Drupal 4.7.0 beta 2 is now available for download at http://drupal.org/files/projects/drupal-4.7.0-beta2.tar.gz. This is the second beta release of the forthcoming Drupal 4.7.0 release.

Over 50 bugs have been fixed since beta 1, but we know there are still more to find, report, and fix. Being a community, this is a community effort and we need as much of the community as we can get to come forward and help us out so that we can get this system to a stable 4.7.0 release. Read on for more information about how you can help.

Ways that you can help:

  1. Download Drupal 4.7.0 beta 2 and install it on a test platform. For instructions on installing or upgrading Drupal, please consult INSTALL.txt or UPGRADE.txt respectively, as well as the documentation available in the handbook. You can use the development module to quickly populate an empty database, or you can upgrade an existing Drupal 4.6 database. As with everything still in development, take precautions with your data.
  2. Get your users to participate on a test site. Nothing finds bugs like a lot of people doing different things. Even just perusing the logs might find bugs.
  3. Participate in the bug hunt! Prizes are awarded for people who find the most actual bugs!
  4. Participate by reviewing patches! Go to the patch queue and review some patches. The process of reviewing a patch works like this: first, using the system stated, replicate the bug. Then install the patch. Ensure that the bug no longer exists. Look around to make sure that the patch didn't break anything else. Look at the code of the patch. Make sure the patch is good code and conforms to the coding standards. If the patch checks out, give it a +1!
  5. Fix bugs! Go to the pending bug list and find some bugs. Track them down. You can learn a lot about the Drupal system by fixing the bugs people find. You can ask questions of the developers on the IRC channel, #drupal on irc.freenode.net. They're busy fixing bugs too, but many if not most will be willing to give pointers to anyone who wants to help!
  6. Come to the Bug Fix Party on IRC. It'll be fun. We need people to review patches!


netbjarne’s picture

Great work! - This will be installed on my testing site right away!

The download page at http://drupal.org/project/Drupal%20project/4.7.0-beta seems still to point to the beta1 files. A glitch?

Best regards

Dries’s picture

The project page will be updated shortly. It's cron-driven.

netbjarne’s picture

Does that apply to the version drop-down menu in http://drupal.org/project/issues as well? - because I wanted to submit a cosmetic issue with the beta 2, but only beta 1 was available in the menu.

It really looks exiting. I've been testing for an hour at http://oldrup.dk/drupaltest/ and no problems encountered yet - all issues I have submitted to beta 1 has been taken care of - great work :-)


simon rawson’s picture

Thanks for bundling up a beta2 for us Dries. Things are moving really nice and fast with 4.7 now! It's really exciting!

alexis’s picture

Great, I've just started porting a theme from 4.6 to the new 4.7 beta 2.

Let the bug hunt begin :)


Alexis Bellido - Ventanazul web solutions

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griffinn’s picture

Does anyone know off-hand whether the Image, Img-assist and TinyMCE modules from cvs work with Drupal 4.7?

simon rawson’s picture

In short - yes. (And you could have found this out by checking the relevant project pages!)

  • CVS Image is written for 4.7.
  • CVS TinyMCE is written for 4.7.
  • CVS Img_assist is in a half-ported state and still needs some patches which Waldemar and I have posted here.
griffinn’s picture

That's great news, thanks! 4.7, here I come!

iraszl’s picture

Will test it right away.


lduperval’s picture


In order for me to be able to move to 4.7, I have to use it with the following modules:

  • i18n
  • simplenews
  • image (or some equivalent)

Does anyone know if they work?


Brian@brianpuccio.net’s picture

As mentioned above in this very thread, image.module works. I'm not 100% sure about the others, buts drupal.org it self uses simplenews.modules. You can always set up a quick test site.

simon rawson’s picture

I just did a quick check on simplenews for you by checking it's CVS log. You can access it here: http://cvs.drupal.org/viewcvs/drupal/contributions/modules/simplenews/si....

So, looking at revision 1.11 you can see that simplenews is 4.7 compliant.

I'll leave i18n as an exercise for the reader :-p

GN’s picture

When installing i18n, you need to patch common.inc, bootstrap.inc, and taxonomy.module core files. For different versions of these files (which I guess is the case for 4.7), the patches may not work as intended (leaving alone the general issue of 4.7 compatibility).
You can look into the specific patch files to see what versions they are intended for.

StingRay427’s picture

for a while the patches have been removed for CVS (4.7)

it's said as you can read, "Patches not needed anymore". But for me doesn't work i18n module without patches (on cvs and 4.7 beta1 and 4.7 beta2). Accessing page with ?q=admin works, but not ?q=en/admin (where en is a language shortcut). I don't think where is something wrong with this module or drupal itself, but w/o patches is i18n for me useless, maybe I am stupid to install it ?

But where can I download the "old" patches from i18n module for CVS version ?

GN’s picture

Thank you for pointing it out.
(The behavior you are writing about looks similar to how i18n works under 4.6.* without patches).
Also, the current CVS version does not include i18nmenu.module (however, I haven't managed to make it work under 4.6.4, either -- http://drupal.org/node/41704).

billturner’s picture

I'm currently running 4.7.0 beta 1, and I'd like to know if it is necessary to re-run update.php. Or, is it okay to just upload the new code and leave the DB as it is? Has there been any major/minor DB changes between the two 4.7 beta releases?


Dries’s picture

Good question. Yes, you need to run update.php. We cleaned up some old variables and fixed some migration issues. I guess we should have mentioned that in the beta 2 announcement.

billturner’s picture

Thanks for the answer!

bomarmonk’s picture

I expect this isn't possible yet, but there are so many changes (and nice ones at that) it will be a wonder to behold if the update.php script will actually upgrade an existing 4.6 site to 4.7. I imagine this will be available after a stable release is made, if it is possible? I'm looking forward to it, but I'm not necessarily expecting it...

kbahey’s picture

Yes, update.php will work from 4.6 to 4.7.

I have tried it myself on a 4.7 version after beta1 and it works fine.

Of course, this is for Drupal core only, you have to look at each contributed module separately and see how they deal with the database, and whether they are 4.7 to begin with or not.
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moshe weitzman’s picture

fyi, 4.7 allows contrib modules to hook into update.php so at least the machinery is there to make upgrades much smoother.

sepeck’s picture

It's part of what is being tested now. Making sure that the update.php site will successfully update 4.6.x core.

So far once the spinning bar issue was resolved, I have successfully updated my pruction site in 4 test runs.

Test site, always start with a test site.
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-Steven Peck
Test site, always start with a test site.
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bomarmonk’s picture

Thanks for the update. I'll have a go with it on a copy of my exisiting 4.6 site, just in case. I've already toyed around with 4.7 beta-2 and it definitely warrants the upgrade. Repeating events, customized titles, more blocks in themes, better forms with AJAX and the category module -- just to name a few good reasons for the upgrade!

Dries’s picture

Trying to upgrade your site on a test copy before the final Drupal 4.7.0 release will (help) ensure that upgrading your site will "just work". It helps eliminate any surprises. Fact is the developers might be much more repsonsive to bug reports now, then they might be after the final Drupal 4.7.0 release. Make sure to help test and to file (or refine existing) bug reports. If possible, provide patches. Detailed information about how you can help, is available in the original announcement.


bomarmonk’s picture

I tried the highest number-- 162-- when running the update script and this just altered my cache table. When I ran 130, my site was apparently upgraded to 4.7. . Did I do this right? Now I'm just looking at getting all of my modules installed and upgraded. I will post any errors that I encounter to bug tracking.

gtcaz’s picture

For those who are testing with CVS, will 4.7 branch from HEAD when the official relase is made? Thanks.

Dries’s picture

Yes, at some point in the near future, we'll create a DRUPAL-4-7 branch for Drupal core. At that point, we'll open up HEAD for new developments.

bengt’s picture

I have insatalled 4.7.0b2 from scratch and changed the date formats to "2005-12-21 15:00" and "Wed, 2005-12-21 15:00". I made a Forum topic. So far, so fine. Then I made a comment to that topic. The date for the comment became "1970-01-01 01:00".

I changed the date formats to "12/21/2005 - 15:00" and "Wed, 12/21/2005 - 15:00". I created a new comment, and now the date was ok.

I changed back again to "2005-12-21 15:00" and "Wed, 2005-12-21 15:00" and made a third comment... and the date was ok!

Any explanation?



joanna’s picture

Could you tell us when approximately will the final 4.7.0 version will be available (this week, on New Year, etc)?

StingRay427’s picture

there is not even RC, so don't expect Final this year.
As many said, the long time needed for bug fixes needed means a high quality 4.7 final later :-)

Dries’s picture

There are quite a few bugs that need fixing. It is very unlikely that Drupal 4.7.0 will be released in less than two weeks.

pjdevries’s picture

So, what's a Drupal newbe like me got to do? Start with 4.7 stick with 4.6?

silverwing’s picture

if there is a feature in 4.7 that you absolutely have to have, go for it. Just remember that it's still buggy and has far few modules and themes.

4.6, however, is 'production quality' and has modules and themes that work with it. (and 4.6 modules wont work with 4.7.)

If you can handle bugs and are willing to upgrade frequently over the next month, use 4.7. If not, stick with 4.6.

(I do believe that a lot of sites are going to stick with 4.6 for a while, until modules get adapted for 4.7.)

pjdevries’s picture

That's clear. I think it's best to stick with 4.6 for my first Drupal site.

Thanks for the advice.

traemccombs’s picture

I am trying to upgrade from 4.7 beta1 to beta2 and when I run the update.php script, it simply says:

Starting updates... 0%
Updating your site will take a few seconds.

This just hangs and never does anything. Any ideas? Chx says there is a patch for this, but I can't seem to find it anywhere.

Thanks in advance,

founder: themes.org / linux.com

Dries’s picture

This will be fixed in beta 3. Disable JavaScript for now.

colorado’s picture

AWESOME work - I can't thank you enough for all your amazing work!!

merlinofchaos’s picture

Pretty soon, I think.

-- Merlin

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-- Merlin

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markus_petrux’s picture

Sometimes it happens when a bug is fixed another one arises...

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robertDouglass’s picture

Apress has just published the book that I've been writing which covers the features of 4.7 in great detail. See link below for more info.

- Robert Douglass

My Drupal book: Building Online Communities with Drupal, phpBB and WordPress

Walt Esquivel’s picture


CONGRATULATIONS on this new book!!! I've been looking over Chapter 4 via the link to the PDF file you provided and Chapter 4 is proving to be VERY helpful and informative. What a terrific idea to publish the material and make things easier to find! These forums are great, but sometimes it's nice having material more readily available either in a book or an e-book without having to search and review dozens and dozens of postings to try and find an answer.

Speaking of e-books, is the publisher, Apress, going to make an online version of the Drupal portion of the book available for purchase? I'm not interested in the phpBB nor WordPress portions of the book, just Drupal, and I'd actually prefer something online such as a PDF file. If not, I guess I'll just buy the book.

Also, would it be possible to start a new thread elsewhere with a link from here to there (since this thread is about "Drupal 4.7.0 beta 2" and not your excellent new book) to deal with specific questions about the book? For example, I just read in Chapter 4 on page 133 under the Organic Groups Module section the following caution...

"Caution Do not try to use the Organic Groups module with other node-level access modules, as they are
not designed to work together."

...and I have a question.

So...new thread elsewhere? The new thread might also help sell more books and might even warrant a posting on the main page.

Thank you for your many contributions to Drupal!!!

Walt Esquivel, MBA, MA, Captain - U.S. Marine Corps (Veteran)
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robertDouglass’s picture


Enjoy! (I'll look for your question in another thread)

- Robert Douglass

My Drupal book: Building Online Communities with Drupal, phpBB and WordPress

Walt Esquivel’s picture

Hi Robert,

I went to the apress.com web site and invested $25 on the ebook - what a great value! I already know this ebook is really going to help me quite a bit, so I'm going to study it indepth starting today. I know it will save me hours of searching for answers here on this web site and hours of frustration due to mistakes on my end, plus it's written by a true Drupal professional so I know I can trust it! I'm glad Dries put you in touch with the editor at Apress.

I'll come back here and start a new thread for book-related questions so they don't clog up this valuable beta2 related thread...unless someone else starts the thread before I do (if someone does start a new thread, please kindly link to the new thread by posting the link here).

Well, I have a lot of reading to do. Thanks again, Robert, for the book.

Cheers & happy holidays,

P.S. I am NOT getting a cut of the book but I highly encourage all newbies to invest the $25 for the ebook. It's definitely worth it and will most likely save you many hours of your valuable time with its clear and straightforward language, tips, cautions, etc.

Walt Esquivel, MBA, MA, Captain - U.S. Marine Corps (Veteran)
President, Wellness Corps, LLC

mollila’s picture

Also just bough the ebook. We are just beginning to set up a new Drupal site, and it was great to notice a book was written about it.

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