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The Poll core module lets you create simple polls. You ask a question, provide possible answers, and let your users vote. Drupal then keeps a running tally of the results.

When you create a poll, Content >> Add content >> Poll (Drupal 5 and 6) or Content >> Add content >> Poll (Drupal 7), you can also specify the "base" vote counts (how many votes an item has at the start) and decide how long the voting will run.

You can enable the polls module on the modules page, Administer >> Modules.

The poll items in navigation menu will take users to a page where they can see all of the current polls, vote on them (if they haven't already) and view the results.

On the access control page, Administer >> Access control (Drupal 5 and 6) or Modules >> Poll >> Permissions (Drupal 7), you can decide which users have permission to vote, to see the voting results, and to create polls of their own.

To change the settings for creating polls - Administer >> Settings >> Content types >> Poll >> Edit (Drupal 5 and 6) or Structure >> Content types >> Poll >> Edit (Drupal 7).

Drupal 8 Poll

Things have changed in Drupal 8. Unlike Article and Basic page, Poll is not a content type that creates nodes with fields like it did in the past. "Poll" is an entity, it is the question itself.

1. Install the Poll module as you would any other module.
2. Go to /admin/content.
3. Locate the Poll tab across the top with content and comments.
4. Click +Add a poll (in other words, add a question)
5. Complete the form and Save.
6. Your question should appear as if it were a node on the Content tab or a comment on the Comment tab.
7. Click on the question and see you question as a page.

To create a poll block using the poll questions you make, do the following.

1. Go to structure>Block layout>Custom block library tab>Block types sub-tab.
2. Click on +Add custom block type.
3. Give it a label such as: Poll block and Save.
4. Click on Manage fields next to the Poll block in the list.
5. Add a reference field to other and label it Poll Question.
6. For the Type of item to reference, select Poll. If you want to have multiple questions showing in the block, change the value of Allowed number of values. Save.
7. If you want to add instructions for your users, do it now. Otherwise, save.
8. Lastly, Manage Display by hiding the body field (unless you plan on using it), hide the label to the poll question, and set the format to show the full entity. Save.

Now for the block itself:
1. Go to Structure>Block layout>Custom block library tab>.
2. Click +Add custom block
3. Select Poll block
4. Complete the form by using the Poll question reference field to reference the poll question entity you have already created.
5. Save.
6. Place the block in a region so you can see it.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


davidkirk’s picture

I have a basic poll on my site It is exhibiting strange and erratic behavior:

1. At lease some (if not all) unregistered users cannot submit a vote, even though it appears to "take." Worse, on every new page to which a visitor navigates, the poll is presented again, ready for a fresh vote.

2. After submitting a vote, a different apparently random content page loads, so far, either the catalog or a product page from my Amazon store ( or my Twitter feed (

Brilliant solutions welcomed!

venusrising’s picture

I have the same weird issue going on. I have tried checking permission, disabling, flushing cache. I have the vote looking like it takes too then sending the user to a totally random view page. Did you solve this?


davidkirk’s picture

Does any have an idea how I might solve this problem?

blisteringherb’s picture

Did you have any lucking finding an answer to this issue? It might be worthwhile to check the issue queue here - Poll.module issue queue.

greatwhitebuffalo’s picture

I have a Drupal 6 site, all modules and core are up to date. I just attempted to enable and use the poll feature and have run into a problem. The poll creation page works, let's me enter the poll title and as many choices as I want. When the poll is posted (or previewed) the choices do not show up. If I go back to edit the poll, all of the choices are still there, they just don't show up in the node when it's displayed nor is there a vote button.

I looked at the page source for the node and the choices are not there, so they're not being hidden by css or anything of that nature.

Does anyone have an idea on why this might happen? The rest of the site appears to be working properly, but I'd really love to be able to add polls to the site.


powercode’s picture

1. Devload shows that the choice() array of nid object is not empty, all choices values are in the array.
2. Before updating to Drupal 6.16 all worked perfectly.
3. Content-area of poll node where must be $choices output looks like this:

<div id="content-area">
	<div id="node-148" class="node node-type-poll"><div class="node-inner">
		<div class="meta">
			<div class="submitted">05.04.2010 02:51, admin </div>
	<div class="content">
	<span class='print-link'></span>  </div>
</div> <!-- /node-inner, /node -->
davidkirk’s picture

Good morning, Powercode. I'm sufficiently tech unsmart not to know if your response is to jy problem or the other one described in this thread. Is it for me? If not ... do you have any idea how to solve this annoying problem?

langelhc’s picture

You can try this, when you are creating the Poll, in Poll Settings-> "poll status" must be: ACTIVE;
if I choose "closed", the options and the "vote" button doesn't appear,

Try it

Gabi Langmack’s picture

I experienced the same problem.
Change your theme back to a core theme to check if the problem is caused by your theme. I changed mine to Garland, enabled the block and the poll worked at once, showing all the poll choices.
Then I placed <div class="poll"> into the page.tpl.php of my original theme. (In my case below the php of the left sidebar ...) This is probably not good practice, but it worked. The choices showed up.

davidkirk’s picture

No, I still have not resolved the problem of a poll vite submisison returning a random page from my site. I'll take a look at the link you suggested. Thanks.

mrgavindb’s picture

For users that want to attach polls to nodes, rather than polls being nodes, check out pollfield.

trickyricky26’s picture

I'm having trouble filtering a view to list polls that a user has already voted on? Any suggestions? What am I missing here?

Riham.n’s picture

Hi all
I am new with drupal an I am trying poll module
as admin I add new questions & answers and it appear to me in a block
but when I log in as an authenticated user it dose not appear!!!!!
Knowing I give him a permission to be able to vote.....
Please if any one knows the answer plz give to me

errand’s picture

Hello. I'm using standart poll module and very fond of it. But i faced the question: is there any way to make block view with list who voted and for what?

eswyt’s picture

I don't want to display who voted. How can I disable that?

Drave Robber’s picture

In Drupal 6:

Withdraw 'inspect all votes' permission from anyone but administrators in admin/user/permissions.

It might be called differently in other versions, and sometimes permissions are named quite counterintuitively, so you might need to play around with them a bit - cautiously, of course.

astutonet’s picture

Hello friends.

I'm using D6 and the Poll module on my site. For the type of content Poll, I created a text box with infinite characters, with the purpose of introducing the user to the subject being discussed in the poll in progress.

Thus, my purpose is to create a view for displaying the polls on the front page of the site, featuring only the title of the poll and a part of the introductory text. For the user to vote, he would click on the title of the poll and access the same link .

Happens that the Block Poll and the Block View don't allow me to display only the title and introduction to the subject of polls.

If I set up the polls to be displayed with cut, the users only have access to titles, the outcome of the vote and the voting option. If I set up the polls to display in Standard mode, the title, the introductory text, the number of votes and an option to vote are displayed and this view is not interesting to a front page.

What can I do to display only the title and a part of the text of the poll?

Thanks in advance.

Edit: Solved with the module Pollfield

Astuto (Sergio)

rta’s picture

Hi every body,
i am new in Drupal (just 1 week), i was install the version 7.
i need to create dynamic questionnaire(survey) that can be edit by the admin,
and i see that i can use the poll module to create my module questionnaire.
is it a good idea or you have another one?
10 q for your suggestion.

suffering drupal’s picture

First of all I am surprised to see over a YEAR of unanswered questions on a CORE module. I had already got kind of used to that in the added modules, but to see how even DRUPAL STAFF or whomever is responsable (is there anyone?) seem to be even less interested in it's users than are the telephone companies is the final deception (and as such a general deception regarding "open source" as a whole). Anyway I have been wrestling all alone since I started (except for 1 exception), so I'll just continue for the moment since I have no other option anymore.
I am sorry if anyone should feel offended, but frankly, the more time I spend (loose) on Drupal (AND its community ) the more cynical I makes me. I really wasn't looking to go this way. I thought using Drupal would be enjoyable, enriching, difficult but achievable. However, the way I have been treated (or mostly the lack of being treated) and seeing how this actually is rather extended, rapidly turned my initial enthousiasm into suffering.
Even counting on no answer, I will post my problem anyway, just in case someone finds relief in knowing to not be the only one being neglected or having the same problem.

Actually the title says it all: when you are on a term page with a list of teasers of polls, the votes always go to the first poll in the list even if on line 569 of poll.module it says:
// Set form caching because we could have multiple of these forms on
// the same page, and we want to ensure the right one gets picked.

Somehow it seems it is not really working out that way. What could be wrong?

I started with Drupal in 2007 and then my life got stuck...

spacena’s picture

I'm using Drupal 7. I wanted to have poll on my site so I activated poll and even provided the right sidebar region for the block created for the poll module. But the problem is, as poll is one of content type so I am getting the poll on both content region and as well as sidebar region. Any idea, what's the problem? I'm using magazeen lite theme.

gweinstein’s picture

Hi Spacena, to only show the poll in the Sidebar and not on the content section of the Front Page you have to disable the setting 'Promote to Front Page'. As an administrator "click" into the 'Results' option shown at the bottom of the Poll block. This will take you into "Edit" mode. Alternatively if the Poll is showing on the Front Page then "click" on the 'Edit' tab of the Poll. Once in "Edit" mode scroll down to the 'Publishing options'. "Click" on 'Publishing options' and then "untick" the 'Promoted to Front Page' option. This will solve your problem.

gweinstein’s picture

Hi Folks, I would like to create multiple Poll blocks so that I can display different polls on different Pages. Is this possible? If so, how can I do it?

sproggle’s picture

Did you find out how to do this?

I would like to do the same.

mrraine’s picture

So were do polls go, i cannot find it in the add content??

its sooo frustrating - this should be basic basic functionality???

LeMale’s picture

Hi, Is there anyway to make polls choises as links to nodes ?
-link to node 1
-link to node 2
- ..

Beernink’s picture

My ISP has alerted me that my bandwidth limit is being exceeded, which from the website statistics appears to be due to a high volume of traffic from mainly China, trying to access in particular /node/add/poll.

The Poll module is not enabled.

Anyone else seeing this or able to explain?

Ron, Wellington, NZ

jimbob54’s picture


I'm trying to use this on Drupal Gardens. I created a page view, which shows a single random poll node, and made that view the default front page.

When viewing the default front page, auth users are sometimes presented with a voting option, as expected; and sometimes with poll results.

Anonymous users are presented seem always to be presented with poll results, which doesn't seem right.

Any thoughts on what I may be doing wrong?


leymannx’s picture

Is it possible that a user from your IP address already took part and voted?

sreekanth1201’s picture


I can able access poll information from node But i want to do following also.

1) Create a a poll node from mobile app using services
2) Answe the poll and update the poll results.

Please help me how I can do that.


sreekanth1201’s picture

did anybody else has same issue.. please help me out

sreekanth1201’s picture

Some how with one of drupal expert suggestion I found the solution. This is how you need ot pass the data.

node[type]=poll&node[title]='+ encodeURIComponent("sample question")
+ '&node[language]=und&node[choice][new:0][chtext] =sample choice 1&node[choice][new:1][chtext] =sample choice2',

wyasser’s picture

I want to set such permission that every visitor of my website can participate in Polls and leave comments without registering