Last updated 19 November 2007.

The presentations at the Drupal conference on February 26th are available now as audio and video files. The video files are encoded with the multimedia codec Ogg Theora. The files are distributed via BitTorrent. If you need more help, check the instructions on how to download and play Ogg Theora files on various operating systems.

Presentation Speaker File Size Slides
The state and future of Drupal Dries Buytaert video 42.3 MB
Theme development Steven Wittens video 41.5 MB PDF
Metadata-driven workflow John VanDyk video 65.3 MB PDF
The content construction kit Jonathan Chaffer video 70.2 MB
Multimedia in Drupal James Walker video 47.6 MB
Drupal as an e-commerce platform Matt Westgate video 30.8 MB
100% availability, scalability and security with Drupal David 'Kat' Monosov video 63.4 MB PDF
Drupal as a contact relationship management platform Neil Drumm video 40.9 MB
Closing debate video 14.7 MB
Entire conference in one file audio 156 MB

Presentation slides

Photos from the conference.


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Does anyone have a working link to Dries' first State of Drupal talk?

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Hi All,

Can somebody please provide me working link for all the videos above. Thanks in advance.