Guys can you please tell me or recommend some free Modules for Drupal 8 to start a social media website????

I'm looking for User Points (credits), Relationship and anything you guys could think of.

Thank you,



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D8 is lagging behind a bit with modules such as user points. I suggest D7. If you choose D7, you can easily search both of the features you want via the drupal.org module search.

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Gotcha! Thank you so so much!

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https://www.drupal.org/project/social - may aid as a starting point.

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Yes but I think "Open Social" isn't free or am I wrong?

Cause their website says I gotta pay monthly.

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The project is open source and the project page doesn't mention anything about payments.

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Maybe grahammiranda13 talking about this page https://www.getopensocial.com/pricing, but there are services for updates, support, hosting and personalize, for developers, Open Social is Open Source.

@grahammiranda13 you can read the case study https://www.drupal.org/case-study/open-social-a-community-and-extranet-s...