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Workbench is a suite of modules to help you focus on your content instead of having to learn all of Drupal.

Drupal provides plenty of functionality to help manage content, and the goal of Workbench is to bring these different features together into a unified user interface.

The Workbench module itself provides a nice landing page to see your user profile and your content. It also provides easy access to create new content (with the ability to extend with additional Workbench modules.

Extensive README.txt files are available for Workbench modules. Workbench Files and Workbench Media modules are dependent on Workbench. Workbench Access and Workbench Moderation can be installed and enabled on their own or used in conjunction with the Workbench module suite.

Workbench Suite includes the following modules:


Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.