Please advise how to use absolute path instead of relative path in Drupal 8.4.4
due to we've to pass the security scan for this issu “Path Manipulation: Relative Path Overwrite”.
So I have to use absolute path in all css and js.


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as far a I can tell, you would need to manipulate the files directly.

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this case i need to use the absolute path (Full path) with dynamic domain. it's mean that it can deploy to any domain while it still work and use absolute path.

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I think you have the concept of relative and absolute backwards.

Relative urls provide the ability to move the site with ease as paths won't include the domain.

Absolute urls means (which includes the domain) you will need adjust each time the site is deployed to a different domain.

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Even i wanted to know about absolute path instead of relative path.Thank you for asking this .Like us so many people wanted to know this so please advice as soon as possible.

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