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NOTE: Some of this documentation was originally written for the Drupal 5 version of Ubercart. It is currently (February 2012) being overhauled and updated to reflect the many changes that have been made in Ubercart over the past four years.

We ENCOURAGE the community to make changes and additions to these pages. If you find inaccuracies, correct them! If something is left out, add it! Your contributions will help to make this documentation more useful for everyone, and will be highly appreciated.

Ubercart is a shopping cart system born in late September of 2006. Development started on the beta version of Drupal 5.x and has been going strong ever since. Ubercart has a few design goals that we're been pursuing and will continue to pursue as the code matures:

Ubercart should...

  • be easy to configure (initial store setup)
  • make it easy to start selling things (simple product catalog building)
  • make it easy to process orders (simplifying the day to day tasks)

Ubercart is aggressively pursuing a low barrier to entry by simplifying as many store and order management forms and pages as possible. The team is here to have fun and get as many people as involved as possible!

To help us meet our goals, we have setup our own community website at That's the place to go if you have a general support question.

We invite you to join in the fun!

API documentation:
Beginner's Video Tutorials:
Installing Drupal | Common Drupal Terminology | Adding Functionality w/ Modules | Configuring Ubercart | Configuring Shipping, Paypal, Taxes | Creating Products & Configuring the Catalog | Overriding the Catalog and Creating Product Attributes | Creating Product Kits, Store Stock and Order Status | Launching Your Site, Ubercart Reports, Drupal Themes and Add-on Modules
Bug reports:
Add-on modules:
Ubercart 3 add-on modules list
Community site:

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.