Rejoice fellow Drupalites! After just two betas we present you the first Drupal 5 release candidate (RC1).

Download it from:

You can read about the new features in the beta 1 announcement. In contrast to the beta's, most debugging has been done and, should no more fatal bugs emerge, this version is release worthy. A list of all the bugfixes since beta 2 can be found on the release page.

While we do not recommend to run release candidate 1 on production sites, we are going to break the rule ourselves on, in order to test Drupal 5 on a large site. We plan to upgrade to Drupal 5 RC1 somewhere during the next couple of weeks.

You may be glad to know that some of the most used contributed modules, such as CCK and Views have already been upgraded to work with Drupal 5. Others, such as Image and Image assist are actively being worked on. For a complete list, visit the Modules page and select 5.x from the dropdown menu. For all the other modules: keep your eye on the modules' issue queues or on the post Contrib modules version 5.x status to get an idea on the upgrade time-frame. If you are a module maintainer; Now is the time to start working on the update to Drupal 5.

We still need your help turning this release candidate into a true release! Read on to find out how....


No matter who you are, start by either installing or upgrading to the new version of Drupal (see INSTALL.txt or UPGRADE.txt for more details). You can use the development module to quickly generate a bunch of test data, or you can upgrade an existing Drupal 4.7 installation. As with everything not formally released, we do not recommend running the release candidate on a live site. If you do, make sure you backup your entire site and database before.

Module and theme developers

Please start the work on updating your modules and themes, to ensure users a smooth upgrade in the not to distant future, Please file any API bug you might encounter.

Drupal interface translators

It's time to blow the dust off your dictionaries! With all the user interface strings frozen, you can start the translation, without fear you need to redo the work later. You can download the translation templates from CVS.


Are you are gifted with the "Poison Finger"? Does seemingly normal code collapse into a flying mess of errors as soon as you get hold of the mouse? If so, why not have a run at breaking Drupal? When you discover a bug, check the issue queue to see if it is already known. If it is not, submit a bug report. The more polish we can apply before the final release, the better.

When will Drupal 5 get released?

If no more critical issues emerge and has been running without problems on RC1, we will provide a real release. If problems emerge however, we may release any number of release candidates in between. As we feel it is extremely important to find out how RC1 holds up on such a large site as, any delays in its upgrade may lead to a delay in the release cycle.


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I love the CSS preprocessor and other performance improvements in this one. Wheee!

- Robert Douglass

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That and conditional includes too, its the main reason I'm upgrading my local test copy :)

But really, a big pat on the back for all developers, testers and everyone who contributed.

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Great work guys, updated easily with no errors.

Cant wait for the full release!

the CSS preprocessor is a great idea, ill be interested to see the results


spyres’s picture

It's neat, but evidently disabled for anyone who uses the "private" means of file handling via drupal. I use this to lock down some private stuff and am kind of bummed I won't be able to take advantage of the CSS preprocessor. Plenty of other great features to enjoy though.

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Woohoo... a lot of good commits in this one. It's looking shiny.

If you have a problem, please search before posting a question.

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Time to install and begin getting ready for the final version. Good work!


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I updated to the Drupal 5 release candidate(RC1). I hope more modules start to get ported over now. Thank you so much Drupal developers for this great version of Drupal 5(RC1)

Keep up the good work!
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I really the way to manage all multisites modules etc, as i am a big fun of multisites, i will upgrade now to test it out

Good job

bonobo’s picture

And there was joy!

Time to start hammering on some multisite setups with different profiles -- SWEET!



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And porting gradebook :)

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Congratulations to the Drupal core team. I really think those of us that have been using Drupal for a couple years can truly say that Drupal 5 was well worth the wait. I do have a question though over this part of the announcement:

While we do not recommend to run release candidate 1 on production sites, we are going to break the rule ourselves on, in order to test Drupal 5 on a large site. We plan to upgrade to Drupal 5 RC1 somewhere during the next couple of weeks.

When upgrades to Drupal 5, will it also adopt Drupal's new Garland theme?'s current theme, Blue Beach, has served this site well but is it time to move on to something new? I really think if you want to have people to associate Garland with Drupal than perhaps should also use the Garland theme.


Morbus Iff’s picture

No, bluebeach is not going anywhere. Bluebeach is's identity; Garland is Drupal 5's identity. There's a difference.
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interessting idea. But I really fond this theme. Blue beach makes more use of every pixel.

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I am pretty new to Drupal (a few months) and very happy with it.

I have only one production site for now, and 3 under developpement. All are running 4.7.
My question is: will i need to upgrade all these 4.7 sites to 5?
Will support for 4.7 keep on and how long?

I am no expert in PHP and guess i could not handle a major update if things go wrong...

I have read some posts on that topic, but nothing that was clearly telling me if it is safe to keep 4.7 running for the future. Could someone take the time to fully communicate on that issue for newbies like me?

Also for the theming issue, will it be a lot of changes to make on that aspect when upgrading?

Sorry for those annoying overasked questions, but i feel kind of insecure and uncertain about how to handle those issues at best.

Thanks for this great CMS and your future answers

harriska2’s picture

In general, they support 2 versions back (maybe forks) from whatever is in development. So currently 4.6 and 4.7 are supported. Once 5 is out and there is another one in development (5.x) and released, then I believe 4.6 will fall off the support list.

Of course, I see people still asking about 4.5 but I don't think it is well supported. I would guess that 4.7 will be supported for at least another year or two - how well, I don't know.

mirko’s picture

Thanks, that's what i thought also.
And how insecure is it for people who keep running 4.5 now for example?

My worries are that if in 2 years I have 40 websites running with drupal, each website with different modules, it'll be a big mess to update them all.

Does it often happen that modules are not updated with new versions?

harriska2’s picture

I would look at multi-site installs where there are shared modules and also modules for certain sites.

I have seen modules folded into new version of drupal and parts of modules folded in. Also, new forks of modules because the new version of drupal is so different (panels comes to mind). Because drupal is on a pretty aggressive development cycle, there are going to be changes. I have about 5 sites and so I can understand your concerns. My guess is that once I have the required modules in place, I will upgrade hoping that the database backend still works.

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Drupal, like Apple, seems to support the currently shipping version, as well as the previous version. Anything older gets dropped off the list. This seems like a reasonable approach; one cannot maintain old versions of a code-base indefinitely. Users are not forced to upgrade immediately, however they do have to upgrade eventually to maintain the benefits of security updates.

As someone who maintains multiple sites, the implications of this to me are: Choose your modules wisely, for they may not always be compatible in the future. As such, i avoid the temptation of adding new modules unless they meet certain criteria: 1) The loss of the module would not prevent my site from being fully functional and displaying all its pages/nodes, or 2) there appears to be a lot of support for the module such that it will either be folded into Drupal core, or someone else would almost certainly pick up maintenance of the module in the event the current maintainer gets hit by a truck (the Views module, for example).

reikiman’s picture

There's the option of adopting modules that become abandoned by its parents, if the module is important enough to you.

- David Herron -

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It would be great to have a way of tracking (tagging or categorizing and then a page view of such) modules that are up for adoption. That way a developer could easily make it known that a module is up for adoption and people could easily adopt them. Should be pretty easy to do if people think it's worthwhile.



robertDouglass’s picture

Please open an issue that documents it, and/or write to the infrastructure list.

- Robert Douglass

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Thanks, it's been added. You can track it and add additional ideas here:



mirko’s picture

Yes I agree, your idea is great. Would also be nice to have a way of mentionning the more "secure" modules on the support aspect. For example mention the modules that only get one or two developpers, so people are aware that support can be a little rusty if they download the module. What do you think?

iraszl’s picture

It's a much needed feature. It would also help admins to foresee when a certain module they are waiting for will be available...
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In the meantime and until some tracking mechanism is developed, for 5.x powered web sites I would stick with modules that will be ported as listed in Contrib modules version 5.x status. It's an excellent guide & many thanks go to Michelle and all the maintainers for keeping the list current, accurate, and highly informative.

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Amen Rainy Day. I learned this extremely important fact the hard way. Being a module hog may be nice now...but long term you pay dearly for stuffing your sites with functionality that may never be upgraded.

Walt Esquivel’s picture

As Rainy Day wrote, "Choose your modules wisely." To start with, Contrib modules version 5.x status will give folks a good overview of where contributed modules are for 5.x.

On a personal level, to help me carefully choose which contributed modules I eventually want to use for my web site, I created a spreadsheet in which I list the ones I'm interested in.

On the spreadsheet, I added columns for things I scrutinize on each contributed module such as:

  • its name
  • its version number
  • its last update (this can be a BIG indicator of the module's future, or it could simply indicate a very stable module; be sure to check the bugs section for outstanding critical bugs)
  • its bugs (all bugs - critical, normal, and minor, with particular emphasis on critical bugs when it comes to making a decision)
  • its functionality (some modules are self-explanatory, but for others I include a sentence or two on what it does and/or why I need/want it)
  • alternative workarounds for the functionality the module in question provides (is there something else I can do that will get me the desired functionality without having to install the module? should I buy something off the shelf?)
  • its maintenance and support levels (do bugs, feature requests, forum posts, emails to the maintainer, etc., get fixed and/or answered in a timely manner?)
  • the maintainer's activity level in the Drupal community (is the maintainer active or non-existent? does the maintainer contribute to just this module or to others?)

There are a few other columns I've added, but you get the idea. In the end, each contributed module I'm interested in gets an up or down vote, and many modules get my down vote based on my sense that the module may indeed no longer receive the attention it needs in future Drupal core and/or Drupal contributed module releases. Why bother installing modules that aren't being/won't be actively supported/maintained? For me, doing so only creates issues down the road.

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drama’s picture

Can you please share that spreadsheet with us? It can be quite interesting.

Walt Esquivel’s picture

...but please give me a week or so. I'm in the middle of several issues and also plan on making some updates to the spreadsheet. And it's practically Christmas here in good ol' Austin, Texas!

Also, I use open source and the spreadsheet is currently in Calc format as found here - , which provides free downloads and free usage of the download.

Walt Esquivel, MBA; MA; President, Wellness Corps; Captain, USMC (Veteran)
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Everything that's Drupal and is before this patch from March 13, 2005 is very likely to contain XSS holes and is not really fixable. Drupal 4.5 falls into this category.

However, core and most modules provides a data path forward. Upgrade one from release to the next, jumping is theoretically possible but not advised. Read the documentations, back up your site and upgrade.
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updated for RC 1. Tinker away.

rkendall’s picture

it even gets a shiny 'web 2' star button logo!

Ross Kendall

gener’s picture

your poison finger recruitment ad is hilarious.

Many thanks to you, and many thanks to the Drupal team!

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it should state that you need to create the modules and themes folder inside the all folder in the readme.txt file. or just have the folders in the all folder already.

great job on drupal 5! it's looking great.

Heine’s picture

Please post issues in the issue tracker as they will be lost here. You'll be happy to know that work is underway to clarify sites/all/README.txt.

The Manual | Troubleshooting FAQ | Tips for posting | How to report a security issue.

hass’s picture

i read this file, but i don't understand... what are the old "modules" and "theme" folder for - if not for *all* sites? why do i need a extra global themes and modules folder in sites/all that already exists?

Gábor Hojtsy’s picture

The standard modules and themes folders are supposed to be for core modules and themes now. You can put your own written modules and downloaded and installed modules there too, but to separate the modules by source, you can put your additional ones under the "sites/all" folder. The same applies to themes. This way you can distinguish between the modules/themes.

This practice is not a requirement though, just a suggested best practice for those, who will come back to their sites months later, and will not remember what modules come where...

mWare’s picture

it is possible ?

hass’s picture

after i upgraded from beta2 to rc1 i cannot find the color selector in the garland theme... the "color" module is activated... whats wrong?

Heine’s picture

Please post issues in the issue tracker as they will be lost here. Please review the queue before posting to prevent the submission of duplicates.

For those wondering about the color picker being disabled see Provide a message why the color module was disabled on Garland theme page. Summary: color picker doesn't work when the download method is set to private.

Please post support requests in the forum.
The Manual | Troubleshooting FAQ | Tips for posting | How to report a security issue.

hass’s picture

Summary: color picker doesn't work when the download method is set to private.

ohhh, this should really the cause... thank you. i have reseted the db and started from scratch. Would be better to have a private and public file store in future... not every data is for public. color picker is a nice feature, but this makes it little bit unusable. i think i will stop spending time on the color picker and the color module first. A color picker for 15 themes is much work and if it isn't working every time i don't like to implement this now.’s picture

thanks these contributors

fibra’s picture

It would be nice to have a full list of new features / improvements... Beta1 only mentions a few improvements.
But congrats on the new release!!

sepeck’s picture

in the download.

I did some notes to expand on it from memory on my site.

-Steven Peck
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-Steven Peck
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Wow! I am amazed by the new features and improvements!

dropcube’s picture

Thanks very much to all developers. Very good work !!!.

Coupon Code Swap’s picture

I am ready to start building a couple of sites and would like to use this build to get going right away. I am curious how difficult (or easy) it will be to update to the final version once it is released?


BryanSD’s picture

If past experience is an indication, you shouldn't have too much difficulty. Basically load the new files and run the update script. It would be pretty unusual to see significant changes (especially with the database) between the RC and Final. Now my disclaimer, I really haven't had too much time to test Drupal 5. However, I tested the heck out of 4.7 starting with CVS and Beta 1 and was able to go live with the Final the day it was released.


Coupon Code Swap’s picture

I've got 5.0 RC1 up and running on the demo section for themebot:

Everything is great so far. I'm going to hold off on a couple of other sites in the works until it is final. Happy holidays!

alexis’s picture

I have Drupal 5.0 working In four or five sites and have been upgrading via CVS without any problem. One of the sites has almost 1500 users registered.

I'm so excited that the final version is almost here and I'm already working on the English version (already available in Spanish) of my first boogeek about Drupal 5. A boogeek is a weird name I use for "ebook". I hope to have it ready when Drupal 5.0 final is out.


Alexis Bellido
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miles28’s picture


Where have you found the spanish translations for Drupal 5?

Thanks ins advance.

Lost in Space’s picture

I made the switch over on My Mars News Site with no problems. 5.0 is Great.
A big thanks to everyone that had anything to do with it!

How do I use the development module to quickly generate a bunch of test data, and what should I do with that data?’s picture

Cool beans, but I'm still waiting for the image modules to be upgraded before i put up to v5. Besides that, my sandbox copy looks sweet :)

jbolivar’s picture

I installed Drupal 5.0 RC1 in one of my production sites (Pistola de Aire) and drupal itself work fine, I only find problems with some modules, (HEAD version) like Image module, because I can't activate at the same time the "Image Attach" and the "Image Gallery" because they have conflicts between it and don't work together.

But really I love this new version, it is more easy to administrate and more nice to work with it.

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PS: Yes I now that is not recommended use a RC in a production site, buy it pass my preliminary working test and I decided to try in a production environment.

iandickson’s picture

Just trying the Beta RC 1

New install - first Config page announces a FLAW - turns out to be that no cron run has been done.

When run manually the systems does not return to the original page.


1) This isn't a major issue, but would throw a new person as it interupts what they are exopecting to see as a logical progression.

2) To solve - initial process should return to previous state as user solves each issue.

Ian Dickson - community specialist. - Association of Online Community Professionals

MacRonin’s picture

Or if it would be to complicated to return to the state prior to running th CRON. You could always have the link open a new page for the CRON so that the original stays untouched.

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Coupon Code Swap’s picture

When I ran Cron manually pressing the link, it automatically returned me to the status report area and the Cron maintencance tasks was checked off green showing when it had last been run.

davecormier’s picture

Hey folks,

Great job on the release. I'm VERY excited about it and have serveral projects chomping to get at this.



designguru’s picture

So given that there's just a couple of things left on the list for RC1 to get promoted to full-install-on-every-site-you-own status, how far off are we, really???

Exciting stuff,


Qasim Virjee

Downward Spiral’s picture

Hi there,

is the installer able to update from 4.5.2? Or do i have to update every single version?

Thx 4 a hint DS ;)

sepeck’s picture

You need to go 4.5.2 -> 4.6 -> 4.7 -> 5.0 and check your contrib modules at each step. It's one of those, if you have to ask, you should do it the right way. :)

See Lullabot's upgrade video for some considerations.


-Steven Peck
Test site, always start with a test site.
Drupal Best Practices Guide -|- Black Mountain

-Steven Peck
Test site, always start with a test site.
Drupal Best Practices Guide

Downward Spiral’s picture

thx for your answer. urgghh.... :(

ok. but if i only want to convert

- users
- nodes (only articles, blogs and maybe the books)
- comments

do you think, it might be easier to script a litte converter? i would (and surely could) do that, but i didn't check out the differences between the dataformat (4.5 -> 5.0) so far.

i did not change the formats with modules in my installation. they are standard. modules i used for images and so on.

what would you do? :)

i think i will try to convert the data?