Hi friends. I'm hoping that you'll support another Drupal community initiative that I've recently dreamed up. All you have to do is add a /drupalgive page to your organization's web site.

Two organizations have published already at http://www.acquia.com/drupalgive and http://www.chapterthree.com/drupalgive. These pages are based on a design by Nica Lorber of Chapter Three. Feel free to reuse this design or just publish a plain listing page. It is better to publish a plain page than none at all. Or use the Feature at http://drupal.org/project/drupalgive.

A /drupalgive page highlights the great work that your organization is doing for the Drupal project. Not only does your organization receive credit for the work you do, but we also nudge other organizations to give back as well. I expect that employees and potential hires from non-contributing organizations will start demanding to give back. This initiative gives those folks something to point to when advocating and educating inside their organization.

Here are examples of appropriate and inappropriate items for a /drupalgive page:

  1. A podcast educating folks about great Contrib modules.
  2. A link to a significant patch review or commit on drupal.org.
  3. A blog post about Drupalish wireframe templates that anyone can use.
  1. An announcement about your latest site launch (even whitehouse.gov).
  2. A new video was added to your commercial video subscription service.
  3. New features for your paid Drupal hosting service.

Your /drupalgive page should also emit an RSS feed at /drupalgive/rss. We'll add your feed to the new Planet Drupalgive (page, RSS). To get added to the feed, follow the Drupal Planet process. Lastly, please include a link to http://drupal.org/project/drupalgive so that folks can learn more about the initiative.

One simple way to build a /drupalgive page is to add a 'drupalgive' term to your site taxonomy and tag posts with it. Alias the term detail page to /drupalgive and you are done. An alternative is to create a dedicated content type for these entries and a simple View at /drupalgive will show the listing.

Please comment below and lend your support or provide other input.


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Moshe, thanks for starting this. It's a great idea.

Bob Kepford
TheWeeklyDrop - A Weekly Drupal Newsletter

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In addition to having each company create and maintain their own page on their site, couldn't we gain a lot of efficiencies by leveraging the existing Marketplace preview content type to automatically display list code commits, event participation, and Planet posts by people associated with a given company or organization?

I'm concerned that not everyone will have the time to keep these pages up-to-date on their own, especially if their company or organization has lots of diverse contributions to the Drupal community.

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The /drupalgive page is great for organizations that want this content on their own site. It is a complement to the Marketplace, not an alternative. Further, content that auto-posts from parts of drupal.org would need curation in order to be useful IMO ... Upkeep is a challenge for sure.

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This is a great idea. Thanks Moshe for getting this rolling.

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This sounds like a great idea - thanks for writing this up!

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i like the idea too, however , as said earlier, keeping these pages up to date is the biggest challenge

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Congratulation Moshe for taking and starting the initiatives.
Lullabot and harvard page are non-existant though.

Goutam Dey
http://drupalcamp24x7.org - Social way of learning drupal.

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Good initiative. We will add a /drupalgive page to our site. Hope to see many others pick this up as well.

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Here's Linnovate's drupalgive page: http://linnovate.net/drupalgive
Yes - it lacks a lot of work, but it's a good start :)

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And now we have a feature for it, to help you get started.
On our site the contributor is linked to a team member page, but I didn't contain this as part of the feature, so it is kept small and rapid to deploy.
You are welcome to expand the feature and send patches back :)


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This is great! I think it's deffo worth the effort.

I wish the Acquia one had the "presentations we give" since I always have trouble finding that. Chapter Three's one is a good example. I like seeing everything at a glance instead of hidden in mystery carousel navigation.

But it's really a great idea! Looking forward to seeing how creative different companies get with it :)

- h

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This is a really great idea!

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I loved this idea.. this idea have multi purpose in background. Marketplace, Education, Portfolio, resume, and etc.
I support /drupalgive initiative and as soon as possible we launch own /drupalgive on http://airoweb.com/drupalgive

Keep up!

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Great idea, having this as a 'standard' will make it less daunting to promote their contributions for some I imagine.

I've made a little start already :)

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Great initiative !

Here's Ausy/DataFlow 's page: http://dataflow.be/drupalgive

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We've had a page like this up for years, though I only not put in new shared URL:


We're currently upgrading and redesigning our site, so we'll be working on that page in the near future, but it's still got a lot of our info.

Thanks for doing this, Moshe! I think standardizing how we handle talking about contributions is an excellent idea.

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My personal website now has a /drupalgive page. Thanks for the idea!


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Thats a good idea. Drupal always supported us and gave us services and now its time for us to support it and i will do it surely today by adding drupalgive page to one of my websites. I hope all other members support it too.

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Great Idea!!

Just a suggestion but maybe we could add to appropriate that users can post links to a Drupal tutorial video or something of that nature to a non-commercial site. I know that they are out there and it could be very useful, if we could get more people to them.

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This is an excellent idea to keep organization's contribution up on marketplace.

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I'm asking me what the intention is. SEO? We should write content for d.o? I don't get the idea behind...

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@hass: From Moshe's original post:

A /drupalgive page highlights the great work that your organization is doing for the Drupal project. Not only does your organization receive credit for the work you do, but we also nudge other organizations to give back as well. I expect that employees and potential hires from non-contributing organizations will start demanding to give back. This initiative gives those folks something to point to when advocating and educating inside their organization.

The idea sounds pretty concise and convincing to me… Initiatives like this one are essential for Drupal as a community effort, I believe. However, /drupalgive is only beneficial for companies with customers that actually care about Drupal's development process, about the ideals of Free Software, about the equilibrium between giving and taking. And yes, having this kind of farsighted clients is a luxury not everybody of us can relish, and confincing a client to sponsor something that might benefit his/her competitor as well can be very hard.

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I'm so tired of backlink spam... This project looks more like an organic backlink farm after re-thinking more.

Your signature looks like you may ask for a d.o unpublish request because of backlink spam. Let's open a request in the webmasters queue for this.

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You really think moshe is trying to create some sort of link farm? LOL! This project has nothing to do with SEO. It's about highlighting what you are doing for Drupal. Sounds pretty cool to me.

As for the other poster's link, there isn't any rules against having links in your signature. As long as they are posting real content and not posting only to get their links in, what's the issue? Drupal.org is nofollow'd anyway so signature links are of limited value.

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Phase2 is drupalgive compliant here: http://www.phase2technology.com/drupalgive

also, we wrote a blog post: http://www.agileapproach.com/blog-entry/drupallove

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I've added a drupalgive page for Midwestern Mac, LLC: http://www.midwesternmac.com/drupalgive

I haven't added an RSS feed yet, though; is there a main page somewhere that aggregates all the drupalgive pages by themselves?

Personal site: www.jeffgeerling.com

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Atenea tech added their Drupalgive page: http://ateneatech.com/en/drupalgive

Cheers from Barcelona!

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Are there any possibility for adding drupalgive.rss stream automaticaly after approving organization for Marketplace?

Andrii Podanenko
web(uk, en)
personal blog(uk)

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We just made one small modification to our Drupal Give page. We changed the part where it says Contributed Modules to Modules, Themes & Design We've Contributed.

This way we can account for when designers contribute as well. I'm including in there contributions of graphics, icons, UI designs, etc.

Moshe, I'm assuming this will be fine to change the title.

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Do we have a total number of Drupal shops who are listing their DrupalGives pages with the Drupal Planet aggregator? Would be good to have a bit more about this. We just helped organize DrupalCamp Ottawa and really haven't done enough to advertise to other shops in our area. Btw, our page is:

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Bluespark launched it's /drupalgive page some time ago. Let's keep this going.


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Not the best query, but there are over 20 pages of results for https://www.google.ca/search?q=inurl%3Adrupalgive

I do think partly what needs to happen is that this needs to be promoted more on Drupal.org & by some of the bigger players like Acquia. Right now DrupalGive really still doesn't mean much.

I think we're at a tipping point though where it could (with some help).

EDIT: Our page is http://openconcept.ca/drupalgive

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We have set up /drupalgive and /drupalgive/rss pages for our site

The required Drupalgive URLs are


Please review and let me know if there is anything inappropriate that should be removed from the listing.

We will be setting up a custom page to replace the current taxonomy listing but like Moshe had pointed out we felt we should go ahead and do this now than perpetually wait to create a custom design for the page (which we are guilty of doing so far)

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finally found time to arrange our drupal give site

drupical and more on: http://ausgetrock.net/en/drupalgive

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Just came around this post and took the chance to collect what we did so far to support Drupal:



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Is there a version of this page for individuals (i.e. my own activity and contributions), or is this just intended for organisations?

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I am currently trying to revive this initiative and make it more prominent in the community. My current idea is that this should be an incentive for companies. Individuals should have a much better presentation of their contributions when the new profiles are finished which highlight community involvement much better.

Anybody with thoughts and ideas feel free to contact me on IRC or via my contact tab.

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Would be great to add some ideas on how this could be improved here - https://www.drupal.org/node/2015253

This is a good initiative that's only really been half implemented on drupal.org.

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Hello Drupalers!

I'm proud to announce CI&T has launched its own Drupal Give page!
Check out our contributions so far to the community (and more to come very soon!)


You all have a great new year!

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Beautiful work larruda!

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It looks like you moved your ChapterThree /drupalgive URL to a non-standard path, so the URL above does not go to that page: