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SHA-1: e7004e514b287763adc870723a81b6830e2ccd00
SHA-256: 5a8f66cac572373536722d8464832de7be50866fe177035e74b300ffda007485
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SHA-256: 739af410baa30ec31f397313c82ea127e20cfc90e2a7aa1ac7a0d2732ee76532

Release info

Created by: David_Rothstein
Created on: 7 Nov 2014 at 15:34 UTC
Last updated: 11 Jan 2016 at 21:45 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Bug fixes, New features

Release notes

Maintenance release of the Drupal 7 series. Includes bug fixes and small API/feature improvements only (no major new functionality); major, non-backwards-compatible new features are only being added to the forthcoming Drupal 8.0 release.

No security fixes are included in this release.

Besides documentation fixes, no changes have been made to the .htaccess, web.config, robots.txt or default settings.php files in this release, so upgrading custom versions of those files is not necessary.

Known issues:

Major changes since 7.32:

  • Added an entity_view_mode_prepare() API function to allow entity-defining modules to properly invoke hook_entity_view_mode_alter(), and used it throughout Drupal core to fix bugs with the invocation of that hook (API change:
  • Added a "theme_hook_original" variable to templates and theme functions and an optional sitewide theme debug mode, to provide contextual information in the page's HTML to theme developers. The theme debug mode is based on the one used with Twig in Drupal 8 and can be accessed by setting the "theme_debug" variable to TRUE (API addition).
  • Began storing the file modification time of each module and theme in the {system} database table so that contributed modules can use it to identify recently changed modules and themes (minor data structure change to the return value of system_get_info() and other related functions).
  • Added a "Did you mean?" feature to the script for running automated tests from the command line, to help developers who are attempting to run a particular test class or group.
  • Changed the date format used in various HTTP headers output by Drupal core from RFC 1123 format to RFC 7231 format.
  • Added a "block_cache_bypass_node_grants" variable to allow sites which have node access modules enabled to use the block cache if desired (API addition).
  • Made image derivative generation HTTP requests return a 404 error (rather than a 500 error) when the source image does not exist.
  • Fixed a bug which caused user pictures to be removed from the user object after saving, and resulted in data loss if the user account was subsequently re-saved.
  • Fixed a bug in which field_has_data() did not return TRUE for fields that only had data in older entity revisions, leading to loss of the field's data when the field configuration was edited.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the Ajax progress throbber to appear misaligned in many situatons (minor styling change).
  • Prevented the Bartik theme from lower-casing the "Permalink" link on comments, for improved multilingual support (minor UI change).
  • Added a "preferred_menu_links" tag to the database query that is used by menu_link_get_preferred() to find the preferred menu link for a given path, to make it easier to alter.
  • Increased the maximum allowed length of block titles to 255 characters (database schema change to the {block} table).
  • Removed the Field module's field_modules_uninstalled() function, since it did not do anything when it was invoked.
  • Security improvement: Made the database API's orderBy() method sanitize the sort direction ("ASC" or "DESC") for queries built with db_select(), so that calling code does not have to.
  • Changed the RDF module to consistently output RDF metadata for nodes and comments near where the node is rendered in the HTML (minor markup and data structure change).
  • Added an HTML class to RDFa metatags throughout Drupal to prevent them from accidentally affecting the site appearance (minor markup change).
  • Fixed a bug in the Unicode requirements check which prevented installing Drupal on PHP 5.6.
  • Fixed a bug which caused drupal_get_bootstrap_phase() to abort the bootstrap when called early in the page request.
  • Renamed the "Search result" view mode to "Search result highlighting input" to better reflect how it is used (UI change).
  • Improved database queries generated by EntityFieldQuery in the case where delta or language condition groups are used, to reduce the number of INNER JOINs (this is a minor data structure change affecting code which implements hook_query_alter() on these queries).
  • Removed special-case behavior for file uploads which allowed user #1 to bypass maximum file size and user quota limits.

All changes since 7.32:

  • #2282541 by David_Rothstein, nod_: Followup to restore previous behavior in which the "Hide summary" click handler in text.js returned FALSE.
  • #2307505 by Cottser, David_Rothstein, Fabianx: Followup to ensure all theme debug output is properly sanitized.
  • #2305291 by scor: Fixed Poll title should have same length as regular content type (255).
  • #1355526 by cafuego, jenlampton: Added a way to determine the date a module was added so the modules page can use it for sort.
  • #892344 by amitgoyal, tstoeckler, hussainweb, pcambra, LaurentAjdnik: Fixed Wrong schema description for {cache_field}.
  • #2282541 by Mark Carver | gge: Fixed Hide summary in text.js not working in jQuery 1.9+.
  • #2147321 by manfer: Fixed Unnecessary space in session-active class.
  • #393538 followup by David_Rothstein: Fixed code style error in check_plain() documentation.
  • #2310415 by cilefen, ednawig, TravisCarden: Fixed does not handle the error when invalid test groups/classes are specified.
  • #393538 by Liam Morland, valthebald, dmitrig01, David_Rothstein: Document that check_plain() can issue PHP messages on invalid UTF-8 input.
  • #1338966 by geerlingguy, loganfsmyth, lokapujya: Fixed Introduce _rdf_mapping_load_multiple to reduce queries.
  • #1069152 by droplet, alexandrezia, Mixologic, jhedstrom, David_Rothstein | ogi: Fixed Throbber in textfield is misaligned when browser hardware acceleration enabled (followup for Bartik RTL styling).
  • #863594 by David_Rothstein, smussbach, mbrett5062: Fixed Strange first paragraph in the installer database error message.
  • #1918820 by neclimdul, typhonius, girishmuraly, pwolanin | 0x534B41: Fixed HTTP header date formats to follow RFC 7231 rather than RFC 1123.
  • #1930960 by pounard, iamEAP, pjcdawkins, msonnabaum, David_Rothstein: Fixed Block caching disable hardcoded on sites with hook_node_grant() causes serious performance troubles when not necessary.
  • #779374 by helmo, joshi.rohit100, meba, sun | coltrane: Fixed XSS via text format names.
  • #927138 by manarth, handrus, rasmusluckow, douggreen, .John, Taz, David_Rothstein, droplet, webchick, marcingy: Fail image generation with 404 instead of 500, when source file is missing.
  • #1433288 by haggins, fago, David_Rothstein, marcin.wosinek: Fixed Integrity constraint violation when saving a user account after creation.
  • #935592 by pillarsdotnet, lokapujya, David_Rothstein, John Franklin, amitgoyal, joshi.rohit100, sivaji, mgifford, peximo, wodenx, Romlam, Owen Barton, alpritt, beejeebus | macgirvin: Fixed User picture is deleted after calls to user_save().
  • #2356055 by bdlangton: Fixed Notice in includes/ define.
  • #2278583 by nlisgo, Berdir, joshi.rohit100 | Fabianx: Fixed field_has_data looks at current data instead of revisioning data: this can lead to data loss.
  • #1443070 by CrashTest_, bluegriff | Dave Reid: Added support for popular e-book formats, Google web formats, mkv and mka in file_default_mimetype_mapping().
  • #1231710 by cs_shadow, Hydra, dcam, kathyh, klausi, mlncn: Fixed Field exceptions should return the name of the field that has exceptions.
  • #2142441 by Garrett Albright: Fixed CSS aggregator prepends data: URLs with paths.
  • #2193149 by mikeytown2: Fixed Deadlocks occur in cache_field table.
  • #2112247 by sihv, mitsuroseba, dgroene, aalamaki, Dennis Walgaard, mErilainen: Fixed Valid file extensions in file names are not properly enforced when uploading files with non-lowercase names.
  • #2357311 by penyaskito: Fixed Follow-up to SA-CORE-2014-005 (tests don't work correctly on non-MySQL databases).
  • #1069152 by droplet, alexandrezia, Mixologic, jhedstrom | ogi: Fixed Throbber in textfield is often misaligned.
  • #1913958 by hass, YesCT: Fixed Bartik theme shouldn't change capitalization of translatable strings with CSS.
  • #1071818 by JeremyFrench, nod_, Cottser, gielfeldt, xjm, anthbel, reglogge, NROTC_Webmaster, kristofferwiklund, lliss, sun | sepgil: Fixed Lazy-loading CSS fails in IE.
  • #1823906 by joshi.rohit100, amitgoyal, rahulbile | gargsuchi: Fixed Incorrect error message when poll is submitted with no option selected.
  • #2324821 by rpayanm, er.pushpinderrana | Elijah Lynn: Remove reference to nonexistent theme_poll_bar() function in template_preprocess_poll_bar() documentation.
  • #1640404 by er.pushpinderrana, dcam, amit.drupal, hass | versvs: Fixed Use format_username() in node_feed().
  • #849624 by brad.bulger, dcam, Alan Evans, oriol_e9g, Stevel | tsvenson: Fixed wrong permission for admin/structure/menu/parents.
  • #1195358 by Liam Morland, droplet: Fixed Multiple "Edit/Hide summary" links appear.
  • #1824820 by crevillo, muriqui, a.milkovsky, Phizes: Fixed String offset cast notice in field_invoke_method_multiple().
  • #1854134 by EtienneRd, jeffam | dolu: Added a query tag to the query in menu_link_get_preferred() to allow modules to alter the query.
  • #1221772 by pounard, colan, jcisio | sivaji: Fixed Transaction database settings is misleading in settings.php.
  • #908822 by jmking, asimmonds | salvis: Fixed Dashboard discards <em class="placeholder"> elements.
  • #2058761 by kirby14, thedavidmeister: PHP notice when #attributes is not set with #theme_wrappers 'container'.
  • #466576 by gagarine, jackbravo, tim.plunkett, sheise, Rob C, jamesm6162 | daemon: Increased the maximum allowed length of block titles to 255 characters.
  • #366152 by Mile23, bjaspan: Removed the Field module's field_modules_uninstalled() function, since it did not do anything when it was invoked.
  • #1775488 by mgifford, vijaycs85, amateescu | chx: Fixed drupal_cron_cleanup is not converted to lock.
  • #1679570 by mgifford, lucascaro, sun: Fixed TestBase does not always use the correct database connection for handling assertions.
  • #1099732 by joshi.rohit100, droplet | Chi: Fixed Incorrect encoding for error pages in image_style_deliver().
  • #2228825 by donquixote | pingwin4eg: Fixed drupal_get_filename() does not search the filesystem when the file isn't yet listed in the {system} table in the database.
  • #1891728 by gielfeldt: Fixed Database schema methods like getComment() and findTables() always query the "default" target on MySQL.
  • #780304 by dcam, naxoc, Crell | zyxware: Fixed HTML encoding of em wrappers for database table names while showing schema errors.
  • #1120440 by er.pushpinderrana | skwashd: Fixed user.api.php hook summary lines should be more consistent with other entity hooks.
  • #2231693 by helmo, amitgoyal, joshi.rohit100, LinL, iS: Update Powered by Drupal link.
  • #1452896 by Mile23, marthinal, Freso, kid_icarus, joshi.rohit100, alexpott, tim.plunkett, jhodgdon: Fixed PHP notice in clickLink if link does not exist.
  • #205969 by Mile23, oadaeh, twistor, ssm2017 Binder, barraponto, superspring: Fixed drupal_http_request() assumes presence of Reason-Phrase in response Status-Line.
  • #1790612 by carwin, Eric_A, mgifford: Fixed Sanitize the trim_length variable before printing it.
  • #2224917 by m1r1k, Steven Jones, drumm: Fixed Tracker page doesn't order results properly.
  • #28175 by dcam, bleen18 | bertboerland: Fixed Ordering by 'Visitor' in access log pages does not sort IP addresses.
  • #1988456 by gaurav.goyal, eltermann, pvmchau: Non-standard indentation on user_register_form().
  • #2307505 by Cottser, Fabianx: Port twig_debug output to Drupal 7.
  • #1968348 by znerol, David_Rothstein, peximo, DuaelFr: Fixed hook_field_formatter_prepare_view does not make use of hook_entity_view_mode_alter causing major errors.
  • #1936942 by jweowu: Fixed translation_node_insert() updates the node table directly without also flushing the entity load cache.
  • #208611 by p.brouwers, mgifford, tstoeckler, DougKress, Jody Lynn, ksenzee | walkah: Made the Ajax system use drupal_array_merge_deep_array() to stop JavaScript settings from being added twice.
  • #1183708 by Liam Morland | onair1: Fixed Notice: Undefined index: favicon_path in system_theme_settings_validate().
  • #1182374 by lyricnz, xendil, sivaji, brianV: Code style fixes for includes/filetransfer.
  • #2291081 by pounard: forum_node_view attempt an unnecessary vocabulary_load() under certain circumstances.
  • #829464 by Berdir, klausi, sepgil | Heine: Fixed orderby() should verify that the sort direction is always ASC or DESC.
  • #2130673 by lokapujya, cwells | scor: Place number of comments metadata inside node template.
  • #1323830 by cwells, scor, mgifford, er.pushpinderrana, kay_v: Place title RDFa metadata inside entity HTML element.
  • #2301955 by er.pushpinderrana, lokapujya | scor: Ensure RDFa metadata tags are hidden.
  • #2332295 by sanduhrs, klausi, er.pushpinderrana, Berdir | jfha73: Fixed Unicode requirements check not working with PHP 5.6.
  • #667098 by catch, chx, plach, Fabianx: Fixed a bug which caused drupal_get_bootstrap_phase() to abort the bootstrap when called early in the page request.
  • #2329189 by nlisgo, joachim, Mirroar, opdavies: Fix up docs and example code for hook_field_attach_validate()
  • #2283675 by er.pushpinderrana, amitgoyal, mparker17, joachim, mmarquez: Document how optgroups are generated in form_select_options()
  • #2340675 by er.pushpinderrana, David Hern√°ndez: Clarify first, unused argument docs in update_calculate_project_update_status()
  • #2314181 by roderik, er.pushpinderrana, hefox: Fix docs for drupal_static
  • #2334689 by er.pushpinderrana, joachim: Document character limit on lock_aquire() for lock name
  • #1166114 by jhodgdon, tomogden, Rajendar Reddy, larowlan, swentel, splatio, erics14, MF82 | RobLoach: Renamed the "Search result" view mode to "Search result highlighting input" to better reflect how it is used.
  • #2277281 by dobe, amitgoyal, michaelfavia, er.pushpinderrana, dcam | drumm: Increase the maximum number of characters on the file field allowed extensions setting from 128 to 256.
  • #1859084 by Jorrit, David_Rothstein, attiks: Improved database queries generated by EntityFieldQuery in the case where delta or language condition groups are used, to reduce the number of INNER JOINs.
  • #1890980 by amitgoyal, robinvdvleuten: Fixed Unnecessary extra output variable in theme_links.
  • #1468210 by marthinal, quicksketch, tstoeckler, Devin Carlson, David_Rothstein, Eric_A: Fixed Remove special $user->uid == 1 check in file_validate_size().
  • #993186 by joshi.rohit100, moshe weitzman | webchick: Node access rebuilds should go newest to oldest (fix for direct node access rebuilds only, not rebuilds done via a batch).
  • #2324083 by er.pushpinderrana, martin_q: Fix up description of return value from drupal_array_get_nested_value()
  • #2318981 by grisendo: Make hook_node_grants and hook_node_access_records sample function bodies consistent
  • #2309687 by eriksm: Fix typo in docs for verbose test class method
  • #2309549 by Bevan, er.pushpinderrana: Fix incorrect documentation of node-type-specific hooks
  • #1261846 by catch, dawehner, brianV, Berdir, sun, xjm, sandipmkhairnar, marvil07, chrisjlee, Cottser, amitgoyal, Elijah Lynn, er.pushpinderrana: Document 1 MB cache limit in cache functions