Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the second beta release of the most exciting Drupal yet: Drupal 5.0 beta 2! You can grab it while it's hot at:


You can read about the new features present in Drupal 5.0 in the beta 1 announcement. Since beta 1 we have fixed a ton of bugs, having reviewed and committed over 160 patches, more than five every single day. So many thanks to you for the testing, the bug hunting, the patches and reviews. Please keep up the good work and help us turn this beta 2 release into a release candidate; we still need your help! Read on to find out how....


No matter who you are, start by either installing or upgrading the new version of Drupal (see INSTALL.txt or UPGRADE.txt for more details). You can use the development module to quickly generate a bunch of test data, or you can upgrade an existing Drupal 4.7 installation. As with everything still in development, we do not recommend running the beta on a live site. If you do, make sure you backup your entire site and database before.


Are you completely (or relatively) new to Drupal? Or do you know just enough to be dangerous? Are you used to working with other content management systems, and willing to lend your perspective in improving the way Drupal works?

If so, you're a perfect candidate to help with usability testing and improving documentation! Take notes as you're going through Drupal on things you find difficult or confusing, and translate those notes into an issue which will show up in the issue tracker. Make sure to be clear as possible about what the problem was and provide suggestions on how to improve it -- this makes it easier for developers to help!


Do people often congratulate you on your ability to break things? Are you a creative individual who likes to experiment with things in unconventional ways to see what happens? Do you enjoy looking over other peoples' work and picking nits in order to make it as good as it possibly can be? If any of these apply to you, you could make a great tester!

We need testers both to try out different aspects of Drupal itself, as well as take a look at the issue queue to check bugs to see if they're valid, and also test patches to see if they work properly. Read more on setting up a testing environment and how to apply patches.

Module and theme developers

There is no better way to shake out any lingering bugs with the API and to ensure that your modules and themes will work with the new version of Drupal than to update your modules and update your themes! Make sure to file any bugs that you find!

Drupal Ninjas and Ninjas-in-training

If you're adept at Drupal hacking, or are eager to learn, a great place to start is with the bug tracker or the patch queue. Even if you don't have a full solution for a problem, often even a step in the right direction can be enough for another developer to take it home! Read up on how to create patches.

Drupal interface translators (update)

The interface strings of Drupal 5.0 are not frozen yet. A notice will be sent to the translators mailing list, when the interface is close to being ready for translation. Until that time, there is no point in starting to translate, so we are not providing translation templates.

So when does 5.0 get released?

5.0 gets released after a) there are no more critical bugs and b) we've had at least one release without adding any more to the list. When will that be? Well, it depends entirely on how many people chip in and help out! The more people help, the faster we can find and fix bugs, and the faster 5.0 gets released. The faster 5.0 gets released, the faster we can start adding new features to Drupal 6.0. So help out where you can, and let's make this the best release of Drupal yet! :)


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... and everyone else who has helped with this release.

- Robert Douglass

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Thanks to all drupal comunity

I'm anxios fore the 5.0 release

While i would like to know where i can find the improves from 4.7 thanks again

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The list of changes since the last version is always available in the CHANGELOG.txt file.


Ideally there will be a list of changed items on the Release Node now that we have such things. If nobody gets to that by the time I'm back from lunch I'll do it :)

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The changelog seems to focus on the high-level changes between 4.7 and 5.0 beta1. Is there a detailed changelog of the changes that occured specifically between beta1 and beta2?

Thanks for the good work!

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http://drupal.org/node/100201 is the release node for 5.0-beta2
it still needs some editing and cleanup, but that's a pretty complete list of changes. ;)


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Fantastic - I've just updated from HEAD and noticed a few changes. Keep up the good work guys! I love working on the bleeding edge :)

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I am surprised to read that there have been 160 patches added to Beta 2. I have used Beta 1 on three sites since that release and not noticed any problems or bugs. With previous releases - both betas and stable versions - I kept running into (known) bugs, so to me it looks like Drupal 5.0 has every opportunity to become the most reliable Drupal version by far. This is looking very good indeed.

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Your right, beta 1 was stable - I just hope more modules start to get ported over now.

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This beta is very stable. Some critical issues in the queue hint at some small API changes, but that will most probably be nothing shocking. This may very well be the good moment to at the least do a test-transition to 5 of your sites.

If you are into this 5 stuff, you will need to get the modules you use upgraded to 5 too. Obviously you can do this yourself in the dark attic for your own site. But you can also spread your work by submitting patches.

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Test transitions for sites I run have already begun with 5.0 beta 1 from 4.7. I will do the same with 5.0 beta 2. Thanks guys and keep up the good work. (I tried fixing a couple modules but it was a bit above my php coding abilities at this time. I will still try and I look forward to the module creators getting them ported.)
-Dan Zimmerli

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Check out the goodness with password/username: demo

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Can't believe the progress this release is making... Now if only all the modules were working I could stop learning on 4.7 and start where I'm SUPPOSED to be at!

Keep up the good work!

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Moving from b1 to b2 was flawless! Great work!

I'm waiting for 5 to go gold so I can migrate from Wordpress.
If you want to check out my beta site though it's at http://drupalbeta.stilltruth.com
- Truth Is Still Truth, Even If You Don't Believe It

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Last week i moved over from Joomla! to Drupal, because Drupal seems to me much more powerful. I decided to install version 5, because i don't want to re-move in a couple of weeks (from 4.7.4 to 5 final). The beta gives me the opportunity to test Drupal and to learn this - for me - new system.

Until now, the beta is running without bugs and i wonder why i not moved earlier ;-)

O, and because i'm new to drupal, i don't know what the difference is with the 4.7.x series. I only can say that i love the 5 series.

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The difference to the user of the software is largely that most modules are not ported to 5.0 yet and work on many of them will not begin until 5.0 has gone final. If you don't want/need any functionality not yet in 5.0 that's fine for you; if you want functionality provided by modules you will probably need to go to 4.7.x because very few of them are on 5.0 at this point.

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At the time i understand 5 fully, all the modules will be ported to 5 :-) The main functions i want ATM is just text.

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A vast number of modules are already ported. OG, pathauto, cck, views just to mention a few of the big hitters.
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The not ported ones win. Yes, many of the big hitters have been ported. But lots of other ones (like, say, img_assist) have not. Of the modules I am currently using on my site, and I mean actually using, not just dropped in my modules dir and turned on, the number is far less than half.

Modules that I use that currently have no 5.x branch listed in their project:

acidfree (This is a BIG! one - although I am moving away from acidfree because it has been so problematic for me)
contemplate (BIG!)
email (CCK)
event (BIG! although with cck, date, and calendar, you can emulate it - it won't help with existing nodes)
filemanager (not sure if I need this and the following one on 5.x or not)
forms (not sure if I will need this one either but I'm using it now)
image_import (not updated since 4.6 AFAIK but it works on 4.7, if not beautifully)
location (is this in 5.x?)

Obviously this site doesn't have to be fast :D It's a vanity site. In spite of all the crap I usually get page loads under one second (and I'm using boost, so anon users should be getting great rates now.)

There were about eight modules I'm using that are marked as applying to 5.x in contrast to all these that are not.

If they are mismarked, I'm sorry, but I don't plan to go googling around to figure out who is actually working on what modules and I'm definitely not installing anything straight from CVS.

I could probably do without maybe a third of these modules tops, without significantly compromising functionality. This still leaves the unported modules in the lead several times over.

I don't want to seem ungrateful or like I think the module maintainers/authors owe me something. They don't. It's just that the vast majority of modules are as yet unported.

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because it has exponentially more robust caching than 4.7 built in. Boost basically ='s a patch of sorts for 4.7 caching performance. (something that really only matters if you're site is getting a gazillion hits in the first place)


Drupal configuration, hosting, and support

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It's not so much that I'm getting a gazillion hits as that I'm on a shared server with a whole crapload of sites and I want my site to be as fast and efficient as possible so that I can get the most out of my site. I'm only paying $10/mo but I'd like to maximize my investment as the saying goes.

With that said, I'm more than willing to see how 5.x caching does when the time comes, but of course I can't do that kind of testing until the RC at earliest; I have to wait for a significant number of modules regardless. IIRC img_assist won't be developed until release, but that may have been RC (it doesn't say anything on the list of contrib modules, but I saw something about it somewhere.)

With all respect to Michelle, it's really too bad no one is updating http://drupal.org/node/82257 in her absence. Talk about amateur hour, having to read through the whole list :(

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If you are interested in the planning for the updates check out http://drupal.org/node/82257

There is a nice list but the common point is when we get to RC. Lets not forget that we don't go from Beta to release but from beta to RC to release.

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Free tagging and taxonomy have been since 4.7.x but taxonomy since I think the beginning of Drupal

And Drupal 5.x has that COLOR CHOOSER for the kid in you ! :) And the admin is like the back-end only that its not graphical like Joomla

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"O, and because i'm new to drupal, i don't know what the difference is with the 4.7.x series. "

Although I am still fairly new to Drupal, I can say that there is a big leap from 4.7 to 5.x in usability for the admin area. After struggling for a long time to wrap my head around the inner workings of the Drupal system, in particular the modules CCK and Views which seem to be extremely important to customizing a Drupal site, I can tell you that the organization of the backend in 5.x is a huge leap forward in the learning curve. Just by organizing all of the admin functions in a logical manner helped me to get a handle on it all. Very exciting.
Last week i moved over from Joomla! to Drupal, because Drupal seems to me much more powerful.
I am also a Joomla user, but I am devoting much more time to learning Drupal. Although there is a steeper learning curve, it is much more powerful and therefore useful than Joomla, I would highly sugest anyone to make the switch. The built in ACL is reason enough, but did you know that the modular system that Drupal uses allows you to customize all of the core html output of the entire site? Just by modifying files in your themes directory - I know that the new Joomla 1.5 beta supposedly allows a similiar capability, but this has been a part of Drupal and the phptemplate engine for awhile now. And now 5.x series' tighter integration of CCK will make it so much more slick and powerful.

The one other area that I could see improvement with Drupal going forward is a better documentation structure and organization. This I believe is the major detrement to Drupal and the main reason that the learning curve has been so steep. Much of the info in the Handbooks seems outdated, and often one doesn't find the current relative info until reading through the comments and finding an updated version at the bottom. I believe a concerted effort on the part of the Drupal community to shore up this area will contribute to it becoming the defacto open source CMS solution.

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This is pretty sweet -- Thanks, and congratulations.

Looks like it's time to upgrade the testbed...



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Thanks to all drupal community!

Visita drupal.it, la comunità italiana di Drupal.

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Another perfect release. Congrats!

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Truely Awesome!! - Lets put some marketing around this and get the other contributed modules converted. We would be willing to help. And surely, I will have my team run some tests.

India has no constraint of resources and we are sure to be contibuting in a bigger way every passing month.

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Congratulations on the new version of Drupal.

I just installed the new 5.0 beta2 and it the admin part looks much better and I think many "normal" users will appreciate the changes very much. I think with this version Drupal has potential to get many new users in the boat.

Best regards,


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The way modules are organised and that their versions are now displayed might be mistaken for a small improvement, but for me this has made it far simpler to know what I've got installed (which can be a tricky task when running multiple sites).

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Thank you so much Drupal developers for this great version of Drupal 5, although I didn't test the beta 2 yet, beta 1 was really stable for me :)
It is definitely the time to upgrade the test DB

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We are using Drupal-5 beta for a project. I think most annoying part is new improved caching otherwise everything looks ok.
My hearty congrats to Drupal Dev’s. Long live Drupal!

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Hi - this isn't really the right forum to discuss the point, but what do you find annoying about the caching?

If there is a problem with the way it behaves then create an issue for it. If it's just a change that you need to get used to then that's the price of all the fancy new features :)

Knaddison Family | mmm Beta Burritos

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An excellent end and start for the hopeful new year, and thanks to the team for their time and effort, but one question I do have is, what has happend to the "archive" module ?

greggles’s picture

From the Changelog - removed the archive module.

It has been replaced with a separate (e.g. non core) module: http://drupal.org/project/archive


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Thanks for the pointer, and I do apologise for having missed it.

spazio’s picture

Keep up the good work! I am amazed by the fast development. Seems to me like I just upgraded my sites yesterday and now we are getting closer to another great release!

Thank you and congratulations to the team!

All the best from Berlin



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I'm currently running 4.6.10 in a couple of environments. Last night after perusing posts of people that made it sound like they made the jump to 5.x beta - I decided to give it a whirl. Cloned the database, and tried to run the upgrade -- BOOM. Lots of errors complaining about missing tables, columns, etc.

So I'm guessing I need to at least run the DB upgrade from 4.6.10 to 4.7.x, then from there to 5.x?


Ryanbach’s picture

Yes, I but you need to disable the old modules, etc before doing that.

Dries’s picture

It's probably better to upgrade to Drupal 4.7 first. When that worked, make a new backup, and upgrade to Drupal 5.0. Upgrading in one big swoop should work but doing it in two steps makes it easier to identify and trouble shoot the problem.

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The suggestion to disable all your contributed modules prior to upgrading is a good one.

brst t’s picture

Great work!

Very smart changes.

serlis’s picture

Just installed it! New changes are very impressive.Thanks!

barnish’s picture

Just installed it on http://barnish.net - was a snap. Love this! Keep up the good work!

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I saw in the release notes that the Archive has been removed from Core Drupal in the latest 5.0 beta. What's the recommended replacement for this module? Are folks expected to use Views, or will Archive now be a standalone module?

mfer’s picture

Check out the Archive project http://drupal.org/project/archive

On the project page they talk about alternative methods if you want to use something other than this, too.

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This is very exciting. I would like a good piece of advice. :)

I am going to use Drupal for a fairly large information site on Pacemakers, for patients and next-of-kin. I find the learning curve for 4.7. to be pretty steep, and of course I want to use Drupal 5.0, so:

Is it recommendable to install the Beta 2 and work from there? Will it be possible to upgrade the Beta to a full 5.0 when the time comes, or must I export the content from the Beta and add to the 5.0?

We don't have very high demands, content publishing, forum, and high availability and usability since the target audience is more or less all 55 years +.

The site are scheduled to go live in januari 2007.

Any hints and help are appreciated. I plan to contribute to this community in language translation (swedish) if help is needed.

Magnus Boletus

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Will it be possible to upgrade the Beta to a full 5.0 when the time comes...?

Drupal has good upgrade documentation. But first, when the time comes to upgrade, ALWAYS ensure you've made a backup before attempting the upgrade itself.

Is it recommendable to install the Beta 2 and work from there?

I'm not a Drupal expert, but generally it is NOT a good idea to run a production web site off of a beta release. Although you mentioned "the learning curve for 4.7. to be pretty steep", it is my belief that any bugs you encounter on 5.0 will be much more difficult for you to resolve than the "pretty steep" learning curve on 4.7.4. Unless you know how to fix the bug(s), you'll most likely have to wait for the next 5.0 beta or release candidate (RC) or stable 5.0 to resolve the issue(s). Also, although a stable 5.0 could be released soon, on the other hand it could be quite some time. Stable releases are released, well, when they're released. You probably don't want to be dealing with beta bugs or even RC bugs if your goal is to launch in January 2007 as you mentioned.

Although the 5.0 beta may be very tempting, I urge Drupal newcomers to go with the latest stable release for a production web site. As of now, that's 4.7.4.

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I have just upgraded http://www.akyl.org from beta 1 to beta 2. No any sensible change. Everything works just as smoothly as it did in beta 1. I hope popular modules will be upgraded to beta2 soon and we will be able to use Drupal 5 not only for testing purposes.


mfer’s picture

You many want to hold off going live on a production site with a beta. It is a beta and despite betas being popular on the net these days it isn't a really good idea to go with a beta. Most of the modules will start being ported over when drupal 5 gets to RC phase. After RC it will finally be released.

Chill35’s picture

I installed the beta 2 version from scratch. With a new database.

When I publish content, such as a "page", I get this message :

user warning: Field 'log' doesn't have a default value query: INSERT INTO node_revisions (nid, vid, title, body, teaser, timestamp, uid, format) VALUES (2, 2, 'Hello', 'blabla', 'blabla', 1165305156, 1, 1) in F:\htdocs\drupal-5.0-beta2\includes\database.mysql.inc on line 167.

When I view the page it is empty.

dww’s picture

this is a known bug. i've posted a patch for it in http://drupal.org/node/100850
please test that patch on your site and confirm that it solves your problem.
if don't know how to apply patches, look here: http://drupal.org/node/22568
once you've tested the patch, please followup to that issue and say if it did or did not solve your problems.

that said, this forum announcement isn't a good place to report bugs. you should really search the Drupal core issue queue to see if the bug is already known, and if not, submit a new bug report.


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Just downloaded the Beta 2 file, and looked at the upgrade.txt file. Well, i'm less than impressed, lol. This is all there is??

1. Backup your database and Drupal directory - especially your
sites-directory which contains your configuration file and
any added modules and themes.

2. Log on as the user with user ID 1.

3. Remove all the old Drupal files then unpack the new Drupal
files into the directory that you run Drupal from.

4. Modify the new configuration file to make sure
it has the latest and correct information.

5. Run update.php by visiting http://www.example.com/update.php.

Do I point the new installation to my existing 4.7.3 db? Do I remove all the modules and themes? this doesn't seem like an upgrade, but a new install...

Steel Rat
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greggles’s picture

That's a great point, they could be improved.

Perhaps you can open an issue and provide your improvements of the instructions to upgrade:


Knaddison Family | mmm Beta Burritos

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Steel Rat’s picture

Sorry, but I don't have that kind of knowledge. I guess I just expected something more detailed.

Steel Rat
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Steel Rat’s picture

Needless to say, upgrading from 4.7.3 to 5 beta 2 using the 5 steps above did not work. I'm guessing since the modules aren't all compatible with 5.0 that they won't all work, hence if I upload them back in, I'll still have problems.

I think some more comprehensive upgrade docs are immediately needed.

If anyone else has upgraded from 4.7.3 to 5 beta2, can you let me in on the secret to a successful upgrade?


Steel Rat
Drupal Site: RPGMapShare.com

mfer’s picture

The secret is to upgrade everything. I have had no problems upgrading. But, many of the contributed modules aren't upgraded yet. A contributed module (from /project/Modules) that is for 4.7 won't work in 5. A 5 version will need to be released.

If you are just upgrading the core components there shouldn't be a problem. If you are counting on contributed modules there are a handful. But, most of the contributed modules won't be ported over until the first Release Candidate comes out. Drupal 5 is in beta. It is not recommended for production sites yet.

What else should be added to more comprehensive upgrade docs?

Here is some more info on upgrading from the handbook: http://drupal.org/upgrade/tutorial-introduction

This isn't updated to version 5 but version 5 is still in the testing and work out bugs beta phase.

Steel Rat’s picture

First off, why isn't all that in the upgrade.txt file? That's one issue.

Secondly, the upgrade.txt makes no mention of turning off all non-core modules before starting the upgrade, and most likely the core of my problem.

So, i'm trying it all again, though it seems my server has died while trying to upload the old files back.

Steel Rat
Drupal Site: RPGMapShare.com

mfer’s picture

This is how you upgrade. You have to replace the software with the newer version, the login as the admin user (user 1), and run the update.php script. This will detect the version of the database you have (4.7.3 in your case) and upgrade it to the 5 beta 2 database.

All of the modules you use which aren't part of the core install will need to be upgraded to or they won't work. If the contributed modules make changes to the database they should (is coded right) update the database as well when the update.php script is run.

In doing this it is always important to backup your database. Something night happen that could mess up the upgrade. It's always a good idea to backup. What if you have a server failure mid upgrade?

With drupal, except for files (user files like pictures and audio) and the config file pointing to the database, the rest of the content and settings are stored in the database. So, to upgrade drupal you need to replace the system files and update the database. This is perfectly acceptable and works really well.

How else would you upgrade? Why is this unacceptable? Can you propose a better way and a reason for that?

If some of your modules aren't upgraded to 5 you may want to wait until there is a final release as that is when many modules will be ready to go. Drupal 5 is in beta. It is not in final release. There are critical bugs and when they are worked out we will have a release. After the first RC is when many of the modules will begin being ported over. But remember, this is a beta.

Steel Rat’s picture

What is unacceptable is the lack of detail.

Your outline is at odds with the supplied "documentation".

You are saying REPLACE the software with the new version. The upgrade doc says "Remove all the old Drupal files then unpack the new Drupal files into the directory that you run Drupal from." Does "Remove all the old Drupal files" include modules and themes?? What specifically needs to be removed? Then you say that you need to replace the "system" files. none of this is spelled out. What do the system files consist of?

It also says to login as user 1, then remove all the files and unpack the new ones. You're saying the opposite.

I understand that modules need to be upgraded, but as it stands, after the upgrade attempt, I can't get the admin or main pages to load, I get function call errors from the old modules.

Clearly the information is lacking.

Steel Rat
Drupal Site: RPGMapShare.com

icon’s picture

What is unacceptable is the lack of detail.

Oh, you think the documentation of a beta, non-release candidate, free, open source, community-built CMS is unacceptable. And yet you're not going to do anything about it:

Sorry, but I don't have that kind of knowledge. I guess I just expected something more detailed.

Even logging an issue about the lack of documentation would be helpful. Contributing to the problem being fixed is all that's asked. To give you an idea of how monumentally hypocritical you sound, the moaning in your posts was enough to drive me to register and post. I even had to wait a day to do so because of a network outage here.


Chill35’s picture

I too think that the install.text file isn't clear at all.

If I would complain about it, I sure would not be able to tell how it could be improved because I don't understand what it's saying.

1. Backup your database and Drupal directory - especially your
sites-directory which contains your configuration file and
any added modules and themes.


2. Log on as the user with user ID 1.

3. Remove all the old Drupal files then unpack the new Drupal
files into the directory that you run Drupal from.

Why do I need to log on before removing all my old files ?
I remove my old files from inside Drupal ?

4. Modify the new configuration file to make sure
it has the latest and correct information.

Which configuration file ?
What is the latest and correct information ?

5. Run update.php by visiting http://www.example.com/update.php.


Steel Rat’s picture

The main problem, as I see it, is that there is something missing between steps 2 and 3, and that would be to disable all non-core modules.

Step 3 needs to be clarified as to what exactly needs to be removed. Everything in the drupal folder structure?

Step 4 I understand well enough to mean the connection info to the database.

Step 5 depends on all the other steps working properly.

Steel Rat
Drupal Site: RPGMapShare.com

mfer’s picture

I think I take upgrading drupal for granted as easy. I don't think I have read the upgrade.txt file in some time. You all are right. That could use some more detail and maybe even a little explanation.

I opened an issue to add some detail to UPGRADE.txt at http://drupal.org/node/102011. If anyone has any thoughts please post them.

Steel Rat’s picture

In light of the fact that some of the modules I really need aren't available for 5 yet, I won't be trying the upgrade again. but I will install 5 beta just to mess around with it.

Steel Rat
Drupal Site: RPGMapShare.com

styro’s picture

Why do I need to log on before removing all my old files ?

So that you have a session cookie for user 1 in your browser when you access the new versions update.php file which can only be run by user 1 for security reasons (unless you modify the script). Because the new versions database isn't upgraded yet, you can't log in normally until after the upgrade - that is why you need the session for user 1 set up before deleting the old Drupal version.

I remove my old files from inside Drupal ?

Remove the old Drupal files from your web server. I'm not sure how you could do anything from within Drupal?

Which configuration file ?

settings.php - ie the Drupal configuration file.

What is the latest and correct information ?

Basically whatever needs to go into your settings.php for your site. ie your old configuration settings, adapted for any new changes in the settings.php format. eg in 4.6 $base_url was required, in 4.7 it wasn't.

New to Drupal? | Forum posting tips | Troubleshooting FAQ

rizaa’s picture

The new beta 5 is superbly slick and excellently organized.
Feedbacks and queries w.r.t it, however , seems to get drowned in the general forum and issue lists as most users are not yet using ver 5 beta 2.

I will like to know the following :

Image display :
Under : Home › Administer › Site configuration › File uploads
whether it is possible or how is it possible to have options to show gifs or jpgs as inline images rather than as clickable links The inline module seems not working.

Non functioning in Opera : In Opera 8.5 name and password cannot be typed in as well as navigation links are non clickable.

OG module :
og-5.x-1.x-dev as well as og-6.x-1.x-dev I have followed all of the instructions but whenever under Groups directory > Groups I enter a group name and hit submit the sreen just flickers and nothing happens - no group is created [[ I had no problem with 4.7 ]]

[ php 4.4.4
mysql 4.1.21
drupal 5 beta 2 ]

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First, announcements are not for bug reports. These do not get lost in issue queues because issues have a version so if I want to check Drupal 5 bugs, I can.

Second, I think Opera 8.5 is hardly used by anyone now. Typing this under Opera 9.02 while keeping an eye on the Opera 9.10 weekly builds. I thought it's only IE where ancient versions are run because IT department terror keeps you from changing or simply a newer version is not available.
The news is Now Public | Drupal development: making the world better, one patch at a time. | A bedroom without a teddy is like a face without a smile.

Drupal development: making the world better, one patch at a time. | A bedroom without a teddy is like a face without a smile.

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My hosting provider will not install 'mysqli' with php5. He only supports 'pdo' with php5 and doesn't have php4 anymore. Is there still a way to use Drupal 5? Or Drupal at all?

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Drupal 5.0 will only support the mysql, mysqli and pgsql backends, sorry. There are other contributed db backends, but they tend to be unstable. I don't think there is one for PDO yet.

If you have a problem, please search before posting a question.

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Cannot wait.

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I installed the new 5.0 beta2 at http://financeguideindia.com and very impressive. The admin part looks much better. I hope more modules start to get ported over now. I think with this version Drupal has potential to get many new users in the boat. Thank you so much Drupal developers for this great version of Drupal 5

Love this! Keep up the good work!