Hello everyone!

    I am an amateur developer, and primarily use WordPress for my clients. Wordpress has become boring, and I am looking for more of a challenge, and I have also taken on a pretty intense project. I am not sure really what to use to build it. I am familiar with all front-end languages, but this project will require an intense back-end as well. Let me know if you think Drupal would be able to help out in anyway with this!

A website for an association/network of providers. 

Will have the ability to sell a consumer membership and a provider membership

Providers will need to be able to submit invoices to the association through their own portal, as well as schedule training, pay yearly dues, and general portal functions. 

Consumers will need to be able to sign up, log into the portal, pay dues, search providers, view uploaded invoiced uploaded by providers, and schedule with providers. 

The site will need a search function to search values entered by association off of invoices submitted by providers. This number would be an identification number for the consumer product being serviced.

The association will need to be able to coordinate billing, manage consumer and providers, view invoices per particular provider, approve provider applications through a workflow process, and manage the database of identification numbers/invoices.

A non-member consumer would have the ability to pay for a search in the identification number database to generate a report of the invoice records of a particular consumer product. Kind of a carfax report but different product.

Its all pretty easy to draw out on paper, but getting a system to handle that many workflows is well above what WordPress can do from what I have seen. Any suggestions?


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Maybe this resource guide can help you determine if Drupal fits your website requirements

Good luck

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Drupal is powerful and flexible...

Drupal Commerce 2 is not a closed solution, and for you is good, because you can set a custom "logic". But probably you should write some code if your logic is very different to standard (covered by modules). Bad news are that Commerce 2.x has become usable just few months ago, and still lack of pieces.

Workflow is another useful feature where drupal devs are working hard... I'm not sure if it's at core as experimental or recently stabilized.

Groups / Organic groups are 2 modules could be interesting for you. And maybe crm core / redhen or even civicrm.

Good luck and welcome at drupal universe ;-)

Ps: If you can not understand me, it's my poor English skills fault :-p