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The Notify module is a lightweight notification module that allows the site administrator and users to opt in to receive periodic emails which include all new and/or revised published content and/or published comments of selected content types.

The administrator sets the frequency of the emails in the Notify administration interface. The administrator can also set how many email failures should occur before Notify stops sending notifications.

If users have the right to access notify, they can opt in or out of receiving notifications ("master switch"). If they opt in, they can select whether or not to include content (nodes) and comments, and how much material there are to be included ("Title only", "Title + Teaser", "Title + Body", "Title + Body + Fields"). They can also select what content types they subscribe to notifications about.

Notify user settings

Unlike some other notification modules Notify does not let users subscribe to individual nodes or comments. The smallest unit of resolution in Notify is a content type.

The following are typical applications of the Notify module:

  1. To let the administrator monitor new content on a site without having to log on to the site to check. Useful if you're the administrator of a fairly static site that only rarely gets user generated content.
  2. To automate distribution of a site newsletter by email. Create a content type named "Newsletter" and make that content type available for subscription. The content of new newsletter nodes will automatically be mailed to all users that have opted in for notifications of that type.


Please see the README.txt document included with this module for installation instructions.


After installing the module, navigate to the Administration interface to configure notification settings:

  • D5: administer » settings » notify.
  • D6: administer » Site configuration » Notification settings
  • D7: administer » Configuration » People » Notification settings

Most of the settings in Administration interface should be self-explanatory, for details, see the README.txt included with this module.

Note that notifications are sent during cron runs. This means that cron must be configured for notifications to be sent out. You may use the Drupal cron to do this (aka. "poor man's cron"), but for a production site, an external cron job is recommended. To configure an external cron job, see configuring cron jobs.

Note that if you tick the option: "Include updated posts in notifications", even very trivial updates, such as correcting a trivial spelling mistake or removing a node from the front page, will be included in the notification e-mail. If you're using the Notify module to send your users a periodical newsletter, you should probably turn this option off.

To allow new users opt in for notifications during registration, you must grant the anonymous user the right to access notify.

See also: Installing contributed modules.

Notify Views Integration

The project contains a sub-module: Notify Views Integration, that tells the Views module about the Notify database so you can create listings of users by Notify subscriptions status for export or administration.

There is no configuration page for this sub-module. Simply create a view of type User and you'll see that under Fields and Filters there are additional options under the category Notify.


Notify does not send out any notification emails:
Check that Drupal can send email otherwise (e.g. request a password reset email). If this does not work, the problem is with your site's email configuration, not Notify.
Inbound links in the notification e-mail is rendered as http://default:
You may need to set the $base_url in your settings.php file. Examples for how to do this are provided in settings.php.
Users are missing notifications on a multilingual site:
If your site is multilingual, and Notify is not sending all notifications to all subscribed users, the first thing to try is to visit the multilingual settings and turn off any language filter (i.e. set Notify to notify about "All contents"). If changing this setting makes a difference, you need to review your multilingual settings for nodes, users and Notify and make sure that they match.
Notify makes the site crash:
If you have the core PHP Filter module enabled, nodes which include bad PHP code will break your site when they're processed by Notify. Please see the following issue for further details: #146521: breaks with php code - nodes. If this happens, you may try to disable the PHP Filter module.

If the above does not help you, to file bug reports and feature requests, use the issue queue linked to from the Notify project page.

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