Drupal 6 Long Term Support

Last updated on
30 March 2017

At this point we are no longer accepting new D6 LTS vendors applications

Organizations and individuals interested in providing this Drupal 6 Long term support to their customers AND who have the technical knowledge to maintain a Drupal core release should contact the security team at security@drupal.org with a proposal that outlines how they are a good fit for the role (see requirements below).

The official team support for Drupal 6.x after the 8.0.0 release is outlined at https://www.drupal.org/d6-lts-support and the current LTS vendors and details on the support have been announced: Drupal 6 Long Term Support (D6 LTS) vendors announcement.

  • While these people are not joining the security team as part of this Drupal 6 LTS support program, we will make sure they get added to Drupal 6 issues that affect core and Drupal 6 versions of contributed modules.
  • They will be required to participate in issues to continue to get access to Drupal 6 issues.
  • They must be willing to follow the security team rules about confidentiality of issues and disclosure.
  • They must be knowledgable about security team process (i.e. know all the handbook pages under that parent page).
  • They must be able to demonstrate they have the skills to work on core and in particular Drupal 6 core. (Link to relevant Drupal 6 core issues, team members name in maintainers.txt, etc.)
  • They agree not to keep a private branch of any code, and release all issues from the private tracker back to the community. All patches/updates must be released to the community at the same time as they are released to customers.