Already downloading :)

Summit’s picture


Congratulations to us all! Drupal rocks.
I wish that all contributed modules go to drupal 6 the coming months, so the already using Drupal community can benefit from Drupal 6 as quickly as possible also!

Again congratulations!

affinityuser’s picture

I just wanted to congratulate and thank everyone for their hard work.

I only started to learn drupal at the beginning of december so I have been working with the betas and release candidate. It's power and ease of use is a solid testiment to the people who planned and deployed the system.

If anyone wants to see a live version of 6, you can come to my website.

deadmalc’s picture

Or some static html rendered from drupal 6 ;-)

If it ain't broke, fix it!

wedge’s picture

It looks like a really stable release. Many thanks to all the people that contributed.

Många tack till alla inblandade! :)

ea4tv’s picture

Thank you very much for your great work!
Now, the users will have to test and continue the development :-)


portait’s picture

Drupal 6 is great, BUT...

- drupal themes (layout) suck big time for beginners
- still no core wysiwyg plugin! Forget fckeditor & all those other plugins.... the suck! Learn from wordpress!

I know that people might feel offended when I say that drupal could learn a lot from wordpress because codewise drupal is superior. Eventhough you can do more with drupal, drupal is not as popular! Wordpress is an out of the box easy to learn cms system. What I really like about wordpress is that they let people create a blog on their site with a custom subdomain so they can check out the the admin section by starting a blog. This lets users get in touch with the system without bying webspace or installing the cms system. Fabulous!!!

Drupal is so much better but still fails in usability. It's not my purpose to upset anyone but the biggest changes in drupal was for me the garland theme and the new admin layout. In drupal 6 there are no design changes at all.

Linulo’s picture

drupal themes (layout) suck big time for beginners

Ah, c'mon, it's not that bad. Actually, I always regarded the premade themes as examples, not as something to actually build from, let alone use out-of-the-box. Naturally, whatever you can come up with HTML- and CSS-wise can be output by Drupal - people seem to forget that most certainly they do not want to have their site look like garland (the default theme).

Due to public demand there propably will be a wysiwyg editor in Drupal 7 and my crystal ball tells me that it will not be TinyMCE.

But this thread is not about features but about celebrating a great release :-).

Michelle’s picture

"In drupal 6 there are no design changes at all"

I guess the people that invested all that time into revamping the theme system to make it easier for designers were just wasting their time, then?

If you like WP so much, go use it. Don't come and rain on our parade with your insults.


See my Drupal articles and tutorials or come check out life in the Coulee Region.

dvessel’s picture

I guess the people that invested all that time into revamping the theme system to make it easier for designers were just wasting their time, then?

Certainly not. ;-) But there are people out there who want ready made themes taylord just for them. Must be all those Joomla and wordpress themes available spoiling people. More choice, better chance of finding a good fit.

First we need to attract more designers to get to that point and the new theming system is one step to that end.

joon park

portait’s picture

If you like WP so much, go use it.

What cms systems I use and don't use, you will have to leave up to me. ;)
Anyone who is not able to at least think about constructive critiques will have a hard time improving.

Michelle’s picture

You are, of course, free to use whatever software you choose. But when you comment on a post celebrating the release of a new version that parts of it that people have worked hard on "suck", I don't consider that constructive and I will call you out on it.

We are all well aware that theming/wysiwyg still needs improving and there are people working hard to do just that. Insulting their efforts so far does nothing to help them improve so don't go pretending that was "constructive critiques'. It was insulting, plain and simple.


See my Drupal articles and tutorials or come check out life in the Coulee Region.

portait’s picture

If just everything would be so plain & simple then there wouldn't exist any problems, right?!

vonfaff’s picture

Drupal is free, people contribute thousands of productive hours to this project and doesn't expect anything back. And this is all you have to show for. This is truly pathetic.

Go whine somewhere else. No one is interested in your opinions as long as you can't at least be constructive.


AndyW’s picture

The first time I tried Drupal was... last Sunday!

Within an hour or two I was in love with it - I couldn't believe the level of functionality that it had to offer...

And now, one week after my induction... version 6 is released!

What perfect timing. Any work I have done in the past week with CSS can easily be transferred over to the new version.

Placinta’s picture

Viva Drupal 6!

webstylemedia’s picture

My Congratulations!

Recently we started a new project and we'll use D6 for it.

Hope all modules like ecommerce will be updated soon too!


With best regards,
Dmitry Yeskin
President of Web Style Media, LLC
Internet Marketing and Internet Advertising Agency

JamesGardner’s picture

Thanks to everyone who made 6.0 possible! We're looking forward to upgrading our site.

------------------ | online advertising archive
Powered by Drupal

darumaki’s picture

Great news but it's futile to upgrade at this point, since many of the useful modules are not even 6.0 ready, several of the ones I use probably will never be 6.0, yet another good reason to only have modules match the current version instead of 10 different versions. Id like to see one set of modules listed only for the the current version and everyone always using the same updated version, easy123

Crell’s picture

If you are logged in, then on the modules download page you can filter listed modules by core version compatibility. Just set it to 6.x and you'll get a list of just those modules that have been updated. It's a list that should be growing rapidly over the next few weeks. :-)

And if a module you need isn't upgraded yet, most module authors would be more than happy to have someone else upgrade the module and submit a patch. Drupal is a team effort, and the team could always use more members.

Larry Garfield

keith.smith’s picture

It is hardly futile. Futile is serving no useful purpose. Module maintainers cannot be expected to chase HEAD, though many of them do. Just as with any software package, there is a time between a release of new software and the release of "stuff" to go with that software. When the iPhone came out, for example, there was a short gap before the release of a lot of accessories for it. Understandably, things are difficult to design for until they are released in their final form.

What you can do to help is to install 6.0 and test out the new 6.x versions of your favorite modules. (I've been using a development version of CCK for 6.0 for several weeks, for instance, and reporting the issues I find, though I've had few problems.) If appropriate, file bug reports in the project issue queues and get involved with trying to solve issues with the ports. If there's no ongoing plans for upgrading, nothing prevents you from using Coder (as mentioned in the announcement) or the documentation resources (also in the announcement) to make your own ports of your favorite modules and contribute them back to the community.

This short gap in major contrib support is just that -- a short gap that's disappearing a bit each day.


darumaki’s picture

What I meant was, consider you have a site all setup with the modules you want and everything is peaches and cream, now 6.0 comes along and has you drooling at the mouth but then you DOH!! i can't use it because then it would destroy all my nice bells and whistles on my current site, talk about a heartbreak :)) it took me so long to find everything with 5.0 now i have to sit and wait until they get updated to 6.0. or search for limited alternatives.
It would be easier and more efficient if there were only one drupal release at a time and all the modules get updated for that release before going on to another release, wordpress does this very well. At is it, people won't upgrade to newer versions unless they can still have the same modules, what this does is create lag. This could be changed by keeping everything up to date with just one release for everyone.

stellarvisions’s picture

Firstly I want to thank everyone for the terrific job.

Six is sweet.

Our team is not ungreatful when we say: what about CCK and Views [the sequel]?



Stella Gassaway

STELLARViSIONs : communication architects

We design culture-driven tools™
that shape how information is
organized, displayed, shared, and
experienced to reflect core values.

Stella Gassaway

stellarvisions : communication architects

We design culture-driven tools™
that shape how information is
organized, displayed, shared, and

bomarmonk’s picture

I am testing the sequel to views and it's looking rather nice: a new UI that seems more user friendly, although everything isn't there yet and the upgrade path doesn't exist yet.

Wesley Tanaka’s picture

For those using subversion vendor branches and, the file renames from Drupal 5 (according to my quick survey) are:

vendor/drupal/current/sites/default/settings.php => vendor/drupal/current/sites/default/default.settings.php
vendor/drupal/current/modules/watchdog/watchdog.module => vendor/drupal/current/modules/dblog/dblog.module
vendor/drupal/current/modules/watchdog/ => vendor/drupal/current/modules/dblog/
vendor/drupal/current/modules/watchdog/watchdog.css => vendor/drupal/current/modules/dblog/dblog.css
vendor/drupal/current/themes/engines/phptemplate/block.tpl.php => vendor/drupal/current/modules/system/block.tpl.php
vendor/drupal/current/themes/engines/phptemplate/box.tpl.php => vendor/drupal/current/modules/system/box.tpl.php
vendor/drupal/current/themes/engines/phptemplate/comment.tpl.php => vendor/drupal/current/modules/comment/comment.tpl.php
vendor/drupal/current/misc/maintenance.css => vendor/drupal/current/modules/system/maintenance.css
vendor/drupal/current/themes/engines/phptemplate/node.tpl.php => vendor/drupal/current/modules/node/node.tpl.php
vendor/drupal/current/themes/garland/minnelli/style.css => vendor/drupal/current/themes/garland/minnelli/minnelli.css
vendor/drupal/current/misc/update.js => vendor/drupal/current/misc/batch.js
vendor/drupal/current/misc/upload.js => vendor/drupal/current/misc/ahah.js

Wesley Tanaka | Drupal Stuff

btnehuse’s picture

A big thank you to all contributors its a great cms ..

john.r’s picture

I have waited for this for about a year now. And its finally here!! I'm new to it all, but I really enjoy being able to collect & organize my thoughts and make them available online. That way, if after 20 years it all turns into a book, and I die before it gets published, at least people will have been able to read it all along. (Strange, huh?). Thank you all very much, I know your have worked very hard and just given it away to people like me for FREE!!. But its such gifts like that that work within me a sense of gratitude to pay back into the system of life somehow and give certain of my own things away for FREE, too. LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL!

leoklein’s picture

Thanks for this upgrade. I'm more an administrator than a developer but Drupal really has changed the way I do web work.

Thanks again,


List Owner

plantucha’s picture

Looks like lot of new features.
Next week going to upgrade.

Total METRIC SYSTEM - slowly getting there, inch by inch

ruffian’s picture

Good luck Drupal 6!

pyutaros’s picture

I'd like to go ahead and set up a test site for D7. Would the best way to do that right now be to download from CVS? Exactly what branch would I use?
Drupal's so easy, even I could do it.

webchick’s picture

Yep, checking out from CVS is the way to go. There's no branch, so you'd just checkout HEAD, which is what you get when you don't specify -r:

cvs checkout -d drupal7 drupal
pyutaros’s picture

Got a test site up and running. Version shows 7.0-dev. Bring on Drupal 7! I suppose I should start porting my modules to 6.0 first.

Drupal's so easy, even I could do it.

pyutaros’s picture

Probably for longer than I think there has been.

Drupal's so easy, even I could do it.

felho’s picture

Splitting code into multiple file will have a negative impact on the performance. This technique works only without an opcode cache. But if performance become an issue related to a site the first thing is installing an opcode cache. And if you use an opcode cache it is better to include codes in bigger chunks and fewer time.

Best Regards,

yelvington’s picture

Splitting code into multiple file will have a negative impact on the performance.

This is sound theory, but in practice it isn't universally true. D6 does a better job of conditionally including files. This has two beneficial side effects. For a site not running an opcode cache, files that aren't included are not compiled to generate a pageview. And for a server that's close to thrashing (lack of available memory) the reduced memory footprint can avoid a major slowdown. My personal site runs on an antique server at home that really need another stick of RAM, and it doesn't have an opcode cache. I'm seeing a significant performance improvement from Drupal 6.

dvessel’s picture

Right, it's a balance. Tons of tiny files would hurt performance but we are not dealing with small files. The large .modules were split into 3 parts. The base .module for catching various hooks that are always needed. Another for the front end functions and the last for administrative functions. It has been bench marked and the work involved wouldn't have been done without a demonstrable improvement first. Well, that's what I remember of it.

joon park

gpk’s picture

>if performance become an issue related to a site the first thing is installing an opcode cache
Indeed, most production sites will be using an opcode cache anyway. However, for most page views this approach as implemented in D6 only very marginally increases the number of files included (e.g. 1 additional file when on a node edit page) but significantly reduces the size of most. For a start, this cuts PHP RAM requirements.


spade’s picture

Thanks folks!

What a marvelous job!

Keep up the good work ...



njuptsoz’s picture

my blog 听者有心 first blogging this news!

eviriyanti’s picture

Big thanks, and congrats to the entire team! something that i consider extremely difficult since all of Drupal makes me become easier.

God Bless :)

arithok’s picture

Just wanna say "WOW!"


gushie’s picture

Well done on the release... however does 4.7 have to be cut off so suddenly? If I'm going to upgrade my site, it's going to be better use of my time to upgrade my custom code from 4.7 to 6.0 in one leap. However not all modules I use are 6.0 ready, which is going to leave me vulnerable should any security issues be found in the coming weeks!
(And also I'd be more comfortable waiting until upgrades before I take the plunge!)

awakenedvoice’s picture

I've added another video screencast to the list of Drupal 6 Overviews. I walk through the new install process, look at the menus and blocks, set up a trigger/action combo and more. The downloadable version is encoded at 1024x768 so the resolution should be very sharp.

You can find all the info on the screencast at


Rob Safuto
Social Media Services

nagybal’s picture

Sorry for bothering... but i am a noob to drupal and just have a short question!

Cant find the option to set... to allow the unregistered users to see the forum posts.

(they can see the forums, but the other posts)

Pls help! Thx

Ir0nman’s picture

thank you very much for this awesome and thanks to entire drupal community

he_who_shall_not_be_named’s picture

The hook_menu(), module.install and url()/l() are simply great. Only the forms api functions are challenging.

Good job, keep up the good work.

techmud’s picture

Thanks for the wonderful work you do!


Tech Mud

peacho’s picture

Interesting category to place "The Onion" under. Informing the masses, albeitwith "fake news".

Nonetheless, great job getting it out the door. Drupal is a great project and I'm glad it seems nowhere near slowing down.

marcus7777’s picture

hi all,
Cool Stuff!, I was thinking the tar.gz format can keep permition. so why not add a writeable files folder to this great install.
Thank you all very much for all your work.

greatness008’s picture

This new version rules! Does it have vbulletin or phpbb support for forums?

get rich with a bum
all the tech you can take

Michelle’s picture

There are bridges to those forums but they are contributed modules, not part of core. You'll have to look at their project pages to see if they've been ported to D6.


See my Drupal articles and tutorials or come check out life in the Coulee Region.

Joe Matthew’s picture

Any live examples of sites migrated to Drupal 6? I would love to see ecommerce, views, cck and some of these common modules ported to Drupal 6. The theme features and security features are most attractive.


Joe Matthew
Online Business Systems

SuiQaST’s picture

Thanks Drupal Groups. you are really supers.

Vigile’s picture

Did the new revision offer an easy way to implement multi-page stories/reviews?

scg3rd’s picture

Could not find the module for organic groups for 6.0. Is that not available for this version or has not be developed yet.


jcarreer’s picture

but get the 5.4 module, you might be able to shoe horn it into 6.x if you have module experience.

china243’s picture

Thank you all... Great Release! Just waiting for cck and views to upgrade my little internet corner...

Cogito ergo doleo


webchick’s picture

Anyone who's waiting on Views and CCK to upgrade to 6, please take the time to experiment with the 6.x alpha versions of those modules. Views's is available now (sporting new JS-ified UI), and CCK's will be coming along soon. Keep an eye on the project page, or take a crack at

maddisonmeyer’s picture

Great job guys! Kudos on a fantastic release.

Flashtrackz - Free Games

jason342’s picture

This is really not a big deal but would like to know why the idea was removed.

Back when Drupal 6 was still in the works and was up for testing, I noticed in Blocks there was an extra block field, it was called "Top Content" block. Oppose to the current just "content" which is at the bottom of the page. there was a "bottom content" (current "content") and was also a "top content", which was at the top of the page, below navigation.

What happen to the Top Content idea in blocks? I found it very exciting. But very disappointed that it didn't make the final cut. Any idea why was it removed, and is there any chance of it making 6.1, hopefully? It was great. The more block options the better.

pyutaros’s picture

I think this is dependant on the particular theme. For example, the Deco and Zen Classic themes have this content region, while others do not.
Drupal's so easy, even I could do it.

jason342’s picture

When I tested it, it was in the original theme garland, so garland had it too. But not anymore. Not with the official release.

pyutaros’s picture

I would recommend taking a look at the Deco theme, see what they're doing, and see if you can incorporate it into the Garland theme. Obviously the capability is there. Garland dev may have decided it was too buggy for this release. Consider filing an issue under core.
Drupal's so easy, even I could do it.

gpk’s picture

Very easy to add your own regions in D6


rkendall’s picture

I have seen others mention this in the forums as well. It is really great that 6.0 is out, but could we please have a link the current 5.x release kept on the front page (similar to how the 4.7 was before).

Quite a lot of popular modules are not yet ready for 6.x so a lot of people will still need to use 5.x.


Ross Kendall
UK based Web and IT consultant specialising in Free and Open Source Software technologies.