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This organization is a Drupal services provider.

Forum One is a digital agency that combines tech savvy, issue sophistication, and design execution to help influential organizations craft solutions for the world’s most pressing problems. Since 1996, we have been committed to passionately engaging with issue-focused organizations to extend their influence.

For nearly two decades we have formed close partnerships with the world’s most influential problem-solvers including think tanks, foundations, charities, issue advocates, and government.

Our strength is in our ability to cultivate a deeper understanding of your organization’s unique challenges. Our team of technology thought-leaders draws inspiration from the arts and sciences. We take an agile approach that enables flexibility and creativity.

We have launched over 200 Drupal websites since 2008, including large-scale, enterprise-level solutions for some of the most influential organizations in the world, including the Environmental Protection Agency, American Red Cross, United Way, U.S. Department of Agriculture, World Bank, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and Aspen Institute. We execute large, scripted content migrations, plan and respond to FISMA security requirements, adhere to Section 508 requirements, and deploy multi-site Drupal platforms.

We specialize in complex technical architectures involving hundreds of content editors, thousands of community members, and hundreds of thousands of nodes. Our experience ranges from turnkey communities using Drupal Commons to customized, multi-platform installations that support hundreds of sites.

Drupal contributions

Forum One is an active leader in the Drupal Community. We contribute to DrupalCamps, DrupalCons, core mentoring, code sprints. We have created and maintain over 15 Drupal Modules including jsMap, Apache Solr Location, Geofield Proximity, Salesforce Queue, Salsa Rules, File Entity Link, and Mojo Base Theme.

We are writing the authoritative book on Drupal 8 theming (due out upon Drupal 8’s release via Packt Publishing). We are Premium Supporting Partners of the Drupal Association and serve as one of only 20 global Acquia Enterprise Select Partners.

Projects supported

SSL Audit, SQL Settings, Simple ICS, Youtube File Field, Soundcloud File Field, Oauth2 Client Service, Solr group, ViewportChecker, Box API Sitewide, ArcGIS Webmap, D3Map Views, Rendered Author, Seasonal Date, Gesso, Subfields, Nodequeue Extras, File Entity Link, jsMap

Credited on 3 issues fixed in the past 3 months