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The Journal module adds additional fields to all forms in a Drupal site to let developers and site administrators record and track actions performed during site setup or configuration.

Journal is primarily useful for developers and site administrators working in team environments. Since Drupal is a full-fledged content management framework, it is often difficult to communicate, track, and audit all changes that have been applied to a site. It is still possible to build a completely customized site without contributed modules. Modules like Journal are therefore important because they facilitate necessary communication between developers and site administrators.


  1. Copy the Journal module to your modules directory and enable it on the Modules page.
  2. Go to Administration » People » Permissions to allow users with certain roles to create and/or view journal entries.
  3. Enable Access Journal and Access Site Reports permissions.
  4. Optionally enable the Journal block at Administration » Structure » Blocks. This block displays all entries which have been made in the past for the currently visited URL.


When you or your co-workers/team make a submission that alters site settings and features, enter a meaningful description of the action taken into the Journal form field.

To view all changes, go to Administration » Reports » Journal entries.


The variable 'journal_form_ids' can be overridden in a site's "settings.php" file to hide or require the journal entry field on specified forms. To do this, identify the $form_id of the target form and add it to settings.php. For example:

$conf['journal_form_ids'] = array(
  'fivestar_custom_widget' => 0,
  'guestbook_form_entry_form' => 0,
  'imagefield_js' => 0,
  'img_assist_header_form' => 0,
  'img_assist_properties_form' => 0,
  'link_widget_js' => 0,

There are two possible values:

  1. 0: Journal will not show up in the given form.
  2. 1: A journal entry is required.


Journal module project page
Bug reports, feature suggestions and latest developments

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.