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The organic groups list manager (OG2List) module allows groups of users to have a mailing list managed as part of their organic group, a collection of users with common interests and shared content. Mail on the mailing list is archived in a forum and groups members can respond by email or they can respond in forums directly. Mailing list are one of the most effective and popular methods for group collaboration using the Internet.

OG2List uses the organic groups and forum module for content and member management. Forums are connected with the OG_forum module and comment and comment mover module are used for managing comments as responses to the mailing list. Access control is managed through the use of categories, or taxonomy to restrict content to group members only. The mailing list require a functioning cron to periodically send email.

You can:

  1. Reserve mailing list addresses, such as root, postmaster, admin, webmaster, abuse, which users cannot request at administer > > settings > > og2list.
  2. Specify the list address for a group at create content > > group.
  3. Turn mailing lists on/off for each group under the "list" menu for any given group
  4. Create comments to to any mailing list enabled group and have a copy of the comment sent to the group members email addresses.
  5. Send an email to the list address for any given list to have the mail made into a group forum post.
  6. Reply to an email from the list to create a comment to the original node in the group.
  7. Configure moderation for posts and digests for users.

See also the OG Mailinglist Module for an alternative method of creating a mailing list.

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