Inspired by others in the Drupal community? Nominate and interview the people improving Drupal for the Community Spotlight.

A Community Spotlight can be focused on an individual, a team (e.g. a Drupalcon team or the D7UX team), or any project that extends Drupal (e.g. a module, theme, installation profile etc).

To nominate:

1. Create a Community Spotlight task in the issue queue

2. Include
* Full Names for each contributor
* d.o./IRC nicks for each contributor
* Why you think they deserve a community spotlight

3. Recommend some questions. Feel free to get creative, while remaining relevant to the Drupal community, but here are some suggestions:
* How did you get involved with Drupal?
* Do you have any advice to anyone just starting with Drupal?
* Can you explain some of the benefits of getting involved with the community and what you get out of it?
* What are/were your primary challenges?
* What advice would you give if you could do it over again?
* Show us the best examples of your work

4. Be sure to link to some examples of their work, include testimonials, project's usage stats etc.

Selected spotlights will be featured on Getting Involved and Community Spotlight pages, as well as get promoted to the home page. Anyone doing good work in the Drupal community should be featured in the Community Spotlight!


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I would love it if folks used this space to nominate not just themselves, but also some unsung heroes of the Drupal community who contribute to the project in all kinds of different ways. Ideally, the Community Spotlight should be a place that highlights a diverse array of individuals (and groups) who help make both the Drupal software and community better.

Anyone, regardless of their background, experience, or expertise, should be able to come to this section on the new site and find a spotlight profile that they can be inspired by. They should be able to say to themselves, "Hey, I have something in common with this person/group, and if they can be part of the Drupal community, then so can I!"

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+1. A lot of the inspirational folks in the community are too busy or too modest to post their own, so I agree that having others nominate them would be super.

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In fact, I've just revised the instructions to encourage folks to nominate others.

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Now, thats the beauty of community which truly is encouraging..!!

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I started something similar at a few years ago, mostly because there wasn't a good place on d.o to put them. I'm really stoked that with the redesign there will be!

Feel free to borrow content from there for re-publish on d.o if you'd like. Only problem is that most of those are *super* old, and a few of the people interviewed no longer are as involved with the community as they used to be. :\

The one thing I'd caution is not to get too focused on just module/theme developers. There are a tremendous number of people in the Drupal community who contribute tons to the project without ever touching code (such as Lisa Rex, project manager extraordinaire for the redesign :D).

If you ever want a list of 200 or so nominees for the spotlight, let me know and I can do a big brain-dump. :)

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Webchick, thanks for pointing out ... I'll follow up w/ the folks you mentioned and will see what comes up.

No worries re: the folks in the community who don't do modules and themes. Any individual or team can be spotlighted on the community page :)

Also, thanks for offering to do a brain-dump. If we run out of options, I'll take you up on that. :)

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Just wanted to drop a note to point to the list of 150+ people that I've interviewed for Drupal Voices over the last couple of years. A lot of them are DrupalCon presenters, but also people that have been recommended to me to track down from various other people within the Drupal community. There's definitely some good leads in there for people worthy of being featured in the community spotlight:

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Thanks Kent. You've interviewed some superstar contributors. They'd all make good community spotlights.

Now everyone, create a spotlight or two, or three. We'd really like to highlight community contributions in the redesign:

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Rob_Feature with mustardseedmedia has eased the learning curve of Drupal for all. Check out the podcasts at - great stuff!

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Go ahead and create a spotlight then :)

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Op Henrike uit Dinges

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I came here to nominate Bob Christiansen of Mustardseed as well

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Create the community spotlight here:


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