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This is a collection of PHP snippets that you can use to add custom submission handling to your Webforms. Using submission code, you can change any of the $form_values or $form_state variables that are available to you, and these values will be saved with the changed values in the database.

Please note: Webform version 3 no longer supports additional validation and additional processing snippets. For more information about support for PHP code execution, see and

A strange Webform quirk: Values are split between $form_values['submitted'] and $form_values['submitted_tree']. Values set in the 'submitted' key are saved to the database, while values in the 'submitted_tree' are sent out in the sent e-mails. The submitted tree will follow the same format as your form (that is, fields will be nested), but the 'submitted' values will be a single array, keyed by the unique component ID for each field.

An example:

$component_key = 'first_name';
$component_cid = 6;

// The First Name field is within a fieldset for "Name".
// Updating this value will set the first name to to "Bob" in the e-mail.
$form_values['submitted_tree']['name'][$component_key] = 'Bob';

// Despite the field being in a fieldset, in the submitted array,
// it is identified directly by the component CID.
// Updating this value will set the the first name to be "Joe" in the database.
$form_values['submitted'][$component_cid] = 'Joe';

or if you just wanted to set the value to a php variable:

$first_name = $form_values['submitted_tree']['first_name'];
$last_name= $form_values['submitted_tree']['last_name'];

This snippets are only intended for use with the Webform 2.x module. They will not work with CCK or other modules.

To use any of these snippets:

  1. Visit the permissions page (admin/user/access in D5 or admin/user/permissions in D6) and ensure the current user has the "use PHP for additional processing" permission.
  2. Create or edit a new Webform
  3. Under the "Webform advanced settings", enter the snippet, including the <?php ?> tags.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


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where to write Above Code Snippet can any one identify the File where i can write this Code Snippet

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If you have the permission to add PHP code, you find an additional processing field in the advanced parameters group of the webform creation page. (I am looking at a drupal site translated into french, so the names I am using here may be only approximately right.)

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I'm trying to do a check to see if a few checkboxes are checked or not. How would you modify the code for that? I've already found how to see the different options like these:


The above just shows what the checkboxes' values are but not if they are actually checked or not. I assume I would need to change the ['value'] to something.