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Moshe Weitzman has been a consistent contributor to Drupal core and Contrib since November 2001 (i.e. before was born). As such, he has pretty much touched the whole core code. He maintains the user.module, the bootstrap code, the Devel project, and Drush, the Drupal shell. He is also a member of the Security team and a Permanent Member of the Drupal Association.

Ancient Clients and Projects

  • See for all clients since 2008
  • Flisolo. A terrific new portal for young adults who are just entering the adult world of bank accounts, investing, real estate, etc. This site features user and content integration between Mediawiki and Drupal.
  • Business Finance. The media giant Penton Media asked Moshe to build a model web site which it can clone for its thousands of trade magazines. The first such site, Business Finance, is now alive.
  • New York Observer. A gorgeous newspaper web site. I finally got wise and wrote up an announcement discussing this site. I am quite proud of my work here.
  • Lullabot, a fine Drupal consulting firm, hired Moshe to project manage a big engagement with Sony Music. We produced an artist hosting platform using Drupal's multisite and installation profile features. See Good Charlotte and Mike Daughtry and a non artist site, Musicbox.
  • American Cancer Society. Relaunching the Cancer Survivors Network on Drupal. This is a very popular site (100,00 users) for the strong folks who stared cancer in the face and are winning the fight.
  • Sealoflex. Moshe developed an intricate product catalog where products are hierarchically classified and interrelated.
  • features login and authorization integration between dokuwiki and Drupal. Since then, Moshe has become active in the efforts to build a native Drupal wiki and is head of the Wiki group in Drupal.
  • Bryght, a terrific Drupal consulting and hosting firm, hired Moshe to work on the organic groups module on behalf of their client, the Spawar division the US Department of Defense.
  • Wheresspot is relaunching their online community in Drupal. Moshe is working to integrate Mailman mailing lists with the drupal forum thus providing integrated web and email forums. moving from Yahoo groups to this Drupal+Mailman solution.
  • Quadstone delivers predictive analytics solutions to large enterprises. Moshe integrated custom analytics documents produced by Quadstone software into the Drupal search engine.
  • Moshe enhanced the Drupal ecommerce suite such that buyers could receive periodic templated emails as a result of their purchases. The module allows for certain products to configure these templated emails and configure the time when the emails should be issued.
  • Avid. Moshe implemented a large web application where filmakers and editors can collaboratively author a finished video project .The solution managed the whole video workflow from conceptualization to shooting to editing to post-production. Not publically viewable.
  • Echochamberproject is an open source, investigative documentary about the how the television news media became an uncritical echo chamber to the Executive Branch leading up to the American war in Iraq. Moshe provides custom development and consulting to
    this fine project.
  • Finnish Broadcasting Company enables their users to create and grow organic groups. These groups are similar to Yahoo Groups, where anyone can create a public or private group, and users post messages to their group home page. FBE has also sponsored Moshe to build photo gallery functionality based on a tagging system like Flickr and This work is being released back to the Drupal community. Thanks FBE.
  • Weedtracks and ShareNewYork are community web site built around legal online sharing of music. They are marketplacea where users may upload songs and then receive commissions based on how many users download and purchase these songs. It is an innovative business model in a sector which has shown promise, but never made much money. Moshe is delivering custom modules for upload/download, automatic MP3 data extraction, FTP integration, ecommerce and PayPal integration, and more.
  • CodeOrange is a thriving community site based loosely on current news. Moshe developed the Node moderation module which promotes the best nodes to the home page every day based on moderation ratings submitted by the community. Additionally, Moshe is currently working on enhancing Drupal's moderation systems in order to highlight strong posts, and hide troll posts.
  • University of Vienna is now running one of the most advanced Drupal pods in the world. They maintain one Drupal site for many courses in their catalog, while maintaining a single user account across all sites. They also share language translations across sites. Moshe's design notes for this implementation are documented in this email (note: the stumbling block was solved).
  • Music For America based their ambitious site on Drupal, and asked Moshe to develop modules for tracking their artists, venues, contacts, and more. Moshe delivered a flexible node module which could serve all these purposes at once. This module was incorporated into the Civicspace project. Planned enhancements include affiliate tracking and enhanced subscription features.
  • National Society of Hispanic Professionals is relaunching their web site using Drupal as a Content Management System and community engine. Special planned enhancements include a powerful new calendar with deep taxonomy integration.
  • Marlboro College integrated the Drupal authentication system with their own LDAP based directory. The Drupal ldap_integration.module was born from this engagement.

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