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This module is actually two projects, a general playlist relationship API, and an audio_playlist.module which makes use of the API.


This module makes use of the playlist.module API. It is a simple node module that defines a new playlist node type called "audio playlist". This name can be changed, however, to podcast, album, or similar on the module's settings page.
Podcast (RSS), XSPF, PLS, and M3U feed generation is taken care by this module.


  1. iTunes podcast/xspf/m3u/pls feeds generated on the fly, with full metadata support
  2. album artwork can now be integrated (through URL)
  3. xspf flash players for each feed, including popup players for each
  4. audio browser, similar to iTunes, used to search audio tags and find the audio to add to playlists
  5. upload new audio files to playlists on the fly with an inline uploader
  6. listening station: an xspf flash player block that has a dropdown select to listen to different playlists on the site
  7. Cut n' paste HTML and javascript includes for integrating the flash player on other sites
  8. lots of customization options


Seeking to generalize the functionality of all playlists, a common toolkit will hopefully make it easy to build new playlist modules by re-using common code.

The playlist.module provides:

  • database schema that can be used by multiple playlist types.
  • API for getting in and out of the database
  • theme_sort() that provides a drag/drop interface for managing the order of files. If JS is not enabled, up/down arrows will appear.

This module doesn't do anything by itself. For an example of how to use it, see the audio_playlist.module.

here is the link to the module

and here the thread as to compatibility with v.5

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